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got it chef everything's recording alright guys welcome to our long-awaited long-promised Q&A video finally finally but it's good timing because we just wrapped up season 1 as our grand finale and salmon glacier and so it's good timing yeah it's perfect timing because we still have all the fields now oh my goodness I'll tell you what wrapping this thing up has been it's been an emotional roller coaster because you know we've been living that and then reliving it as we've been editing these hours and hours and hours of footage over the past several months and so to finally finish it up is it's rewarding but it's also like saying goodbye to dead epic adventure I know ok so several months ago throughout the question on all of our social media and said you know if you guys have any questions let's hear him we're gonna do a Q&A video and so like I said that was several months ago let's go ahead and get to questions and ironically the first one is from Jason a problem outdoors and he says oh you be attending over that Expo West yes we did that's great it was incredible Expo West if you haven't been it's got to be on your bucket list so yeah so that was really awesome the next question comes from one of our patrons Andrew Reeves he says what's the lowest temp you've had the turtle back in with the water lines and tanks any concerns with the freezing we've been down to about nine degrees in the turtle back and here's the secret the turtle backs water tanks are stored inside the body right along with the water heater so if you turn the water heater on there's a lot of ambient heat that comes off of that system and it keeps that cabin nice and toasty we've never never had it freeze up never had it freeze up so I don't know if you want to do prolong single digits that was probably night that's probably 12 14 hour period but it was still below freezing the next day yes so but yeah having those water tanks inside is definitely one of the advantages that that's sort of back has that's reason why we roll back ok the next question is from patron Aaron knodel how is the amount of driving time split up between you two 50/50 70/30 etc and who's the primary driver well I think by now you know that Sarah is our professional driver yeah and show our reasons for that you know explain those I'll explain it sound better if you do it yes okay it makes more sense so the reason I am the driver is because long ago we started traveling and over landing and doing weekend excursions he would make me jump out to film something or take a picture of something and I would take a picture come back and show Jim you'd be like no that's not right you need to sit down like this and angle it up like that and you want to get this feeling and I'm like I'm done so you can jump out and do whatever you want to do and I will get us from A to B so that is my I am the driver and which is good because you can still get your footage or picture that you want while still guiding me over a technical course or situation kind of deal so win-win it's worked really really good for that because you know I can be running the camera and spotting at the same time and then the other thing of it is it gives her more and more experience so if something was to happen to me right she has the same amount of skill if not more than I do to get us out of a backcountry situation and get to some help right the other practical part of it is is I'm over here taking care of social media and editing videos and taking care of the business side of things so yeah it's been a it's been good but I would say if we had to break it down um percentage-wise it's like ninety ten like there are times where I'm just like dude I'm just done I know I'm can't stand this trail any boards too bumpy or I'm just tired from driving I need you to take over one sometimes like one a day but it's an austrial and I just want to alright this one's from Eric Wells another patron what one piece of equipment or gear is indispensable slash which do you never use never use so what do we use the most of and would never do away with and what do we never use from this dripper just in general I got this one on cash particularly this particular trip and I already know what it is because it's it so the one thing that Kevin had to bring yet never used I'm sorry he used one time a guitar a guitar I envisioned that what the more different than it actually played out I envisioned us you know significant fires you know I was gonna was gonna find him hi my guitar skills and stuff from this trip but you know guys we were so busy I mean we made it look like it was this relaxed vacationy style stuff there was so much work from the background they usually by you know the end of the day after we spend a few minutes as a family here it is ready go to bed yep just just kind of done yeah living outside full-time just where's your body down I mean just getting your ready to go to bed by the time someone down basically yeah so what is the one thing for you that you have to have and always use that stuff cuz there's so many critical pieces to doing what we do I'm gonna say my favorite is probably the tablet having the tablet with vehicle diagnostics navigation with the guys GPS having all of our music stored on their heaven videos like Netflix and stuff I would say that's probably one of the most views pieces that we have is a good tablet with all that software let's see what Caroline has to say I'm going to take you back there so she can say oh your favorite part my dad fell ill in the game from me in the hospital inject the karma and I had a noose on my purple hat and daddy downloaded it awesome so you know she loves Legos Legos are not the greatest travel toy but we make it happen well it was essential but then we found an app I'll let you play Legos yeah okay so this is from this is another patron this is Eric oils his wife from the wife is it exhausting to keep moving every day or is it good to plan days where you just hang in camp it is exhausting to move every single day and it is good it's hopefully of downtime and we did like there was there were times where we weren't going going going and then we realized oh we really like this spot we actually have it in our time frame let's stay here for two or three nights and then we did but for the most part we usually moved every day and it does get exhausting after a while but like you create such a systematic routine that everything gets done that it just just becomes second nature at that point and I would say that downtime is extremely important if you're gonna do this you know for a long periods of time yeah but when you're traveling in the North Country we got you've got Old Man Winter tapping you on the shoulder saying I'm coming I'm coming it's gonna get cold eventually and so psychologically you feel like you have to keep moving to take in as much as possible for winter right and we had a lot we wanted to see next question this is from patron elsewhere overland are there plans to move over to the landcruiser at some point that's also next question this is from patron Carmen Bray good morning good evening travel fam that is actually four o'clock here so it's afternoon how has the weather been while staying in the rooftop tent even though I could tell has been a bit chilly I wasn't sure how the tent holds up to its with patience I understand that there was other gear that plays a factor but curious how you feel about it so far so we had several pretty chilly nights even in August was snowed at how to get past yeah and it was like 32 degrees and having a past in the middle of August our tent is good down to about 26 28 degrees without