YWCA summer program gets kids out of the house to enjoy outdoor activities

only with six a buffalo program is getting kids out of the house and on the water and 7 Eyewitness News reporter Al Arabi shows us the program is making a summer sport possible for inner-city kids who never thought they'd get the chance to sail hello we are coming to you from Channel 7 News and we're at cell Buffalo right now more than 50 kids got to enjoy a nice summer day under the Sun and on the water learning how to sail it was amazing actually this is all through a summer program with the YWCA its mission get children many from the city to do different activities in the great outdoors we bring the kids to lots of different vendors this particular one has been outstanding because they teach him how to sail they learn you know all the technology all the words and for those getting on a boat for the first time it was pretty exciting I learned about how to steer the boat and we learn how to put the sail up with these two ropes excited even for experienced young sailors when encountering those wobbles the key is to stay calm actually got scared because the boat was kept going this way like left and keep tilting and you know I just just try to hold my hold my cool but you know who's colder layers has a program like this is good for kids because it gives them a chance to make new friends and experience things for the first time I was excited to go on it because I've never done this program before it was like a new thing and I never got to go on these awesome I feel champs a summer field trip they won't soon forget in Buffalo alla ere be 7 Eyewitness News

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