Youtube’s Newest Trend: Paranormal Vlogs (Logan Paul & Lance Stewart)

WhAt’S uP gUyS, It’S mE DanNy BaCk WiTh AnOtHeR hILaRiOuSlY SpOoKy ViDeO And I say spooky because today we’re going to be talking about a genre of Youtube that I just discovered where people pretend to be haunted by ghosts and Demons and their vlogs to get more views on YouTube. It’s kind of hilarious, and I’ve only just started to see these It’s like a new trend That’s popping up a lot of vloggers are doing it they’ll just pretend like they’re in the movie paranormal activity Basically and like they’re being haunted. I’ve seen a Lance Stewart do it; Logan Paul, Ricegum, Jake Paul It’s so weird because usually vloggers will like accentuate certain aspects of their life and Maybe make things that aren’t necessarily true, but at least based in reality But this is the first time I’ve seen people just Literally make up something completely outlandish for views that like is not even a little bit based in reality they’re just like they’re literally just making up stories and Presenting them as if they’re real okay, so the first person I noticed doing this was Lance Stewart he used to be a viner He would always pull pranks on his grandma You might remember his face or probably more accurately you probably remember the sound of his grandma screaming at him? “Cover your mouth next time you asshole” “Get the fuck outta here” but if you’ve never seen him before Lance Stewart is basically the real-life version of Randall from recess He’s a daily vlogger now. He uploads every day I think and his vlogs are always like 25 minutes long and I guess he Has trouble filling that much time so he just makes things up and puts them in his vlog. The first time I saw This video was in I think it was in the H3 podcast because they were talking about it if I just if you just search “Lance Stewart ghosts” on YouTube you’ll see how much he’s milking this idea He’s made probably seven hundred videos about ghosts, so this is the one that I saw him a food podcast It’s called the demon dragged me out of my bed, and then in parenthesis real paranormal activity So keep in mind that he is trying to pass this off as something that actually happened it’s not like a tongue-in-cheek “Oh look at us vloggers.” This is like. He’s actually trying to make you believe this. “It’s currently 1:00 a.m. And I told you that yesterday when I ended the video that I was going to be recording myself tonight when I go to sleep to see what happens because yesterday the crazy stuff actually did go down when I went to sleep so I wanted to see if something would happen again tonight when I fell asleep so I’m about to prop my timer up right now and see if anything does happen” Okay So if premises the video by saying some crazy stuff happened last night while he was asleep in and I haven’t watched the vlog from The day before because I don’t like this videos But I’m not really sure what happened the night before that is prompting him to put his camera while he sleeps I’m pretty sure that all of this stuff started happening in his vlog because he played with a Ouija board so all of this paranormal Stuff started happening because he was talking to demons through an ouija board. is it a ouija board Or is it an ouija board? I don’t know. Now he’s got the camera Set up in his room the lights in his room are clearly still on because you can see him There’s also- he also added scary music into the background of this has become a trope in this genre of YouTube Everybody adds in their own scary music to their own vlogs Which is hilarious to me for some reason like if this was really happening And if you were genuinely terrified would you be like would you edit this and then be like not still not scary enough. Needs horror music. Okay, so now the time on the clock is 3:00 about 3:30. He started recording at 1:00 Just an interesting side note the cameras that vloggers use or at least most vloggers And I assume Lance210 use all have a record limit of 30 minutes So if he really was recording this and went to sleep the camera would have stopped recording after 30 minutes So you can tell it really he just went to sleep and probably recorded for 10 minutes And then sped it up to look like maybe it was longer and also his girlfriend Just doesn’t move for the entire time that they’re asleep, but now it’s 3:30, and it slowed down, so I’m assuming something’s going to happen “What the *beep* LIZZY LIZZY *both yelling*” Like how his girlfriend starts screaming right away like her initial reaction Isn’t like babe why are you on the floor? It’s the middle of the night. She immediately sees lance on the floor and just start screaming So the most important takeaway from this is that you can see the editing that he did to make it look like he was getting Dragged off the bed if you look at the lotion bottle you can see how it was clearly some Manipulated in some way cut here and then it snaps back into place After he leaves the frame so basically they had to cut part of it out probably because there was a rope or somebody in it And so they just replace it with a still image, but they did a bad job of lining it up *yelling continues* In terms of things like that Demons could be doing do you dragging you out of beds like not the worst I could see you getting mad if it like got You into a car accident or something and you