any supplemental heat right without any supplement even appropriate clothes and bedding don't need the bunny heater well and the big thing is we don't use sleeping bags we use blankets so all of our heat is combined so it's a super cold night Caroline goes in the middle we just snuggle up and stay pretty doggone so yeah sometimes she gets too hot yeah yeah and then when it is below 28 that's when the buddy heater comes out and what we'll do is we'll put the annex on the bottom of the tent set up the buddy heater down in the base of the tent and open the doors just let that heat come up there and man we've had it down to 40 degrees outside and man taming 60 degrees up in the tent that works really really well the trade-off is sometimes well actually put the buddy heater in the tent with us without putting the annex on but we only run it like before bed and then when we get cold during the night clicking on warm up turn it back off and let me tell you it on high and it doesn't take long like it'll be 90 degrees you're not falling back asleep worried that you're gonna burn yourself up like it gets hot you turn it off and then you get that you feel like you're right now yeah yeah that's it's it's incredible difference between a standard dome tent and nature grouped up – and with a heavier material events that you can kind of close now also how has the change in daylight times affected you travels and I'd say it ahead up up in the Arctic we were having 22 hours of daylight it was rough and then we acclimated and we found ourselves staying up till 2:00 a.m. or three like like Caroline hanging with us like it's not like she was you know sleepy or cranky and we were all just up and up yeah and then we'd sleep until 1:00 what p.m. the next day sometimes it was it was really really surreal yeah and like even at Tuktoyaktuk there were kids out playing at 3 a.m. in the morning yeah and we asked the locals like you know what why are these kids play and they said you know what when you have 24 hours of darkness you learn to let those kids get out there and play all they want to play all the sunshine they can get before everything changes again made sense all right let's keep hitting these questions all right Jim rolling dirty overland another patron when you bought those sweet sweet shoes did you already know that I have the exact same shoes and copycatted me which sweets we choose your tacos all Salmons salman's salt Solomon's how do you say it it's yes your bids No those those shoes that are like my hiking shoes at a war the whole time oh this is selfies I don't know anyhow no I did not know that but that's a cool fact and they've been great cheese they've been great shoes alright he says ok seriously though I notice you're running a scam Peter half-wall underway the track available repeaters in your vicinity what happens it and doesn't require active data signal fact app is called the repeater book and Noah does not require signal it is all text-based so whenever you're connected to Wi-Fi it updates the database and just no matter where you are in North America or maybe even the world it takes energy go pro just died this is the new GoPro 7 and it's a piece of junk you don't need I'll go there is Q&A I'm just telling you guys the struggle is you're trying to give yell another angle so probably overheated again anyhow what was the topic of that I was talking about Peter there for you to look at it is incredible now you don't need signal xfp GPS signal and then gives you repeaters within the immediate area Hey escena patron Christopher cracked I miss Chris what do you miss the most about not having a regular home long hot showers that's definitely your thing yeah what do I miss the most about probably just you know that like relaxed feeling you get like you wander around in your pajamas or you know I think I just missed having like a surrounding home you know what I mean like not having to go outside to cook my meals could always be in the weather in a wind and the wind wind in the roof top 10 there's a metal if the wind is howling its simplicity yep that's just what we got pretty used to it we did actually we got pretty good at yeah your plugs are nice too yeah all right how often do you stay with friends Hotel Airbnb to maintain your sanity we didn't do it as much as we should have no we had plans to like every couple weeks get a hotel and I think through the whole seven months we stopped about four times yeah an alphabet right so for the one eight day stay in Fairbanks that was the longest but that was like out of necessity because the vehicle was down that was only working on it's not like you're like oh hey here alive yeah granted we took advantage of it but all right so Chris that's two questions here you go to someone else yeah well I was gonna say I think that's a topic for conversation that needs to be talked about more yeah amongst full timers and sure there may be full timers who can just go go go and our fine with that it's very important to get out of your rig because you know absent my absence makes the heart grow fonder just to get out of your rig and just unwind a little bit and miss it a little bit and then when you get back in it you're like rear-ended ready together that's true that's true makes sense yeah I wanna pause it so hopefully this GoPro will stay on for a bit any recording anyhow back to what we were doing I hope you guys don't mind this we're just along for the ride this is not we've thought this felt more normal than just sitting in it that's hair exactly anyway our next question is from Thomas Stewart one of our patrons how do you manage to live in a small space with a child my wife and our soon-to-be first-time parents we want to change our lifestyles to be more present for our daughter and offer experiences that most lifestyles would not offer I would love some gentle advice on parenting and on how to travel with the child one because I'm a major / thinker it's not as hard as you think it is and though we did not travel long distances with Caroline until she was over a year old we flew anywhere so travel wise do what you want to do but in our experience we didn't drive with her till she was at least over a year old yeah well then the big thing is small achievable trips let's say no yes plan small things and know that you have to stop off in you know you want your kid play there at your house and they're bouncing from toy to toy to toy to thing to whatever and then all of a sudden they're bored you know so keep in mind that's how they're gonna be in the car too gotta be creative yeah and one answer doesn't fit every child we can tell you what works for Carolina and might not work for your kids so having a wide range of things in your tool bag is key coloring iPad music games and then just getting out frequently to keep things you know cat eye stuff there they're growing and they want to do a lot of different things so feed that yeah but then also there's a time where you just have to train yeah and they just have to be bored in the car I mean we are what we were kids we didn't have iPads and phones right like my parents if they look up the window if you're bored and as the thing is don't fall into the assumption that they have to be entertained all the time right you got to stretch their abilities to use their minds if they have time to just sit there be bored and think about things that's good it's good for the development yeah all right guys we went on to questions from YouTube right first is from Jalil Burdine and I apologize if I can't pronounce all these living with the kiddo on the road full time how do you guys find time for space to do the adult thing for lack of a more appropriate