Youtube project sew christmas dress part2

… but now let’s do the armholes. I think
what I do now. Let’s sew the parts for the arms together. Hey let’s go over a second
time and maybe a third one and then we’ve done one armhole … e voila … and now let’s do the second one and change the direction and the second
time …okay… and the third time and now our arm is complete. Here we have it. The next thing we do is we attach
the shoulder part. It’s a little bit tricky but I have marked it here and I
have to check that … where is it? … is the part these two parts go together because
that’s my marking. I have to do it like this and then
it goes up until there it’s a bit tricky but it’s not so hard to do we just have
to see that the shoulder seam goes in right there. It’s one line and then we
have to fold it and sew it another time so that we get the stars out. Now I’m
sewing on the left side and we have to come out on the right side later. I’m
starting in the middle because it’s the easiest way to to do it because here I
have my markings. Just check that everything is in the
right position maybe this that’s easier okay let’s do
it. It’s not so easy to see my markings
because it’s a colorful fabric and on the dark stars you don’t see where
you have a marked it. Okay I’m going to separate my shoulder
seams here that it goes right another machine and that we don’t have
any troubles with our seams and we have to stop. I have to mark where I have to
stop. So here we go and the other direction looks well so
far. Okay I have to stop again the same thing
here on this side. I have to separate the seams from the armholes. Let’s use the needle down position … makes
life a little bit easier. I went to three stitches too far to the right and I met
the edge. It was not good. Let’s start this time from the other side. Then it should not be a
problem. It’s a little bit like a curve what I’m
doing here. Tadaaaaa (sound of happiness) It’s a little bit like a curve. Needle up and we can remove it. Let’s cut the threads. So I hope you can
see it. I attached the collar to the top and the skirt. Now we have to fold the
collar now and sew a little bit at the edges to make it look beautiful
and then we are going to close our dress and then we are almost done. So now we have to fold. I have not sewn
everything in place and the ends are still open that’s what I need now … the
sewing over the edges … okay and in the other direction… and we cut the threats and my neighbors
playing the violin … maybe you can hear it? I hope it’s it’s not so hard for you I
don’t like it but I have a neighbor playing violin and he’s not playing well. okay let’s go into the other direction and we cut threads. So next next step
is we fold … we fold it here maybe I should sew the ends a little bit
together and you won’t see it later but we can do it. That’s not our problem. E voila I don’t finish the seams here and
I let them just open because they are going to overlap have to do this end from this side because when I do it from the other side
I can’t see what I’m doing that’s what happened last time but I can of course
use some of my needles to mark a position for me where I can go, where
should not go and then I’m going to remove them when
I’m sewing here you won’t see the seam because it’s the collar and it’s under
the collar because we move it in a direction that you won’t see what I’m
sewing now. So let’s start. Okay I have to check it here
because it’s the armhole and then I’m going to remove my neddle and here too
and the rest is what I can keep in my hands and let’s do a finish here we go. Needle up. That’s our
collar. Not very complicated but useful so and then we cut of course our threads. Then we stitch our skirt together. So now
let’s start with our skirt and we move it in other direction, do the same here just for
closure. You can use the reverse gear but I’m often too lazy. That’s what my mother
showed me when she was sewing. Here we go and here we do the same reverse gear. we change it
another time and stop here. Let’s cut our threads and then
we have one more seam to do and that’s here our end. And then we are done. It’s not
very complicated. Let’s get it under needle and change the direction and another
time just at the end. Yeah I hope you enjoyed
my little easy sewing machine project, our YouTube Barbie sewing project for
Christmas. We are almost done now that’s the last seam and another time. Okay I’m just changing the skirt so that
you can see what we have done. Okay here is what we have done in the last minutes …our wonderful Christmas dress for Barbie. My dear fellow collectors I did some simple adjustments and I ironrd the darts a
little bit here and there so that it’s looking a little bit better and the next step is to wash the
markings out. My dear fellow collectors we are in my bathroom now and I hold the dress under cold water. The marking is gone. So we’re going to
let this dry now and then our dress is ready.

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