40 thoughts on “Yndi Halda – Enjoy Eternal Bliss [Full Album] [HQ]

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  2. This is a great debut album. I remember how it stunned me the first time I listened to it. After a very long wait, their second album was a big disappointment for me and I stopped following them.

  3. Thank god I discovered this before I die… one of the best post-rock albums, or music in general, I have ever heard…

  4. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RECOMMEND ME MORE BANDS LIKE YNDI HALDA (especially ones that have songs that sound like Dash and blast and A Song For Starlit Beaches)

  5. 10 years has been gone since the release of this album and still being one of the most beautiful post rock albums ever made. Thank you guys for such a great music.

  6. What a glorious album. Such good music, thats its hard to pick a favourite song – though if i were to try really hard I'd pick "A song for starlit beaches" the transition at around 31:36 is just lovely. And so are 35:05, 35:45, 40:17 and 41:20.Just so lovely. Reminds me of GYBE's monumental song "Storm".

    Struggling to describe in words how good this music is…

  7. Do NOT listen to this album through this video, the quality is awful. The band has uploaded a much higher quality recording to their Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/yndihalda

  8. Never heard this before today but you can definitely hear where their influences are from and how they tied them up into an smart and snappy bow

  9. This is my cure for depression. There is such a pure joy unleashed in this music – Has anyone else wondered how amazing it is that the universe brought these amazing musicians together and then Worldhaspostrock brought it to many of us? Thank you – peace to all

  10. with dash&blast my imagination is dancing with end of the world
    there is a lot of light and angels' singing without lyrics

  11. yawns

    scratches butt

    checks watch

    man fuck this shit, MUH CRESCENDOS, boring as hell, I'm gonna go back to listening to Talk Talk and Soundtracks For The Blind.

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