term interesting question we get quite frequently in and to be honest with you you know we share a lot of our lives with you guys and a lot of the details and things like that there's a few things that we're not going to share and that is our sex life and our physical well-being so like our health and politics and religion like yeah we're just along with this right and that's it so we're not gonna go into detail I will say this people have been doing this for thousands of years and many of them live in caves and tents and others small confined spaces and some yeah somehow the population has continued to grow so be creative are there any permits required before camping on BLM land no astrick that sir there may be some places I have never ever come across a place like that now there might be a recreation area that's managed by the BLM land that might require a permit so check your local regulations before traveling yeah that's the best advice I can give that's like kind of what we do anyway the good old straps it was time to I turned it on all right you know Preston man as the trailer every interview from going somewhere that you would have attempted without if it did again would you eliminate you know that's always a trade-off no matter what gear you take or what vehicle you decide to go with having that trailer brings a lot of convenience with it I would say that it is worth the trade-off to have the limited mobility when it comes to extremely technical trails or not knowing whether or not you're gonna be able to turn around somewhere down the road yes it has made us think twice about specific trails but what we can do is simply disconnect the trailer and do a bit of scouting it adds a little bit more time to doing what we do but when you consider all the convenience that comes with it it's totally worth it honestly yeah I would like to do some travels with just a single vehicle and we may transition to that from time to time in the future just to kind of challenge ourselves and do something different but for now the trailer is where it's at alright so this one's from Josh Hanson what are some examples of activities you and your family do after you settle down for camp the first thing Caroline always requests with LEGOs is to put a table out and legas and then usually you know Kevin's working on something or really exploring the spot that's one of their favorite things to do Kevin and Caroline always go on a little nature walk or what they're like and then I usually just had downtime for a long time I would set up the kitchen either start making us a snack or a meal a lot of what I do evolves around food and serving my people so I enjoy the fact of one getting a long time to watching Kevin and Caroline bond while being outside and three yes we always move my seat actually if you will – that's okay so we've got a question from Showell 11 how far in advance are you planting the legs of your journey well I guess it depends on to what level of detail that you're talking about like this trip specifically we did not have a route laid out we did not say we're going here and then there kind of thing we just knew generally what we wanted to go and do and see and then we would look a week or two in advance and then find some internet maybe download the maps for that region that we wanted to travel to just so we'd always have the information that we needed and then we also carry you know some general Alaska north country type books like the saying well once we got into Alaska Kansas like alright you're planning Alaska he got us up to tuk and over to Alaska then he he would put in his chooses if I made suggestions but otherwise that Alaska milepost book was my Bible yeah and we really played almost everything based on all right we've got a question from Luke Kings what tire pressures do you run on an off-road aired up and air down so typically if we're running on pavement we'll run 40 in the front to 44 in the back and then about 35 on the trailer of course if it's a rough road we might take it down from there off-road it really depends on the situation we vary quite a bit just depending on the type of terrain that we're on I've actually got an article that I've written and I'll probably do a video at some point just to kind of talk about how we arrived at those air pressures I hesitate to say you need to run this because your rig might weigh something different than mine or you might run a different tire or different load range tires so air pressures are really really vehicle specific so just test some stuff out on your own and find what works best for you we've got a question from Aidan tune I was wondering how y'all got the mural patches to stake to the headline of the formatter do y'all use velcro or some kind of an adhesive material this is actually our number one question people ask us this it's velcro these are velcro back but sad news is if you have one of those headliners it's nice and shiny or very slick it ain't gonna happen it ain't gonna happen I I don't know what the solution is maybe a hot glue gun but then you know it's staying so yeah it's about girl that's the secret okay t-ball has this question he says Wyatt Toyota and not Jeep Wrangler sensitive subject I will say this one of the main reasons why we went with a Toyota to start with was because everyone had a Jeep and we wanted something different it wasn't that we had anything against the Jeep we just wanted to do it a bit differently but now that we've had this thing for over five years and we've traveled with friends who have jeeps and who have subsequently changed over two 4runners we we made the right choice really did you want to tell like a quick story on how we end up with a foreigner though so originally at the time we had a lot of friends who are going jeeping because that's what when they called it at the time and we wanted to be a part of it they were taking their kids so we thought why can't we take our kid and so we had our eyes set on an FJ cruiser it's what we really wanted and so we dessert yet desert tan to match the trophy right both the trippy an at the time we had that green kind of desert tan turtle back oh right that's right and so we went and we were getting ready to test drive our first FJ and we had to put the car seat from the car we had into the terrain and that suicide I'm sorry why did I say the trade because that's what we had into the cruiser and so that's suicide to work she opened up and I was like yeah now I'm not putting like a sleepy kid into the back of this vehicle like I was like if you really want it we can do it but it's not gonna be my first pictures gonna be hard and so and it would have been my daily driver because we're training in my car the next rig and so we test-drove to cuz we were like well she's no girl of look it over we'll get used to it whatever and then at the end of that second one we were both just kind of like felt a little defeated by it it just really didn't fit for some reason and so the salesman I was like have you tried the foreigner and we were like no like you didn't know we had our mind set on look in a certain way in the FJ and he's like just take it for a drive from her like okay so we all get it and we all but comfortably you can see out of it yes and you can see out of it and yes and I mean we were sold like we didn't test to have that thing for very long there's a mile down the road she goes who's Marc Marquez how do you find local trails in your area well that's a great question we actually rely heavily on Gaia GPS app with over 250 maps and layers of information to choose from you can really sit down at the computer lay out all your public land areas get an idea of what's accessible