Why Sister Joan Chittister Believes Social Media Is Killing Civil Discourse | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

To stand up for what you
believe to be the truth and believe to be right, you
take a big risk, particularly in the world of social media. If you and I were
Greek philosophers and we were sitting here
together in third century BC, we would be talking
about the development of the human conversation. Human discourse, as you have
just described, is over. It’s over. It’s all down to 64 or
144 little characters that allow you to
disrespect another person’s ideas or situation. Suddenly, the more tension, the
more division, the more hatred you can spew, the
higher your ratings. What ever happened
to our souls, Oprah? Yeah, yeah, yeah. What you’re saying here
in “The Time is Now” is that we have lost
sight of our souls is what you’re really saying.

52 thoughts on “Why Sister Joan Chittister Believes Social Media Is Killing Civil Discourse | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

  1. I ove u Oprah,i love u lady,u have good show, Ellen have too, i love u i love Eelen DeGeneres too so much

  2. It's true social media is ruining our entire human race!! Especially our children and their our future we should be teaching them differently. Instead society has made it extremely HARD to convert our children a different way. Everyone loves the cell phone and social media. Most feel left out because all are into social media.It was great for emergency use but now it has taken over communication between our family members and friends. It's sad but true and I am guilty of this also. Lord help it's all.

  3. I strongly agree. Social media is deeply affecting us as humans. We no longer are effective when it comes to a proper conversation. For example, if we have disagreements with another human, we are so quick to call them out on social media without thinking about the increasing drama that is going fold over by getting people involved. They don't realize how MUCH drama they are starting. Just toxic energy. Nobody wants to be positive anymore. Social media is like sipping out of the Devil's cup.

  4. Social media is fine in moderation just like everything else in life…not keeping up with the times is what is dangerous. I have social media accounts but I don’t sit on them all day…I love pizza, but I don’t have it every day…working out for an hour a day would be considered healthy, but when a person begins working out for 8 hours a day then it becomes an issue. My point is, not having control, moderation and balance is the real issue with our society…not social media.

  5. Social media is definitely the end of civilization. No one lives life authentically and everyone aspire to be a celebrity nowadays. Everyone now values popularity: hits, likes, views, profits rather than the the truth of a message.

  6. Are we really blaming and pointing the finger at social media? Social Media. Technology. Cell Phones. Guns. Are not killing people. Its PEOPLE, that are KILLING other PEOPLE. The EARTH. and all the other living organisms on this planet. Its the inner state of humanity that is accountable for all of this. Social media is just a REFLECTION of our inner state, it’s not the root of where the hate is derived from. Who pulled the trigger? Who made weapons of war? Who is behind the devices? Who is making the decisions? C’mon people. Wake up. It’s not weapons or devices, its US as human beings. We create majority of our suffering and we all help others suffer as well, regardless of the fact you meant to or not. Thats the reality. But some people like to imagine otherwise because they don’t want to accept the REALITY of the human dysfunction. Alot of us are alive but not living. Cause we don’t even recognize our participation of our own suffering.

  7. I strongly disagree.
    If you look for negativity online, or in reality you will find it. It's nothing new or unique for social media. It has always existed but the only difference is that now it's more accessible and in your face with social media. We need to start looking at why people are acting out their negativity, the root cause of why people are expressing their negativity online.
    Also, there are so many connections made online, so much knowledge, lives are saved, people who felt like they never belonged anywhere finally finding like minded people. A lot of business connections, friendships and love stories form thanks to social media.

  8. i'm working in several 5* hotel. listen, I can tell you something ; prouduce some kids( that's very easy and quick).-)))) bring them with an IPAD or IPHONE to the table…and tha's it. be quit and shut up, the parents has no time for the liitle ones. no time? tell you why!!!! the parents are beyond their relationship, there is nothing to talk about more. the relationshiop is death, why? the parents doing the same thing whit each other. cellphone or tablet or whatever is on the table. my question is; how they produce the kids? with an IPAD on the side of……?????? for me as an waiter is absoluty disgusting to serve this kind of people, becouse is disresoecting to me and for the whole waiter-community

  9. I have never believed there is anything social about it, UN-social media. The ability to properly communicate is being lost as many resort to one-word answers, or not even, one letter, "K".? Twitter is very similar to writing a message on the wall in a public bathroom stall. Very few people have as much nerve to say what they do on Twitter, in person. A considerable reason why the president, DJT chooses social media to terminate staff or volunteer as much. Ironically he;'s unable to fire anyone face to face. He's an incredibly insecure individual and twitter grants him what he fails to possess personally.

  10. If you look for it, you will find it for sure. Social media is helping lives and and ruining lives. People are connecting and finding love ones, jobs, friends, healing, training, building things and more. Then on the other hand, we have people loosing jobs, hurting each other bullying etc. A few months ago the cell phone saved my mother in laws life; if she didn't have that cell phone in her hand when she fell, would have been a different story. She was able to call 911 and get an ambulance. A young man in the Paris attack, "FEAR EATS THE SOUL", was on his cell phone, when his CELL PHONE took the bullet. There is a balance with everything. We got the good, with the bad in my opinion with all media.

  11. I hope Social media shuts down!
    People are so fake it’s literally difficult to find
    Genuine honest people these days!

  12. I fully agree. Some people have noting else better to do with there time except read every comment and pick someone get mad about what they said lovingly to someone else.📱💻

  13. It has given people a voice. However, it unfortunately many have used it to hide behind and use it to speak harm, disrespect, bully and has changed all the standards.The hate is real and no moral compass with folks. The use it to cheat, prey on young girls or boys, bully and spread HATRED and VIOLENCE. People spend too much time behind the keyboard instead of learning to relate to one another as humans.

  14. I’ve deleted Facebook for good have no instagram or any other social media and I feel so much more peace!! And yes I have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior and that is what completes me 🙏🏼

  15. That's absolutely true. I deactivatedy fb a long time ago. Never had Twitter, or whatever else is out there.

  16. Social media is what you make of it. I have social media groups with nearly half a million people engaging from all over the world. Topics of all kinds on a global level discussed at length.
    If you are only going to wade in, at the edge of a vast lake or sea, never diving in, it will feel cold and shallow. Whose fault is that, the sea or ones own?

  17. Could not agree more. Civility and compassion are the most underrated commodities in the world. I am concerned that we will recall this decade as the herald of the reign of anger and division.

  18. Hey thanks for this I can really appreciate your philosophy and interest in conscious social media. What if there was a way to make a social media platform more "human" and connected to fulfilling actions in the real world. Even gamify and popularize regenerative actions for the environment. A public forum and creative content realm with an intentional culture of authenticity, love, empowerment, healing, and philosophical engagement. It sounds idealist but I imagined something along these lines and would love to get input from other smart and inspired people!

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