will never walk again? But um I don’t know getting dragged out of bed isn’t the worst thing that you could possibly do that’s about the amount of Inconvenience of like my dog waking me up in the middle of the night. Okay, so that was like an emotional Roller coaster and that was like the main beef of the vlog that was the main meat of the vlog and That was 1 minute and 30 seconds of action and the rest of lance’s vlog is 21 minutes and 30 seconds long so we get to watch another abo-about 20 minutes of Him just talking about it now, I think “Guys – so it is currently the next morning, and I don’t know I don’t know what to do” So Lance talked about it for a while and then decided to call like a priest to get an exorcism or something and he’s trying to call him and it seems like the Ghost has Gotten rid of his phone connection and made it so he can’t cry out for help *Fax machine sound* It didn’t get rid of his WiFi though obviously because he was able to upload this video Which is interesting to me? the ghost hays the ability to like make it so he can’t make phone calls But somehow lance could still upload this youtube video and he’s been uploading consistently Daily for like like if you didn’t want lance to be able to contact anybody about this you probably should have prevented him from uploading this video through his 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube, maybe *Fax machine sound* Okay, so that one was pretty crazy um But it gets way crazier because about a week after he uploaded that video He uploaded another video called “I was possessed” and then in parentheses: “actual footage” Another thing that people tend to do in the output videos like this is put a title and then in parenthesis They try to convince you that it’s real. the other one was “Demon dragged me out of bed real paranormal activity” and this one is “I was possessed Actual footage” so it is really really hoping that you’ll believe that this is true “He’s just staring at the TV *Crying* Lance, what’s the matter? Lance!” in my mind I would like to imagine that this is the absolute Scariest thing that Lance Stewart could come up with is him sitting in bed with his shirt off staring angrily into the camera “Lance… Lance! Lance!” this exchange of Her yelling Lance and him staring into the camera lasts for about three minutes Girlfriend: “Come on, go back to sleep” Lance: “SHUT UP!” That’s how demons talk demons are very easily aggravated and if you keep telling them to go back to sleep They will tell you to shut up Okay, a Demon is not afraid to tell you to shut up and now lance starts doing something that we all know demons Do you start banging his head against a pillow. *Girlfriend wimpers* Girlfriend: “Stop. Now.” And then he starts scratching his wall I like that he’s scratching his wall barely enough to make a scratching sound but not so much the he’ll damage his wall. Demons are real sticklers for interior decorating and they really don’t want to mess up your paint. Girlfriend: “Stop. Now” Uh-oh. Girlfriend: “Get out of him. Leave Lance alone” Lance: “SHUT UP YOU *Beep*” Kind of think lance wrote this just so he could like yell at his girlfriend and have an excuse to yell at his girlfriend It’s just a little weird how into that part you get like he pretty much phones it in for the rest of it But when you stack to yell, shut the fuck up bitch and his girlfriend. He’s like there Let’s go ahead and check out some of the comments on this video because I’m really curious to see what? Other people actually think of this? It has a shocking amount of likes: a hundred thousand likes and only 27,000 dislikes that’s like a really good ratio for something that’s so obviously fake. someone said “I’m possessed by a demon but I can still edit and Post my videos on time.” “This is the most boring possession I’ve seen in my life, and I’m a priest. Boring? I don’t think the guys saw the part where he scratched the wall and hit his head on the pillow “I have a theory at the beginning lance says break it and then start hitting one part of the wall Maybe there’s something in the wall the ghost wants. ‘Like’ so Lance can see.” I kind of feel bad for this person because they – they actually think it’s real But they’re being helpful? Like they want to help lance? They don’t get that it’s not real and they’re actually concerned about it That’s probably the worst part about this is that like the kids actually think that this is real and like This is something that can happen in real life. Cool Boy says “lance should go to church and stop saying bad words like if you agree” Everybody knows that you only can get possessed if you say bad words, so I would agree with cool boy on this one I think my biggest takeaway from lance’s videos is that the best way to act like you’re possessed is just to sit in bed and just Stare angrily at somebody. Danny’s Girlfriend: “Danny can you walk the dog? Danny like I’m kind of busy right now. So I need you to take out the dog I just I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that, Danny *laughs* Danny there’s nothing up there if you’re possessed right now Don’t be the dumbest ghost I’ve ever met and I’ve had a lot of ghost. This isn’t going to get you out of walking the dog. Ooh spooky isn’t it. Oh Crema loves it. It’s weird that we’ve only been married for like two weeks That’s no excuse for you