what's not and plan your trips there's also a lot of information on the internet as well so you can go out there and look up different trails that people have already traveled like the back pro discovery routes and stuff those are really great all of our GPS information for the enchanted rockies trail is out there as well but really what it all comes down to is having a good program to do your own research and to make sure that you're doing it legally and we use guide GPS for that and there's a couple videos with a channel where you can kind of see how we how we go through that process right they here's the question from Brandon see have you done a video on your vehicle bill and he's interested in a breakdown at the trailer mods from the stock Turtleback pros and cons of what you're running would also be great okay I'll try to condense that a little bit well so one of the 42 videos on my to-do list is to do a walk-through video of everything that we've done to the 4runner I've been waiting until the 4runner is finished the 4runner is never finished and so it's been pushing out a bit but there is one video the Overland bound did I walk around of the rig and then Ronnie Dahl is doing a modified so you'll get even more information from his video which I think he said it comes out in a couple of weeks from now the next piece of that was what what is what are the mods on the turtle back beyond the base model it has every Bell and whistle so if you go to their website turtle bite trailers calm and you look at all the options I think we have every every option available on the orange one so the number one thing if you if you buy the base trailer the number one thing I would recommend get that icon suspension on it game changer absolute game changer when it comes to tow on a trailer oh here's a good Kendrick says when are you planning on doing this trip to Alaska during the winter it's on the list it would definitely be a different setup obviously we wouldn't be doing it with a tent but we want to see Alaska and Canada in the winter I know if people think we're probably crazy but talking to the locals that's when it comes alive that's when the locals are out doing their thing and this getting out on their snow machines or snowmobiles depending where you're from that's what I want to go back and experience and then seeing the Northern Lights on a consistent basis so yeah it's high on the list to return now we're moving into the Facebook portion there's a questionnaire the book the face portion yes let's go catch on fire Tom Blanchett asks what kind of rig are you going to find after you sell the turtle back well interestingly enough and I know there's been a bit of misdirection and confusion recently which ties directly into a lot of things that happen in season two but the turtle back was for sale once we returned from the trip for financial reasons due to a legal matter and luckily enough we were able to I don't know how and how much detail that we need to go right now but anyhow we don't need to sell the turtle back now we came up with another solution and so it is remaining part of the family which we're extremely relieved about because we had so much blood sweat and tears into the build and all the memories tied into that thing so I'd never I never want to sell it honestly but more details all right Josh hands how did you get into over landing and what gear did you start out with well we've always been kind of outdoorsy people even as kids you know growing up on both we both grew up on farms and so we were outside quite often we went camping fairly regularly during the summers but I feel like when we first got introduced into Overland they got the time for us it was called the GP because all the dudes you were going jeeps or Grand Cherokees and stuff like that and so I I feel like that was the first time I remember like you going on a weekend trip yes so to answer the specific question when did we get into over landing it was when we moved to New Mexico and I met Tyler Cox and he had a Jeep Cherokee that he had built out and he's like hey come on let's let's go it was I mean it was definitely more more of a rock crawling willing adventure it wasn't per se over landing but that was where it began and when with Tyler several times had an absolute blast that's where I was introduced to Ryan Bingham and if you've never heard Ryan Bingham just Google Ryan Bingham and you'll have any favorite artist anyhow that's where I fell in love with it and being in New Mexico it was like a whole new world was opened up because there's so much publicly and I mean we're fixing to go drive on some right now you can throw a rock and hit a trail and that was what made it so enticing out here is because there's so much to see so much to do and yeah that's that's when it all began for me now the gear that we started with was the 4runner a Coleman dome tent an Igloo cooler and actually our first trip was stalk the foreigner was completely with we didn't even have wheels the tires with the cheesy Dunlop tires had a tire on the first trip by the way yeah yeah so tires are important the tyres are number one upgrade so yeah very basic very basic on our process of getting started and then eventually moved to the trailer well and I feel like we did like lifts the lifted wheels and tires and then my biggest thing that I wanted thanks was refrigeration well we started with an ARB and then I didn't work so well until we went into the snow master they run a snow master ever since Tim grumbles asked what are some of the challenges you face off-camera that made early thought okay considering such a life number one is not so much life on like you could live on the road full-time but for us specifically where youtubers and so having enough power and then having internet those are like the two big things and a lot of people they're like dude your series is like months and months behind what what is up with this I'm watching these other vloggers and they're they're vlogging what they did last week well a simple fact that matter is we were traveling number one super fast to beat the weather we were limited on how much time I had to edit yeah you know it's filming like crazy and then even when I did have time to get something edited finding internet that had any type of upload speeds was a big challenge and so those three pieces that was something I didn't expect I wanted upload every week you know I wanted to like tell this story and just keep going and that was not the case and you know we spent you know after we came back and got in lower 48 we spent six months six months editing an inordinate amount of work to get all that and I never would have imagined that it that it would be that hard I have a new respect for full-time youtubers you know I used to I used to really think that yeah you guys you've got it made like these guys you know YouTube's just paying them all this money and they're just going around filming stuff and throwing it on the internet and I'm working I'm working harder now that I that I ever have I'm not complaining it is the world's greatest job it is the most rewarding job and our fans make it worth all that effort but my goodness it's a lot of work and so that's that's what I would say is I did not expect it to be that difficult yeah all right oh here's the question in my wheelhouse get it okay Stacey Quimby asks what cookware do you like the best and where are your SS serving plate Oprah stellastot okay that's what I thought Jesus diner the plate so GSI are the stainless steel plates I got six and sometimes we use them all yeah but they're the best because they they weren't plastic because they weren't scratching for knives being used