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JACQUES: Deciphering the creator of a slang
term is not easy and that couldn’t be any truer when it comes to “drip.” JACQUES: Drip has many meanings – one describes
being covered in jewelry. Check out an early instance from Staten Island’s
Ghostface Killah on 2000’s “Nutmeg.” JACQUES: Over the last few years, “Drip”
has had a renaissance of sorts. According to Genius data, “drip’s” mentions
have tripled since 2016. LIL BABY: If you swaggy, you saucy, you drippin’
that whole little lingo. JACQUES: But who is the first rapper to really
own the “drip?” JACQUES: H-Town’s Sauce Walka and his crew,
The Sauce Family, have used “drip” as a derivative of “sauce” since at least
2014’s mixtape ‘Saucemania.’ JACQUES: Genius was able to speak to Walka. And for him and his partners, “sauce” and “drippin” are more than just terms, they’re a way of life. SAUCE WALKA: We don’t believe in Christianity,
we don’t believe in none of that we believe in the sauce bro. JACQUES: For The Sauce Family, “drip”
is more than just how you dress. SAUCE: To drip is to be a king. To drip is to be a winner. JACQUES: Yes, artists have used “sauce”
in this context in the past – notably the late Mac Dre from the Bay and Atlanta’s
J. Money. JACQUES: But Walka localized it to Houston. SAUCE: My city always had the ingredients JACQUES: Sauce incorporated different parts of Houston’s culture into the “drip,” like Lil Keke & DJ Screw’s 1996 cut, “Pimp Tha Pen…” JACQUES: …their love of classic cars… SAUCE: WHAT DOES CANDY PAINT DO OFF THE SLAB? INTERVIEWER: Drips. SAUCE: IT FUCKING DRIPS JACQUES: And the city’s problematic relationship with promethazine cough syrup and soda known as lean, which preceded a drip wave that appeared on TSF mixtapes like 2015’s
‘Drip or Drown Vol. 1 & 2.’ JACQUES: But staking out the claim for who made ‘drip’ famous is where things get contentious. For example, some point to Famous Dex’s
2015 breakout track, “Drip From My Walk.” JACQUES: But even Dex credits Sauce for the
inspiration. DEX: No more drip it’s Dexter. You can miss me with the statement. You fuckin’
gon’ get blocked if you hit me with the drip. Leave that to Sauce Walka that’s the holy
sauce. Leave it to him. JACQUES: In the years that followed, there
were many other high profile uses of “drip.” JACQUES: And many rappers have taken credit
for breaking the term. From Atlanta’s Gunna and his ‘Drip Season 1-3’ which started in 2016 with ‘Drip or Drown’ a year later. GUNNA: It’s getting big like I want it to,
it’s just spreading out everybody saying like on it, everybody who dripping they dripping
now. It’s cool it’s what i want it. JACQUES: …to Migos’ Quavo… QUAVO: A lot of our words travel across the
world. INTERVIEWER: Drip! QUAVO: And a lot of our dance moves. Yea, drip! JACQUES: Even WWE wrestler Ric Flair! RIC FLAIR: Oh yea, check all that drip out. Ric Flair drip. You lookin’ at all… That’s right, I’m responsible for drip. You can ask anybody. JACQUES: Sauce has addressed the idea that people are biting him on his projects and
lyrics. JACQUES: He even responded directly to Ric
Flair. SAUCE: Ric Flair man let me tell you something,
brotha! You ain’t start with no drip splash or nothing
that gots to do with the slicka dash. But since you did that now I’m on your ass! JACQUES: It’s unclear whether or not Ric
Flair knew of Sauce Walka when claiming “drip” but The Migos did collaborate with Sauce on
2015’s “On Top” off of Walka’s ‘Sauce Theft Auto.’ JACQUES: And Gunna may have acknowledged the
origins of the term in a May 2018 track with the Sauce Family’s Sosamann. JACQUES: But in October 2018, Gunna tweeted
that he did not care who created the term and that it was him who made it popular and
to that Sauce Walka has a simple response. SAUCE: That’s like saying I’m a Christian
but I don’t give a fuck about Jesus Christ. What?! JACQUES: Even though Sauce Walka may have
been the first rapper to culturally make “drip” his thing, the charts show it was Offset’s
“Ric Flair Drip” and Gunna & Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard” that reached the Billboard
Hot 100 in March 2018 and October 2018 respectively. JACQUES: At the end of the day, slang travels
and you can almost never predict where it will end up. JACQUES: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the drip behind the music. Peace!

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  1. yall trippin mane HOUSTON MADE THA DRIP AND SAUCE WALKA MADE IT BIGG #OOOWWWEEE !! Issa way ah life mane it ain jewelry it aint clothes its eternal before its external mane

  2. If young metro dont trust you imma shoot you
    Ric flair (drip)
    Drop top (drop top)
    Idk who started drip trend (trend)

  3. Sauce Walka makes trash music imma be real so even if he did create the term (which he didn’t lol) it doesn’t matter cause ain’t no one gonna say yeah he came up wit it cause no one even listens to him lol

  4. Its crazy how Houston culture in my opinion doesn’t gets the respect it really deserves cause if you really look at it yes Atlanta is the Mecca of the south in terms of discovering new artists but lets be real from Sipping lean, to chop and screwed music, terms like “drip”, to singing a melody while rapping. I’m from Mississippi and most of the things that are being popular for the last 4 to 5 years Houston artists has been doing since the 90’s only difference artists from different regions came in and took the shit and ran with it and made it mainstream.

  5. Splash , Sauce And Driiiip all came from Sauce walka terminology which HE evolved from Draped up & Dripped out which came from Lil KEKE from Houston Soo yea 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🤘🏽

  6. Neither gunna, the migos, & definitely not know Motha fucking ric flair starting drip PERIODDDTTTT it was TSF sauce Walka, sancho saucey, sosamann & the list goes on. Fuck outta here

  7. Ghostface Killah "ice cream" Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jewelry drippin'
    See you on Pickens with a bunch of chickens how you're clickin'" 1995 <<<< da OG

  8. Would love to see a video on Hip-Hop's love with Metal, how it's influenced its sound, the rappers and artists like Ghostemane, Denzel Curry etc etc!

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