to start acting crazy like, I don’t know…” Danny: “Boo!” GF: “What? Danny if I play along, I pretend. There’s a ghost in you…” Danny: “Ooohhhhh” GF: “Oh, I’m scared… come on” Danny: “Can you just pretend?” GF: “Go” Danny: “Just pretend” GF: “like five minutes. Okay, go ahead (Scared) Oh my God, Danny. What’s he grabbing? It’s probably… a knife! A wall knife!” *Laughs* Danny: “A wall knife” So Lance isn’t the only person that’s been doing this style of video: Logan Paul made a video very similar called “real ghost caught on camera, not clickbait” he’s using the same formula where he says something paranormal happen to them and then Promises you that it’s real. Quick warning before we watch this logan paul video: Watching a Logan Paul vlog can feel a bit like getting yelled at for 20 minutes So if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing you might want to pause the video now, Logan: “I’m freaking the *quack* out, bro. I’m about to elaborate with my viewers Why why I think it’s 100% real” Danny: Okay So apparently uh Logo-Logan’s friend I think posted a video and logan is watching it back right now and realized that there’s a ghost in the background. Now He’s freaking out and face timing his friend who’s naked and wet for some Reason and They’re going to tell us about this ghost that they saw. Logan: “So I’m going to show you the clip from his vlog first and then We’ll dive into the actual file itself. This is from his vlog I’m going to show you a little bit because that’s all that’s necessary, but check it out. Yeah Behind Camera: “We do know that place – did you catch anything?” Logan: “Did you see that?” BC: There’s a cat right there.” Logan: What the *Quack* Holy *Quack*” All right, I think we’re amping it up a little bit a little bit too much Logan It’s just a it’s just like smoke that passes by? Even if it is I mean even if it was a ghost would you really? Be that excited? Yeah, you ever met anybody that excited about anything in real life? Logan: “Holy – *Grunts* *Grunts* Alright we’re going to take this frame by frame right here. We see the ghost approaching right? it passes through like very clear it almost like jumps through space a little bit you see as it goes like form you see it form again when George’s flashlight is finished cutting through it? Hold on, to me this is it is so clear that it is a person… Danny: que the spooky music that Everybody wants to put in their videos for some reason Logan: “what makes this Stand out for me and for me to say this is a ghost this *Beep*-ing hand – this is a hand, son” What kind of ghost is that? What is that the outline of? What does this person look like in real life before they turn into a ghost? What that’s not very spooky shape. I’ve seen spookier shapes. Definitely. They could have just made it. I mean it’s so dark They could have just outlined a scarier shape right here Is this music from Halloween town? What is this this? Is nightmare before Christmas? What is this? I wouldn’t have thought this was scary, if it weren’t for the music honestly So the rest of the video is basically just him freaking out about the ghosts They saw I think that like the real Problem with these videos is that the vlog has already has like a tendency to exaggerate their lives and make them seem way more Interesting and I think that’s harmful to like kids Because nobody’s life is this interesting and I feel like they’re setting a standard for people That’s just like not able to be met like nobody can have a life this exciting because this cuz you can it just doesn’t exist But they make it seem like the life is this exciting But now they’re going to throwing ghosts in the mix? like First kids are going to be let down because they’re not going to have this life and now they have to worry about ghosts? Anyway, so that’s the end of that big… *unknown noise* what is that? Hello? *Gasp* A Ouija board! okay, if it’s one thing I learned from YouTube videos. It’s never ever use a Ouija board Unless you want millions of views, and millions of dollars! let’s do it! are there any spirits here? ‘y’ that must mean yes, okay. Spirit. What is your name? Oh, it’s moving it’s moving Lenny This is a really specific, Ouija board. Oh, it’s moving again. It’s moving what ‘s it – . Yeah, I guess it is pretty specific Oh, okay. Spirit. What do you want from me? *thunder* Are you lenny? Lenny: “Yeah” Danny: Why are you haunting me? Lenny: “I really like your videos I just wanted to know if you wanted to collab” Danny: what? Lenny: “uh well? I’m a youtuber I do lifestyle videos, life hack stuff like that. I’ve been trying to get my channel more subs for a while now. I’ve actually been haunting Lance Stewart and Logan Paul.” Danny: Wait. That was you in their vlogs? Lenny: “Yeah, well I’ve been trying to get them to collab with me, but they keep putting me in their videos without shouting me out” Danny: oh um well, I’m I’m not really looking for a ghost to collaborate with right now. Lenny: “Oh Are you sure” Danny: yeah… Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Lenny: “Noooooo! I’m going to go haunt Jake Paul.” Danny: Alright man, good luck! Alright guys. Well. I hope you enjoyed this video if you’re new here make sure you subscribe – shoutout to LPS CutieTV Thank you for turning on my notifications. Thanks for watching and I will see you guys next time *up beat music*