on uh they weren't looking dingy they weren't greasy I could actually wash them off yes they are like they're the absolute best cookware so here's the thing I mean I have a little range of things well I guess no my stock pot and my small non-skid stick skillet is they're both GSI so this is great because they're both lightweight the handles are movable and then the best thing we bought is our fake you said that spy Porter's to partner steel so that's it that just so you guys know it's an anodized aluminum griddle and a lot of folks are going oh my goodness you should need off aluminum it's anodized you're not coming into contact with the aluminum itself and we're very mindful to always use like bamboo and stuff to cook with so that coating is never removed and by the way if you want to do some research aluminum is not as bad as what people say it is there's a lot of new research that's out there so I think that's for what it's worth do your Google and comment below with your disagreements that's okay yeah so I guess to say where I got it all was hungry guy or Amazon yeah right yeah which by the way if you go to slash lifestyle Overland you can find all that gear we've been populating that page with everything that we use in categorizing yeah yeah you can go and replicate our entire kitchen right from that website all right Thacker burden asks if you were to start from scratch and on a budget what would the first mod feed your brain tires tires tires yeah that's it tires tire starts even without a lift even without a lift tires yeah I mean if you have the money to do both go ahead and buy tires that fit your lift there's cows on the road I'm slowing down definitely do both at the same time but honestly to get started on a budget get a good four-wheel drive vehicle the best you can afford and put the best tires on there you possibly can and go and that will do ninety ninety-five percent of everything you'll be doing yeah I agree all right Tim and Michelle Davis asked what was the best unplanned discovery on your trip you go first that's up here okay I know finding Jack accused him finding Jack McKean driving across that River and going Mike Houston river our last name is a unique last name right and scratching my head for about two weeks well the whole time we did the Dempster and then coming back to Dawson City and stumbling over a portrait of this guy and go on I have never heard of this guy Google Jack McHugh Stan father of the Yukon what in the rest is history like there's there's a book on this guy I don't know how they haven't made a movie about him yet but I plan on trying to fix that all right I would have to answer that with can I say could I say like the best unplanned discoveries for me here I love and I love to eat all the different things and I did I wanted I made sure to taste local beer and I made sure to try Tim Hortons to see if it was the Hoople everybody said it was it was fine and then that big ol cinnamon roll the sourdough I would try I would try would like right now because I'm hungry so I'm like get me to that giant sentimental and the bread the bread loaf that was biology's so I just want all this our dough bread now and tasting the market ah grab felt like such a huge cultural experience and honored to get to do that and Oh eating all the halibut in Alaska I ate probably my body late but when the farmer's market was really fun too in Fairbanks ain't getting to taste the wild strawberries which were okay now we get her started this is not gonna stop Thank You rambled sometimes to you I'm not gonna worry about it I mean if you're here watching this video now you're here because you want to hear what we have to say okay Garrett James Shannon asks if you could change anything about your trailer what would it be I've been asked this question a few times and it's a tough one to answer because that trailer all of the improvements and modifications that are on it from previous year models our design ideas that I was a part of while I was working for turtle back and so the couple things that we didn't get to do that I really had wished that we had done is in closing the upper area for picnic tables and chairs closing that off so the dust and rain and stuff can't get on there it's kind of cost prohibitive it was going to add a lot then the other thing is fitness they're so minor oh the awning setting up the awning can be a little bit of a pain just because while it's extremely strong sliding those awning poles up and down or it's a little bit of a of a challenge not impossible and I know that they're strong but yeah that's like the two things that if I had to tweak that I would like to tweak all right Johnny Smith II was just wondering if you're going to do more stateside videos or are you going to go more global now we've talked about this in detail and we've got a lot of ideas got a lot of friends across the world now that have invited us to come and travel their country I would say that Australia is high on the list no idea is to win that will actually take place but it would be the first place that will probably end up going after that New Zealand Scotland back to Canada I want to do the East Coast and then South America it's gonna happen eventually namaho would be fun to go kind of debunk it a little bit for some people yeah there's there's a whole other discussion and logistics to be had on Josefa travels darrenstravels what bear precautions did you take and did you have any issues with wild wildlife especially with your kitchen area right under your tent so the main thing on being bear aware and preventing even having that encounter is reducing your smells so we were sticklers about cooking when we can in cooking before we made camp yeah and then if we did we cooked we cleaned up we ate you know it was all very very fast and that's what I was saying is sometimes we would stop before camp to cook and so that's really the big thing is is not not staying in an area that is just coated in all kinds of smells and then not camping in areas where bears frequent and are used to human activity all the crowded campgrounds that's not what you want you want to be out and away from that type of environment so you can reduce your odds that's really the biggest thing I think is just keeping your smells down being very very aware of your surroundings and then you know we carried bear spray that was the first thing that came out of the tent the morning the last thing they went up to the tent at night and then you know for a lot of you don't know this but we actually carried a shotgun with us as well both in Canada and Alaska we didn't highlight that because you know there's some people get sensitive about that but that's the fact is yeah we did have a shotgun for worst-case scenarios luckily never you've never had to use never had a bear come in Turkey never really want to Friday now right well that wrapped up Facebook okay we gonna integrate let's do Instagram all right okay wait your shaker one two – I've seen y'all wearing live solar plant hats t-shirts and also saw some patches on your headliner I'd love some laughs sell Overland merchandise where can i buy out WW berlin style calm for all your Overland merge deeds are Andrew bish what hap Stu you to use in your content to find campsites and navigate on the mountain trail roads etc is gonna think that okay guy GPS also use I just look primarily use Gaia GPS I'll have an app called off-road Atlas that helps us with the env um stuff but am I using as much now that guys incorporated the MV um Xin to their stuff and then the other apps that we use like vehicle monitoring so I use the torque app to run real-time Diagnostics on the forerunner especially watching