When Fashion Meets Technology

[Music.] [Alyssa Watson]
I think fashion is so important to me
because it allows me to bring
everything that I enjoy into one medium. As part of our design classes,
there are competitions,
usually part of a project. The project base was off of the Met Gala. [Gary Miller] The Met is short for
the Metropolitan Museum,
which is in New York. This one happens to be with
the Manus and Machina exhibition,
which is the man and machine. [Watson] I have been getting more into
e-textiles for the last couple of years. E-textiles is including electronics into your garment. [Miller] So she was able to adapt
her skills in 3D printing or the LED lights [Watson] So when I saw that project,
it was just a perfect fit for me. My garment was based off of
the anatomy of an iceberg, where 90 percent of it is below the water, and everything above the bust was
what you would actually see above water. I started learning more about fiber optics. And then on top of that, I wanted to do 3D printing. I just totally loved it, and I went crazy with it. And my instructor kept saying bigger, bigger, bigger! [Miller] So the bigger, the bolder,
the stronger, the more powerful
statement you make, better it’s going to be. [Watson] I just had the best time, and I didn’t really
ever think that it would go any farther than that. There were a couple times where I really
wasn’t sure that I had made the right decision. My whole family is in the medical field,
so that was going to be my path. So when I got an email saying, “Congratulations, your garment has been
chosen to be a finalist in this competition,” it was kind of like, this is possible. [Miller] I think her finished piece
looks extremely wearable
and professionally made. [Watson] It was so cool. So when I won, I was just so happy, and then later on
I realized, this is something that I should pursue. [Miller] We allow you to be who you want to be,
and we develop you to the very best you can be. [Watson] We’re very luck to have
instructors that set us up for success. [Miller] She has the skill, she has the motivation,
she has the drive, and she has the talent to do it. [Watson] I feel like if I had known how much stress,
I might have second-guessed. It’s really, really hard, but it’s so worth it.

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  1. Love this, what an inspiration for Creativity! Beautiful creation Alyssa Watson and Congratulations!

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