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What is with your resumes and attires?
My boss will kill me if he gets to know I let you both in. Get out!
– Sir, please, we need a job. – What a pain that guy is.. Hey, Dheeru!
– Hey, Rohit! – Hey, Shiva! How come you guys are here?
– We’re here for the interview. But that bloody HR kicked us out. Screw him. Let’s go.
– You’re here for the job interview too? Don’t even try. Guys, I’m the manager here.
– Manager? Are you sure?
– Yes, I am. You can work here from tomorrow. Are you serious?
– Yes, I am. The job is yours. That’s all we wanted to here.
– That guy is dead. Let’s go in and talk.
– You first get in. We’ll follow you. That HR is deadmeat.
He literally barked at us for a whole hour. Everyone is occupied with their work.
That is good. What are these guys doing? Discussing something important I guess. These guys are playing Ludo? Move that coin.
– Sure. Meet me in my cabin.
– Who is he? – Isn’t he that HR guy? Let’s go now. What are you guys even doing?
– Do you know what Palkova is? – Yes, I do. I buy that and eat it.
– What about you? – Do you know what Ludo is? I excel at that game.
– What! I won the last game. – Don’t you owe me Rs. 500? Do you know what getting fired from office is?
– No, I don’t. – I heard about it. I can do that if you don’t mend ways.
– Do you know what a friend is? – Yes. Do you know who our friend is? Isn’t the beat cool?
Or isn’t it? Do you know the value of the chair you’re sitting in?
– Around Rs. 5k I guess? Let’s just sell it. Then we’ll know its rate.
– Do you know how many people try to sit in that chair? Quite a lot. I’ve seen it the other day
when musical chairs was being played. Don’t worry.
We’ll play with you the next time. You don’t want us to sing? Fine.
– You’re thinking this is a joke, right? What is with your shirt?
– This is a t-shirt actually. Do you even know the dress code?
– Let me check. It is XL. This is not what you should be wearing.
– You want me to wear L? L is a little too tight. I can’t take these stupid jokes anymore.
What about you? Why are you wearing flip flops to office?
Did your manager friend buy you those? No, my wife bought me those.
– Then wear shoes hereon. – I won’t. Why not? The manager didn’t buy you the flip flops?
– But the manager officiated my wedding with her. Friend, my foot!
You’re friends with him outside, not here! As the HR, I’ve the right to fire you both.
– You’re afterall the HR. It is a 2 letter designation. But manager is a..
I’m not good with spellings. You know who a friend is?
You know who a manager is? You’ll know now. Okay, Google, call Ulfu.
– Ulfu? – Yeah, that’s how we call him. ‘So, how is the new office guys?
All good?’ The office is fine, but here is a guy
who calls himself a HR. He’s so irritating. We just don’t like the way he looks
or talks or dresses. Why don’t you hire a girl as a HR?
That is the least you can do. This current HR is so ugly
I don’t even want to have coffee. Fire him right away. A new email.
I’ve been fired? What the.. Guys, please!
I’m sorry. Two idiots recently quit.
They don’t even know what PF is. Transfer their PFs amount
to my account. Are you Dheeraj?
– Yeah, that’s me. – I heard you’re being reckless. That’s how I roll.
– If this continues, I’ll raise it with higher officials. I was appointed by a higher official.
– Whatever. What is it you want? I want salary.
– Didn’t your last month’s salary get credited? It did. I want my next month’s salary in advance.
– That can’t be done. – Why can’t it be? Who is the source for everyone’s salary?
It is the higher official. He is my friend.
– I don’t care. I’m the accounts officer. Oh, so you didn’t follow what I said.
No problem. Do you know who Ulfu is? Who is this Ulfu?
– Look at the DP, you idiot. ‘Seems like he is good friends
with the manager.’ So, you get the idea?
– How much do you want? Would you give me Rs. 236 crores if I ask you to?
You won’t. So you better give me my salary. Dheeru, let’s go smoke a cigarette.
Let’s go. Why isn’t he responding?
What! He is asleep? Wake up. Let’s go have a smoke.
Look how beautiful the climate outside is. Why go out for a smoke?
Let’s have one right here. Trust me. People are watching us.
– Who is? – That CCTV camera. Oh, you’re right. But don’t worry,
most of the CCTV cameras don’t work. I’ll prove it. Call me!
If the security guy calls me, then the CCTV is working. ‘Yes, sir. You asked me to call.’
– For the next 15 minutes I want you to turn off the CCTV camera in my cabin.
– ‘Sorry, sir. I can’t do that.’ ‘If I turn it off, I wouldn’t know what you’re upto.’
– That is the whole point. ‘I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do that.’
– On Friendship day, I tied friendship bands to many. One guy tied me a friendship band too.
That is your boss, the manager. ‘I get it, sir. I’ll turn off the camera.’
– You’ve a bright future, my boy. Also, send over a room refreshener
with the office boy. Do you really think he turned it off?
– I’m not sure. Call me!
– No, call me this time. He did turn it off.
Let’s light up. Here is a chick.
Let’s fool around a little. What’s up, babe? You busy?
Would you come out on a date with me? Asshole!
– I’ll buy you stuff! – Don’t you dare! I know how to deal with her.
You know I’ve an influential friend. Who is it?
– You’ll know. Who the hell is he?
– My friend and your boss. Even I’ve an influential friend.
– Who is it? Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry..
– ‘Let’s go and eat Cadbury.’ Who the hell is he?
– Police commissioner. We may not gel well.
So, foget about dating. Don’t tell anyone I approached you.
Not even to your commissioner friend. Who the hell is he to fire us?
– He’s deadmeat. Call Rohit. How dare he fires the friends of the manager?
Hello, Rohit! See this. We got fired.
We got fired despite being the manager’s friends. Will you deal this or shall I do it myself?
– Who the hell fired you? I’ll see to it you get your jobs back in a giffy.
– Now that guy will know who he messed with. There is an error in the date.
Man, won’t this rain ever stop? I’m worried if we’ll get our jobs back
and you’re worried about the rain? Why won’t we get our jobs back?
Our friend is dealing it. We’ll get our jobs back. What if we won’t?
– Why even have that doubt, bro? Let’s all look for jobs together.
– What is the matter? The guy who fired us all
is the chairman. Hope you liked this video. If you did,
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