those transmission tips while we're towing and up the mountains and stuff like that yeah I think that's pretty much pretty much time free to ask where did you get the griddle that y'all cook on it now we talked about that of indicators see are there still they're hard to find they're not just they're not on Amazon all the time so you might have to find the partners till distributor yeah prolonged wealth why are why the forerunner and not something larger like a time trend you know that was that's definitely been a discussion you know do we want to go to a full-size rig for the extra space or the extra power for towing and you know what the 4runner is the perfect balance we talked about this before where you know every every piece of gear you decide to take there's a compromise in weight in storage and so same thing with the vehicle when you go to a bigger vehicle on a bigger engine you get some benefits but you also lose mobility and so we feel like the 4runner is the perfect size for our family of three now someone has got you know three or four kids oh yeah though all day long get a Tundra get a you know slang cruise we get something that's going to make you a bit more comfortable and take that trade-off okay Freddie I'm guessing asks when you stuck up and stock up on food how long does it last how do you decide what food to get bring along because not everything can be stored in the snow master great question so I would usually talk with Kevin about okay where are we going next are going to be going through a town what's going to be our next destination how long is it gonna take us to get there or how long are we gonna be out so typically I honestly would plan for five to seven days and that means I would pick I would plan dinners lunch and breakfast typically our breakfasts were usually almost the same like oatmeal cereal eggs and bacon eggs and toast you know kind of here basic kind of stuff granola bars every now and again if we were like get up and go kind of morning lunch was usually cheese and crackers more dish more and more sandwiches and that dinner I did usually try and put a little more time and effort into it I did get everything to fit the snow master but that's when you not that we really made sacrifices a lot a lot of things but that's when you really have to decide like what's more important you have to eat like we didn't have orange juice or we didn't get to have like ice cubes not that we really needed it or anything you know but like I made sure I had everything that we needed to eat and enjoy at the same time Altaf it's now master and then the rest of it was dry goods and the rest of that blame for the turtle bag actually for the most part I made everything worked by seven days yep polar bear roar how do you finance being on the road not the building of the rig just the running costs okay so this is a very common question and eventually I'm gonna do a dedicated video on it when we first started this we couldn't afford it and what I mean by that is we didn't have all of the pieces in place to hopefully perpetuate this indefinitely we had a few pieces we had operating capital from selling our camper in our truck we were debt-free when we started all this and so we didn't have a lot of bills coming in we had lived in a 5th wheel camper for three years worked like crazy saved like crazy and so we had a substantial buffer it allow us to get into this and devote all of our efforts and stuff into the YouTube side of things as well as managing social media when I say social social media not just ours we also manage some other companies social media and that's something that we can do remotely something we can do Moberly and schedule and things like that so that was one of the big things that we had to work hard to do is to make make the ends meet and after about it took us about nine or ten months after we officially sold out but we finally were able to get to a position where we could see light at the end of the tunnel and you know a lot of that came from patreon you know there's a lot of people who support all we do on patreon and thank you guys for for all of that and they get you know a lot of bonus content so you know we're actually working for them as well to give them GPS information and behind-the-scenes stuff and to make it worthwhile the other piece of it is you know like Amazon affiliates generally if you see us share a product that we use we got two Amazon affiliate link tied to it we get a few bucks you know whenever something like that gets bought so it's just a matter of finding a lot of little income streams that don't require a lot of time in order to make the ends meet now for people who are looking to do this don't just jump into it put together a plan develop some skills and you know if you have a job that you could potentially work remotely then you know work on talking to your boss about getting that point or finding a job where that's loud yeah so you know so there's a lot of really cool opportunities you just got to be creative about it and develop all those different little income streams well and I feel like would we first initially chose to do this we were looking at our finances like this is just gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like we were just we were just at the point where we were done and we wanted to go and do something fun and exciting so I don't feel like and as we went and so our finances were fine to sustain us and then as we went along you are constantly thinking about and planning like okay what if we did this this or income and then what if we tried this with this and stuff like that so I feel like you developed that overtime kind of deal as well too that's something to keep in mind as well bound to Valhalla you installed your snow master at the back of your 4runner versus installing in the turtle back what are the pros and do you recommend doing it that way I highly recommend installing it in your tow vehicle in all situations in circumstance it's the only time that you wouldn't want to do that is when you never disconnect from the trailer if you're the type of person that goes in camps in one spot and that trailer is always with you then sure it can go in the trailer but if you like us sometimes you want to run a bit more difficult trail and generally you want to eat some lunch along the way or you know have something cold to drink and if the fridge is back at camp you're not going to be able to do that you're going to be trying to bring a cooler with you well now you got to figure out well how am I going to put ice and this cooler and take stuff with me so it you know digress is very very quickly the other side of it is inside of that turtle inside of that trailer it's a confined space it's an enclosed space so ambient temperatures are going to heat that thing up and those compressors are not going to run as efficiently if it's installed in an area where it's constantly getting hotter and hotter and hotter both from ambient temps and the compressors themselves running so putting it in your vehicle allows you to drive down the road run your AC and now that AC is helping your fridge be more efficient and stay cooler so that's really the two big reasons Davidson k8r khd I'm truly amazed on your editing skills how did you learn to edit your videos I got a of them yeah you'd move it now at me sorry about that it was really learn as you go but I will say it from a very early age like maybe seven or eight years old I was always the kid that wanted to run the camcorder for holidays and Christmas and stuff like that and so I started shooting just our little family events and then it kind of grew from there got into photography for quite