YOU GOTTA EAT LIKE A DOG – Bodybuilding Lifestyle Motivation

people asked me how do you get into such great shape and I go it's pretty simple you gotta eat like a dog eat like a dog what's that mean I've got dogs eat the same thing every day if the owners care about them they feed them a high quality food but they eat the same thing every day and they eat a measured amount of it so high quality food in a measured amount every day leads to a great physique you have to have to discipline you know you got to be able to push away from the stuff that everybody else is eating I think it's the world's hardest sport because you know when you're playing football or baseball or basketball or any any Olympic sport for that matter you know when you're done you know you're done you you know you go home the diet is not as strict and so forth but when you're a body go there you're on 24/7 you've got to make sure that you're eating the right things every three hours you know seven times a day you know there's there's no breaks it's 365 days a year if you want to keep progressing you know that that day that you miss a workout your competition did not you just got to keep going don't come over here nothing what we do what we do works this is a lifestyle for us this is what we do this is what we love you do need to eat and feed your body properly the food is fuel which is gonna drive you through these intense workouts and you need to rest you need to be disciplined you have to fucking make it work you have to sacrifice shit that's the way life works but most people are not willing or capable or able to put that much into it so therefore it's not happening if you put this much effort in it's gonna pay off suffer now but you know it's worth it in the end you suffer now to enjoy it later a lot of people don't know what whatever it takes means they don't know what it means to do whatever it takes to put everything into something they don't have any idea that fire burning within you you know that you just you know this is this is just enough for this shit no and that's what it takes

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  1. There is only a few guys out there that admit, that its mostly just all the drugs that lead to that amount of muscle and it doesnt matter much how the food quality is. But hey, dont we just looooove to be lied to, admire fiction and not use our brains? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Iโ€˜m eating chicken and rice
    Yesterday i ate chicken and rice
    The day before yesterday i ate chicken and rice
    Last week i ate chicken and rice
    Last month i ate chicken and rice
    Last year i ate chicken and rice

    Tomorrow i will eat chicken and rice
    Next week i will eat chicken and rice
    Next month i will eat chicken and rice
    And next year i will eat chicken and rice too!

  3. Apart from boxing. This is defo the toughest sport. Tried it for a year back in my army days. And hats off to these guys. When everybody was heading out on the piss I was In.. Hated it.. When all the boys went for some pizza and burgers I was eating boiled chicken and rice with broccoli. But in the end I wasn't mentally tough to keep it going. Hats off boys. Anybody that does this sport has my respect

  4. Is not hard when you are putting garbage in your system roids and suplements. Try to do it naturally eat only regular food and water thatโ€™s hard pal. I will be in this world for 150 years and you will be history at 50

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