what’s up guys welcome back to another
video and in today’s video I am gonna be unboxing an Xbox One S All Digital
Edition. So this is a console that Microsoft released it this year and it is a brand
new Xbox console and it’s kind of like a sister to the existing Xbox One S. The only
difference between this and the other Xbox One S as the name suggests is this one
is all digital so this one does not have a disk drive at all there is no disk
drive in this console apparently from some of the break downs and tear
downs of the console there is legit like just nothing over here on this side of
counsel so the way it’s a little funky between the two sides but that’s it
that’s what this console is it’s an Xbox one s it does not play disk-based games
or have a blu-ray player or anything in it so you won’t be able to play any
games that are physical like a disc you are going to only be able to play
digital games if you bought games digitally through the Xbox Store if you
have Xbox game pass or xbox live gold or even EA access those are the only games
you can play on this system no discs and no blu-rays either so why
in the world then would you want to give up your disc drive on your Xbox One S your
4k blu-ray player in this new console is this new console faster is it lighter is
it cheaper well it is two of those things so this console is not faster
than the Xbox 1s this is the exact same hardware inside the same processor st.
GPU same amount of RAM everything is the same internally on the Xbox One S except
for the removal of the 4k blu-ray player inside but the other two things is
indeed lighter than the Xbox one asked which was also pretty light you know
it’s a small slim console so now this is even lighter than that one and it’s also
cheaper than the Xbox one s or at least it’s supposed to be so this was a huge
controversy of when this comes to as first released is that the Xbox one s
was priced to be I believe $50 cheaper than the existing Xbox one s the Xbox
one as all digital edition was set to be $50 cheaper than the Xbox one s at all
times no matter sale it is if the Xbox one s went on
sale the one s all digital edition would go on sale for $50 cheaper it would
always maintain that $50 gap in between the two except problems arose through
the used market and through bundles and such so you are able to actually find
Xbox one s is just the regular Xbox one s the ones with the disk drive for the
same price as the Xbox one s all digital edition and so I posted videos and
talked about this months and months ago discussing my thoughts on this but
basically my overall thought on this was it’s a good console it’s a great idea
and it should be cheaper but the best time to pick it up is probably around a
Black Friday when it’s gonna go on like mega sales so this is actually where I
ended up getting I got it for Black Friday and I got it for a whopping 150
dollars now if you tell me that that’s not a great deal for an Xbox one brand
new Xbox one s for a 150 dollars that includes an Xbox one s console a
controller includes three games which is minecraft see if these and fortnight now
for nine essentially free regardless but that’s neither here nor there
you get three games Plus this is in fact the one terabyte model so this one has a
one terabyte hard drive in it too and just like any Xbox one console I’m
assuming this probably also includes a code for Xbox Live Gold and a code for
Xbox game passes we’ll have to see but usually all Xbox one consoles include
codes for those two services so for $150 this is a killer deal I would definitely
recommend you guys picking this one up if you are interested in this system if
you are somebody like me who primarily has digital games instead of buying
physical games anymore I mean I guess I do have a couple physical games up here
but these are mostly for other systems I have a lot of Nintendo switch and ps4
games physically but for my Xbox one I like to give them digitally there’s a
number of reasons number one is just ease of use I don’t have to get up and
switch discs anytime I want to play a game
second one is game sharing I can now share whatever digital game I buy I can
share that with my brother who has my home Xbox and so that saves money by
eliminating the need to buy two piece of games and also being able to
play those games wherever I am whether I’m traveling and there’s happens to be
an xbox there I can sign in my account play my games on there or since I have
multiple X boxes I can play games on any one of my X boxes I don’t need a disc I
don’t need to swap out the disc onto each of my Xbox one consoles so that’s a
little backstory about the Xbox one s all digital edition now let’s go ahead
and let’s unbox this thing ok so here’s what the front of the box looks like it
says Xbox 1s all digital discs free gaming and shows you a picture of the
console here we have a standard Xbox one controller we have the Xbox Point s but
this is the all digital edition that has no disk drive out so this is a
redesigned chassis it just you know has no disk drive here it’s just a pure like
matte finish that covers up where the disk drive would be down here it says
that it’s a one terabyte model but it also says that there’s no disk drive it
does have 4k Ultra HD playback for videos that doesn’t mean that this
console will be able to play games at 4k Ultra HD but it will be able to playback
content like Netflix or Hulu or YouTube stuff like that at 4k Ultra HD
it also supports HDR so if you have a compatible HDR TV or monitor then the
system will also work with that then you can see the three games that are
included here are minecraft sea of thieves and fortnight says here that it