some time and well I guess one of the biggest editing evolutions that I went through was when we were working at a summer camp together and we would do a recap video for the kids at the end of the week and so on Thursday night we could stay up till 2 3 4 o'clock in the morning compiling and editing all the footage from that week at camp and sharing it with the kids and their families and we would do the ending ceremonies or whatever it was so that's kind of where where I picked it up and it's just grown from there yeah just learn a skill and and coming from a family of storytellers helps it does you know having having been raised listening to the stories of my my grandparents and my parents and aunts and uncles and stuff and learning the delivery and I think that's that's essential you can have all kinds of cool facts and cool shots but if you can't string that together in an interesting story or a compelling story there definitely is the difference yeah if you weren't driving the 4runner what would you be driving from Tacoma Colorado I wasn't dropping of coal what I wasn't driving a forerunner holy cow look at this guy look at him in the shade I believe yeah all right all kinds of wildlife we you know we love every little encounter so that's tapasya so what would you be driving if not the foreigner if I wasn't driving the 4runner and we've been discussing this lately if I wasn't driving the 4runner I'll be driving either GX 470 or a GX 460 or 100 series Land Cruiser yeah well yeah obviously the Beast our language but I mean like for what we do yeah for this like a replacement for this it would be it would be a GX of some sort have you conflit overland gypsy asks have you considered over landing from Alaska to Argentina yes hm quatre sorry did you have videography skills before going on the adventure or did you learn as you went and what are some tips for not only beginner overlanders but beginner videographers I already answered that first part so I'll jump straight to the second part the biggest advice that I can give to someone who is getting started is get started don't wait until you're good don't wait until you have the best camera don't wait start shooting start editing start posting and you will grow through practice the other piece to that is watch videos of people that you enjoy and attempt to replicate that you know if there's a shot that you're like oh man like I recognize that there was some effort that went into getting that particular shot and it made the video look good so start trying to replicate that in your own videos and then come up with some of your own unique ideas you never know what you might stumble on that people are just going to love ya the AZ 98 XJ says if you could revisit any place you've traveled for the sole purpose of having a delicious pastry where would you go what would you have but I'm going to take it a little step further and say because I feel like I mean obviously it's gonna be hands down the sourdough cinnamon roll but how about we rephrase the question to say if you could revisit any place you've traveled why would you go back to you go back for a week or a I know so in Alaska and I would agree with that but I would go back to British Columbia there were millions of miles of trails in BC and stuff to see that we didn't even get clean barely we didn't even see the tip the iceberg yeah so BC that's where I go back to you GTA Greg says where do you store the tent cover I have seen you remove it many times but not sure where you store it when the tent is set up correction we roll it up and shove it under the trailer yeah in the past we would just leave it flap it against the trailer but now that the controls and stuff of the trailer and this side and we just didn't listen to it slap all night long we just take it off pull it up actually the main reason we never took it off it's the last brand that we had it was a pair of Aaron takes a call from the back home especially if it was wet but now I mean literally one-handed you can slide that 23-0 cover off that KJ so that's nonsense mehran what do you'll use when you have to use it we use a clean waste pop-up toilet and then we use a rest on top of privacy and again you can go to kiss I really feel like letting up if you need to oh that's treecko's the places we didn't even didn't even need it but again kit calm / laughs all over land there's a there's a little group of products in there too so you can replicate that I feel like I'm gonna stay in this room diabetic taco how do I convince my wife to step outdoors just me and maybe even sleep in the tent you gotta start a real slow you gotta start a real slow you got a glance it because that's what he did because I grew up yes I grew up camping but one of my camping experiences the whole tent flooded and we were visible the whole time but then I also did a lot of backpacking in high school but then I kind of went to this posh pretty girl phase where the idea of going camping did not sound fun and so when Kevin wanted to start keeping an over landing or ad campaign to the Overland the experience was not to King about it especially considering we had a 15 month old at the time yeah so he made sure he got a big tent he got he actually let me pick nice like pretty sheets and bedding for our air mattress he picked a really nice air mattress and he made sure that I was able to cook good meals rather than doing hamburgers and hotdogs the whole weekend kind of deal so baby steps and make it as comfortable as possible and then you can start recognizing it slowly but surely as she catches on and starts to like it she may never and that's fine some people don't and that's okay it's not worth it mister move it yes all victories go a long way I'll sure I'll share one quick story so early in our adventures in New Mexico sarah has always had a problem doing her duty outdoors and so always that was always a sticking point that was why she never wanted to go until I finally came up with a couple of products and it was the rest stop bucket and it was a Browning pump of privacy ten I'll never forget the first trip we went on we had all that setup and I just kind of had it over in the corner and we had our breakfast and she had her coffee and you know I'm sitting here waiting because I know what's coming next and she goes into the tent and I hear from the other side of the tent after a few minutes Kevin you've changed camping for me yeah and the rest is history it was that that little thing made a huge difference and so you just learn camping doesn't have to be about roughing it all the time right there are some people who believe camping is about eating Rainey's beans and weenies and sleeping under a tarp and you know like if that's your thing if that's what makes you feel alive if that's what gives you the experience you want that's camping to you and that's fine but there's nothing wrong with taking some comforts because you'll stay longer and you'll enjoy it more so do it in a way that makes it enjoyable for you okay I guarantee you all miles per gallon of the 4runner with trailer and scariest low fuel scenario eleven point four miles to the gallon for the entire trip we would see as low as seven miles to the gallon luck on the Dempster in four inches of mud so you know it could change drastically we were never strapped for fuel I took far too much fuel I had 22 22 gallons of extra fuel never needed it never needed it the most I ever used was four gallons so I was very impressed with the frequency of all of the fuel stations and stuff along the way so not to say you won't need that much at some point in time but we didn't need it Josh D 67 as a single man wanting to play in full time what advice