Yiddish Karaoke (Bay mir bistu sheyn)/ייִדיש קאַראַאָקע

Gang, I don’t have the first-I don’t remember how it goes And I didn’t have time, the first line is like “something you are pretty”, something like that. OK, we’re starting with “bay mir bistu sheyn” because….. Female voice: maybe we’re doing it because he’s a Galitzianer.. (The lyrics only rhyme in southern AKA Galitzianer Yiddish) Benjy, do you know this song? What’s it’s name (joking?)

9 thoughts on “Yiddish Karaoke (Bay mir bistu sheyn)/ייִדיש קאַראַאָקע

  1. Lovely song of childhood. I don't speak Yiddish,
    I understand single words, although it is my "מאַמע-לאָשן"

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