includes 2000 V bucks a legendary rogue spider-knight outfit two style variants
that unlock as in-game characters are completed in free for nine battle royale
and creative modes only says to save the world campaign is not included in Xbox
Live Gold is required to play for nine pero el SE C if thieves and multiplayer
and minecraft sold separately I’m not seeing anything on here about whether or
not these games are installed already I have heard rumors that these games are
pre-installed on the console but I don’t believe that’s actually true I believe
it just include codes that you redeem for these games and then you can
download them but without further ado I guess we can crack open the box and take
a look at what’s inside rumor has it that it’s actually an xbox one s inside
rumor has it that there’s an Xbox in so if we turn this around here we go
so there are three seals we’re going to need to break to open this up there’s
just two standard ones there’s also a special sticker on here that lets you
know before you open this box that it does not play physical disks so this is
just yet another reminder in case you have not gotten that idea from like
actual picture of the cones over there’s no disk drive the fact that the consoles
name is Xbox one is all digital fact that there’s all these little emblems
all over the console say no disk all that stuff none of that threw you off
and there’s another sticker here as like your last warning that this console will
not play physical disks now that we got that all taken care of now we can
actually go ahead and open Xbox 1s all digital and it gives you this little
setup menu I believe is what this is yep exactly here we go
so it just walks you through the steps of how to set up your Xbox one yes first
it tells you basically pulling in your console and also plug in HDMI into your
TV or monitor step two is to put the batteries inside the controller and to
sync the controller to your console and it turn on both your controller and your
console step three is to sync your controller to the console step four is
to turn on the console again I don’t know I guess make sure that it’s synced
I guess that’s it though that is how you set up your Xbox one there is a website
on the back if you need more assistance Xbox comm / Xbox one slash getting
started or you can go on Twitter and contact at Xbox support
alright and inside the box right underneath that we have the console
itself so before we take a look at that we are gonna slide this out and boom
there you have it there’s the sea of thieves codes and then also on this left
side over here we have power and the HDMI all the accessories everything
you’ll need for this system okay so on the left side here we have our
controller that is the Xbox one as controller we also have an HDMI cable
it’s actually kind of a long HDMI cable stuff all over it I’m not sure why that
is but pretty nice HDMI cable it is somewhat long then you have controller
like I mentioned and we have on the right side our power cable so just like
the Xbox one s and the Xbox one X this features an internal power supply inside
the console so all you need to power the device is just this tiny cable right
here we’re gonna go ahead and set that aside I’m gonna leave the controller in
there for a little while because I have plenty of Xbox one controllers just this
weekend I purchased an Xbox one sport blue controller I also have the limited
edition purge trooper controller for Star Wars Jedi fall in order I posted an
unboxing video about that on the channel so if you guys haven’t checked that out
you guys should totally go and do so and then also recently I purchased an Xbox
one patrol tech controller which I have not opened or used and of course I also
have my Elite Series one controller and Elite Series two controllers too so I’m
gonna leave that in the box for now like I said we’re gonna leave the power cable
out and now we’ll slide this back in and now we can take a look at this sleeve
that was included on the side opens on the bottom opens up just like this and I
believe this is just all of our codes for the console the first code we have
here is see if thiefs is the full game then we have a code for Minecraft and
then we also have the code for fortnight this is a game add-ons because for
knives for you just downloaded through the Xbox Marketplace like there’s no
codes that you enter to download for night but this one has our legendary
rogue spider-knight cosmetic download plus two variants that unlock as you
complete challenges cool and then we have a code to Xbox game paths and it
looks like this is a one-month code of game pass so it’s kind of interesting
game past includes sea of thieves and minecraft fortnight’s a free download so
you wouldn’t technically even need to redeem these all you need to do is
redeem the Xbox game pass and you’d be able to play these two games and you can
download four nights for free but I guess you know you wouldn’t get these
add-ons unless you specifically redeemed this code but personally I think Xbox
game pass is the major selling point of this console Xbox game pass and the Xbox
one is all digital edition just go together perfectly so if you have a game
pass subscription you can play all these amazing games and downloaded into your
console for just a couple bucks a month and you can play so many games from it
there’s like over a hundred games there’s games like
halo 5 halo Master Chief collection Gears of War 5/4 sea of Thieves
tons and tons of games on here and it’s actually pretty cheap too then the only
other thing inside here is our product and regulatory guide and our limited
warranty and agreement now onto the console itself so it just sits on the
