100 thoughts on “Wolf Blitzer on Trump Attacking the Media

  1. Jimmy Kimmel simply doesn't know when to quit, all he cares about now is money paid by the mainstream media instead of ratings, now his viewers are all foreigners, Americans are abandoning this terrible show.

  2. CNN is the whores of news. There like the puss that comes out a pimple. There like the dope sickness after the heroin.

  3. CNN is way way WAY too sensationalistic.


  4. PEOPLE: trump calls any source that isn't nice to hi fake news, but that doesn't mean msm does a good job. They r PR outlets for corporations

  5. Every time the fake media says the word Omarosa a new Trump supporter is created – Trump camp files arbitration action against Omarosa for breaking secrecy agreement https://nyp.st/2BaZStp via @nypost

  6. Who among us has any conception oft he dimensions of shame that will befall u and our children when one day den veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes… reach the light of day?

  7. Does Jimmy understand that everytime he says "we gotta get rid of him" people forget they live in a democracy. Trump was elected by the people. Constantly calling for his unjustified impeachment proves the FAKE NEWS that you are. Stop calling for a cou. Wake up.

  8. Wolf Blitzer, along with all the CNN journalists, are the enemy of the people. The President is right to belittle them.

  9. Is Mister Blitzer a walking dead member or just an extremely boring actor who reads teleprompters.

  10. omg why is Wolf so cute. I usually hate the situation room, "because not everything is breaking news" but i like him in this setting.

  11. I see little news happening on Network News its embarrassing. I get more information from late night TV host than from hours of Network News.

  12. CNN is fake news….Lol. It's funny, CNN only talks about Trump, and they are one of the lowest rated channels. And how can you be world class when you do not discuss anything but Trump? Believe it or not Liberals, Trump is not the world as you make him out to be……there is a whole big world out there, alotta stuff going on other than Trump's hair.

  13. The DNC is trashing Russia, a thermonuclear nation. How dumb is that? It was a hoax to cover up illegal spying! Your rights denied.

  14. Haha when the news has to go on late night lefty shows to proclaim 'we are not fake news, we are not the enemy of the people'
    Trump is onto something!

  15. These people love democracy so much, but it's Mr. Trump who has the mandate of the people to say what he thinks. I love that it makes such a tool as Wolf Blitzer mad!

  16. glad its making them angry and upset!! they are powerfully anti- christian. and haters of white christian americans.

  17. The media does not have the ability to inform the viewers of what's happening without trying to tell the viewers what to think about it. The media always tries to frame the story to fit their narrative. They have to put their spin on it. Some stories are fake news but the overwhelming majority of stories are atleast biased. And Wolf Blitzer knows it ! President Obama complained about FOX NEWS when it's clear that CNN and MSNBC use the same formula. FOX NEWS was not fair to Obama but CNN and MSNBC are just as bad or worse towards Trump. And if you cannot see that then your a sheep. BAAA

  18. So they disrespect the Pres
    The Pres shits on them

    And then they say it's the Pres' fault.

    And yes; the Zionist media(news to hollywood) are deceiving EVERYONE around the world. So they are technically everyones enemy.

  19. "Occasionally we make a mistake…" How do you miss millions of kids getting autism from the MMR shot? How is that even possible?

  20. I use to watch late night shows to get laughs, and now all I get from Jimmy is bashing against our president. I don’t care what your views are, you need a break. Jimmy you are trying so hard to go after what Colbert did, and it’s not working. Along with yourBFF Howard Stern. So sick of you cramming down our throats your views. I done. I’m not watching you, I’m not listing to Howard any more. Besides you guys aren’t funny anymore.

  21. I have never once read nor seen a Trump supporter who spouts the “Fake News” mantra, find even one tangible shred of proof to disprove what is basically a reporting of things Trump has either said or done for the entire world to see. Reality check Trump supporters: everyone is entitled to their own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts. Hopefully the next president will make America great again

  22. cnn SLAMS dumpy trumpy
    it's like a hooker calling another hooker a 'whore
    The rest of the world will never forget your( CNN ) immoral , undemocratic and genocidal iraq war propaganda

  23. The only enemy of the people is Fox "News" with their disgusting pro trump propaganda.
    Closest thing to state-run communist television.
    Putin would be proud.

  24. old senile blitzer trying to stand up for laughing stock of the world cnn!!!!and who really listens to the biggest wuss on tv kimmel!!!

  25. I had bone spurs in both feet so bad I couldn’t walk, a shot in each foot took care of them. I walked out of the drs. office and haven’t had a problem since. I was also much older than trump was. Tell me again how he can walk around and play golf but not serve in the Vietnam war. Don’t get me wrong I’m against war and don’t believe it should be mandatory but if the government is going to have these wars and rules for who fights then they should be for all people, rich, poor, male, female all citizens of all races. By not allowing free passes hopefully people will think twice about starting wars in the first.

  26. CNN is how the world gets america's news, here in asia we don't know any of these other channels you have, so if you discredit your own global ambassador, SMH

  27. It seems all american celebs, people in the streets hate Trump. Even when he did good things, they still bash him. I wonder…how was it possible for him to win…if all people seem to hate him.

    He is crazy.but he is true to his words.i like him!

  28. CNN dissect every thing Trump does and says, usually concentrating on the negative. Bit to far in my opinion.

    However, FOX news will on occasions flat out lie in Trumps favor- and that's way to far!

  29. FAKE NEWS is fake news just admit you guys have done some nasty fake news reporting while some good reporting is there also.

  30. wolf crashed his p51 mustang to promote his absolutely boring news gig saving Israel a very stinky production:)-lmfaao all media lies cant pic and choose ALL ARE FAKE

  31. McCain is nothing but a fraud. He was never a tortured pow. He was injured when his plane went down, and was
    treated no worse than any other prisoner. He is not a hero but instead a cowardly pawn for the criminal state cabal. Kissinger, Albright and McCain have started more wars, and killed more innocent people, than anybody in the HISTORY of MAN- kind. Do your own research and don't allow yourself to be manipulated and brainwashed

  32. Now this is a truly SICK MAN on a SICK TV show WHOM got its ASS KICKED by Sean Hannity that took Kimmel to the WOODSHED and made him apologize for BAD MOUTHING Melania and how she talked.

  33. Is this what brain dead zombies are watching these days ? Antifa is acting like fascists and the Democrat Party of slavery is a bunch of bllsht con artists that got you all conned. Sad to say…

  34. What you’re watching is the unhinged media scrambling to make sense of their inability to control the behavior of a political target. So they sit themselves in an echo chamber and televise the conversation. Psychologically, people agree with everyone who is talking because they all agree.

    Reality: Trump is the best damn president we’ve had since Theodore Roosevelt.

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