could you give to people like on how to afford the lifestyle don't get caught up in all the gear don't think that you have to have everything just right just perfect before you can get out there and go buy a rig that you can afford you need a car anyhow so buy something that can do both jobs getting you where you need to go and take you on some trips on the weekend put some good tires on it and then all you needs a dome tent a pillow toothbrush maybe a little bit of toilet paper and water get out there and go that's the main thing and then you can build on your kit as you have the funds and as you determine hey I think I need this next that's half the fun I think that if you started out with everything it wouldn't be mere as fun as going out there and learning you know what where your weak points are what you like what you dislike and tweaking your kit to make it the most enjoyable experience and safest experience possible for your style of travel yeah and I think a lot of the misconception is that when you look at us we did this car this rig for five years like this we didn't decide that we were going to go to Alaska and then just do all thanks to our car we've done this over five years with saving and planning and choosing when do we buy this bumper when we do this installation kind of deal so and we didn't have any sponsors other than like three or four things in the past six months so if you're thinking oh yeah people know this is a this is our ray seriously this is our a yeah that's a great follow-up question too i tacticool 45 is Turtleback sponsoring you we're not we're not monetarily sponsored by anyone we aren't paid to say anything is good we aren't paid to show you a product we just use the stuff now there's a few companies that we've partnered up with on affiliate programs but that was because we already use the product for years and trusted it and know that it's a quality item and so when we were already pushing people that direction you know like for Gaia for example you know we were using that on a daily basis and so to say yeah this is awesome you need this was a natural evolution and so we talked a guy before we went on the trip and said look we're already sending people your way is is there a way that we can monetize what's already taking place and so yeah we became affiliates with Gaia GPS and it's just a few bucks here and there but like I said to do this full time you have to have multiple streams of income and so a few bucks here a few bucks there ads and that's really the key and we wanted we we really want to stay away from sponsorships because we've we've seen what can happen when the stress of attempting to please a company comes into play when you're just trying to go out and have an adventure and not worry about getting this shot or that shot or saying the right thing and so to be able to go out here and be free and rely on our viewers to support us primarily on patreon and stuff like that that's where we want to be we want to represent you guys with honesty and integrity and be able to give you a true honest review and someone this way better so someone just recognizes yeah that's awesome so I'd be authentically Arsenal's success like that was one thing working we are first starting kevin was like you know should I go to this person say we're getting ready to see this trip you know what they want to give us this and like no I don't want to owe anything to anyone on this trip I didn't that was is we really didn't need it even now I did reach out to and this is full disclosure I did reach out to snow master because I've been using them while I was working for Turtleback and I was like these these fridges are legit and the one we were using at the time it was just not maintaining temperature right it just wasn't operating right and I knew we needed that before we took off and so Todd is awesome he hooked us up with that 66 liter and we tested the absolute crap out of it and it's still going strong momma got sass ooh sounds like we be friends does Caroline get antsy in the car for long periods how do you keep her occupied and do you take frequent breaks well just so you guys know like right now we've been driving for about an hour shooting this video and with years of experience and training she's gotten to where she can sit like this for quite some time and there is not much to see where we're driving right now other than just a few antelope and cows and so it takes time to get to that point in some days it just doesn't work so yes she does get antsy she is a six year old kid and I think she's still saying absolutely but with time and with training and taking those moments to let her be bored and to be okay with that is creativity and also yes we do take frequent breaks but we are highway traveling we usually stop almost every two hours body stretch our legs whatever and then on the trail yeah we stopped very often for just four shots and four and other stuff like that so it just takes time and practice and don't get impatient and like I've said like Kevin said earlier we decided a long time ago is not our job to entertain our children our childhood and learned to entertain themselves and one thing that we didn't mention before is rewards so her personality type responds really well to having a reward so maybe it's earning tablet time maybe it's a treat you know there's maybe it's stopping at a park to play at a playground we've used all of those as motivation to help her be patient and have a good attitude and to be respectful and so yeah that's that's been a huge get her to where we are now [Applause] I walk this road it takes me on the scars this one so what have we been doing since the end of season one a lot of fun stuff a lot of not so fun stuff long story short came back from Canada visited with some friends in Arizona stopped a New Mexico picked up our dog Zeke and then headed east and we were over in Tennessee for several months visiting family for the holidays attending Expo East and editing like crazy yeah in the meantime we had some ideas for season 2 that we were hoping to implement something that would help us perpetuate what we're doing and those things didn't work out so well so much so that there's actually some legal issues that we're going through right now trying to make things the way that should be we haven't shared this information publicly yet we're hoping that the people involved will make the right decision and make things right before it turns into a bigger issue we will be sharing this story with you at some point in time but until then suffice it to say that we're working through a lot of things and it's part of the reason why we're here in New Mexico now so if you'd like to know more details we've shared some of this stuff with our patrons over on slash lifestyle overland it's not that we're again trying to be cryptic about this but there are some legal implications and we want to make sure that we're very judicious and how we share those details moving forward but wow what an epic adventure what an epic journey for for us not just physically but emotionally and mentally and as a family and wow it's been incredible thank you guys so much for riding along with us for for sharing your encouragement for supporting us you're you're truly the best fans we could ever ask for and we just really thank you from the bottom of our hearts so anything else alright guys thanks for right along thanks for all the questions I hope you enjoyed them if you liked this video hit the like button subscribe do all those things but if you don't want to it's your life to do what you want to do until next time safe travels Oh you

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