right side here nice and snug and boom just like that there is our Xbox – all
digital edition here we go now you can set it down like this take off the
styrofoam off the sides here we go now we can unwrap the console
there we have it here’s the Xbox one ass all digital edition so it’s just like an
Xbox one S it just has no disk drive so it’s kind of interesting to see that
with no disk drive here so there’s also no eject button because there’s no disk
drive so why would you need to eject a disk still has the sync button over here
on the right and still has a front USB just like the Xbox 1s and Xbox one X it
has a physical power on button so it’s not like the original Xbox one where you
can just like brush something in front of it to turn it on and off there was a
lot of feedback on that and a lot of people complained that they would
accidentally brush by it or like their dog or their cat would brush by and turn
off their console and that’s not something you want to be happening while
you’re in the middle of gaming so now it’s back to a physical button that you
push we’ve still got this massive fan over here on the right side of the
console it’s actually a good thing for the constant because it keeps it nice
and cool but also quiet since it’s a larger fan but it is very interesting to
see this not having a disk drive this whole left side of the console is just
this nice matte finish and it honestly looks pretty sleek as for the weight oh
man yeah it is definitely a lot heavier on the right side and yeah dude it feels
like there’s nothing at all on this left side which in fact there is nothing at
all on this left side various teardown videos have actually shown that the
space inside the console where the disk drive was is literally just empty and
there is in fact still the port’s inside the console to plug in the disk drive so
who who even thought about seeing if you could actually install a disk drive in
the 1s all digital edition see if the Xbox would recognize that but like the
hardware and stuff is still there – the disk drive so in theory it should work
it seems that all Microsoft really did to this console rather than like
revising the console to make it smaller or have better cooling or to space out
the hardware they literally just remove the disk drive remove the eject button
and then redesign this whole top plate here I mean overall I can’t really
complain I would have liked it to be smaller since like this entire section
of the system it’s basically just no longer here there’s nothing
there so I’m assuming they probably could have caught the console size of
the console at least like 1/4 the console just cut out so it would have
been kind of cool to see the console be a little bit smaller but that would have
changed manufacturing stuff so like the motherboard and everything is still in
here still the same same hardware same components everything inside it
literally is just missing the disk drive on the back we featured the exact same
IO we’ve got the power HDMI out to your TV HDMI out to your TV HDMI in from your
satellite or cable box or really any HDMI source we have one super speed USB
port a second USB superspeed port an IR out port a spit F or optical port and an
Ethernet jack also looks like the manufacture date for this specific
console was September 28 2019 so a little over two months ago is when this
console was actually made I always personally find it fascinating to see
exactly when your specific console was manufactured at the factory and kinda
has a little time stamp on it this is when the console was born but that is it
that was the Xbox one s all digital edition that was the unboxing of it it’s
just like any standard Xbox one s it just does not have a disk drive that is
literally it but now with Black Friday and Christmas deals showing up you can
snag this thing for only 150 dollars and that is an absolute steal I would highly
recommend you guys get this if you do not have an Xbox one already or if you
just want like another Xbox as like a media player or what I’m gonna do with
this specific consoles I’m probably gonna set this one up in my bedroom that
way I can watch Netflix and Hulu and Disney Plus and all that stuff on the TV
in there but there you go guys that is the Xbox one that’s all digital edition
I hope you guys enjoyed this video of me actually unboxing this console it’s a
pretty interesting piece of hardware and I’m happy I have the latest member of
the Xbox one family actually in my hands I have the original Xbox one from 2013 I
have the Xbox one s from 2016 I have the Xbox one X from 2017 which is actually
the project Scorpio edition and now I have the Xbox one s all digital edition
from 2019 so pretty sweet I’m excited about this make sure I give you a thumbs
up if you have enjoyed and let me know your thoughts about this in the comments
down below what do you guys think about the Xbox
one s all digital edition is a good purchase it’s a great price let me know
if you guys are gonna pick one up it’s only a hundred and fifty dollars and I
would highly recommend it subscribe to the channel if you’re not already bring
that notification bell that you guys stay up-to-date on all the latest and
greatest videos on the channel and I’ll see you guys next time


  1. Can I please get a code of game for my daughter please. She's is going through a really bad time please help contact me on xb

  2. Hi. Thanks for this video. Just one question for all the gamers out there. Once you download those free games. Can you play them offline? Sorry dont know anything bout consoles. Looking to buy one for a gift. Thanks guys

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