Yara Shahidi Talks Style and Her Fashion Secret

um you've got great style thank you and everywhere you go because I follow these you look fabulous like your clothing is always on point oh I appreciate you work with the stylist remembering your oh I can't take full credit a team work makes the dream work on this Jason Bouldin is my stylist and we've had such a fun journey these past couple years yeah I bet just how would you yeah cuz I think ultimately events are cool but I mean what's the point if you're not having fun or feeling joyful and so the getting ready process is all about that joy do you have a test I have a test when I get dressed if I can fit my microphone in it it works that's how I wear my outfit I do that a lot my general test is the robot like if you in that sir okay um like if you mean that movie dance you can do the dance because if you can't do the robot in your outfit then it's either too tight too loose too long or too short well all of the above [Applause] [Laughter] this direction we can all agree I really can't do the robot I've never figured out how to get my hand around right it's that it's that tennis elbow will stop [Applause]

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