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  1. The reason it can’t deactivate his YouTube access is because it is an old ghost and doesn’t know how the darn thing works

  2. youtubers: posts fake video about 'real' ghosts (not clickbait)

    me, not a youtuber: posts videos at random times about what ever i want (shitty editing)

  3. It’s “An Ouija board” cause “an” goes before Vowels and “a” goes before everything else.

    I know kinda captain obvious of me but you asked if it was “an or a” and I feel like I successfully answered

  4. I'm watching years to late. Good thing I've never seen his videos the content is actually very offensive to me. When i was 3 years old i saw a big bright red light floating in my room laughing, i was terrified. At 4 i saw people that would talk to me that i can see, but nobody else can see them. I would wake up with girls from my neighborhood in my room apparently they were talking to me a full conversation, i was sitting up sleeping eyes open able to talk, no idea what was said. Then came sleep paralysis, it feels like im being held down against my will, i cant move, i cant breath. I'm a manic depressive. So i guess basically I'm crazy.

  5. My boyfriend and I have been called possessed before. ( I hope your ready for a long story) I have depression and most of the time I kinda just look emotionless and pretty much dead and my boyfriend has Tourette’s syndrome so we’ve had bibles literally THROWN at us by religious people and parents pick up their children and run the opposite direction. ( for some reason) On a side note a few weeks ago on Saturday we went out and it was Probably the best day I’ve had in years because as usual parents try to take there kids away from us but these three little kids ( I think they were all siblings) ran up to us (2 boys 1 girl btw) the little girl said to me in a kinda whisper “can you 2 kneel down so I can tell you a secret” I said sure then the little girl said “ I have a sister like your friend “ I replied with “oh really?” She said “yeah but she stays at home all the time because mummy and daddy say she’s an embarrassment and they should get rid of her” then my bf said “well that’s not very nice, what do you think of her?” ( btw when my bf talked during this he was ticking quite a lot – he was pretty nervous but I decided to leave that out) The girl said “I think she’s AWESOME she’s so brave as well” the little boys replied “she is pretty cool” then my bf said “well that’s good” the parents got pretty sick of us talking so they decided to walk over to us then tell us to “stand the fuck” up then The mother decided to bitch slap us both then my boyfriend ticked something like “these ass holes are abusive” then security ran over because of this they asked us if it was true obviously it was so we said it was true they denied it obviously then they asked the kids they said it was true then they proceeded to lift there shirts up revealing bruises, cuts and burns then they mentioned there sister who was at home they put the parents in handcuffs and arrested them for child abuse and neglect the security asked by bf and the kids to go outside ( I had to pay for our stuff first) when I got outside the security guard asked the kids if they had any family they could live with in a sad tone they said no and I guess they called the cops because a few cop cars pulled up and a little girl got out of the car that ended up to be the kids sister .the security guards talked to the cops I guess about what to do with them ,the kids seemed sad so we played tips(my bf and I are 16 btw) and other games after what I think was an hour the cops said to the kids my bf and me that the kids had to be taken to an orphanage the little girl with Tourettes asked if we could take a photo we said yes we took the photo then got in a cop car and drove off my bf and I said that we oddly wanted to adopt them but we’re too young .they were beautiful kids it was sad that that happened to them if you want to ask questions idk why you would but if you do want to I will answer them I hope you enjoyed this story

  6. it's funny that his phone made the same sound your router would make back in the day when you connected to the internet before there was wifi

  7. School lesson of the day: If a word starts with a vowel, it's "an", if it starts with a consonant it's "a"

    You're welcome Danny

  8. I was possessed (actual footage) not fake not clickbait (real time) (no edits) definitely not insecure that people will think this is fake and clickbait

  9. Danny: okay, spirit, what do you want from me?!

  10. Is it just me, or do other people feel uplifted when they watch people's old content and it's trash, showing clear massive progression in quality over time?

  11. ''whats he grabbing? Is it a knife?? A waLL kNiFe?!?!?!!! dude i love their relationship though, she gets into it and plays along with him and its truly just pure love

  12. Where did you get that goose shirt?! I need to add it to my bird button up collection. Also the way your wife played along with the possession skit was HILARIOUS.

  13. its so obvious how logan paul made his fake ghost. As u can see there is a flash light and their flashing it on the smoke to make it seem like there is a ghost. Your Welcome

  14. I don't know what's funnier – Lance pretending to be possessed or his girlfriend """acting""" like she's crying and scared. Even Laura's wall knife was more believable.

  15. Gregs, i've had this secret for a really long time, and im really embarrassed about it. Okay, here it goes….I used to like Logan Paul. I KNOW IT'S BAD. I bought his merch and everything…i'm ashamed to admit it…i've let all of you down.

  16. I've had seen ghosts and talked to them(i was a child who would talk with my dead grandmother and i discovered that she was dead after months of when i met her)and i can tell y'all a 100% sure that ghosts(specially the good ones) doesn't act like that,usually they go towards kids(bc most kids are able to see them)and they don't just ramdonly push your feet at night,and if that happens, it's not a ghost, it's a demon.
    Ps:sorry for my bad english,is not my first language and plus i just woke up ;-;

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