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Hello, busy people! I was told you guys
were missing me saying this, so, there you go. There are many times when we can’t do
what we want to do and say what we want to say. This happens quit a few times
in our workplaces too. So, this video is about what we say
and what we want to say in an office setting. I’m sure office going people
will certainly relate with this video. You’re late again? You should be awarded
the late comer of the year. You should be awarded the late comer of the year.
– Why do you care when I come? Do you got no better work to do
then monitor when I log in everyday, like a watchman? You arrived before me. So? What did you get?
While driving to work, girls have to deal with judgemental looks. After having finally reached office,
I’ve to deal with you judging me. So, I’ll mind my own business
and you better mind yours. This is the third time you’re having coffee today.
– I’ve an headache. – I see. Go on. This is the third time you’re having coffee today.
– So? Why are you keeping track of such things? I’ll have 10 more cups of coffee.
How is it bothering you in anyway? I need caffeine to work, Jones.
Also, I didn’t have my breakfast. Look how small this cup is. I’ll atleast
need four more. Also, this is mostly water. Also, what for are you getting paid?
To keep a tab on how many coffees I’m having? You mind your business and I’ll mind mine.
Do you want me to doze off on my desk? Do you? Even better, let me have your Comp Off.
– My bad. Please, have your coffee. You guys don’t even let me
have a coffee. Hi, Jahnavi!
Long time, no see. You’ve been busy? Yeah.
– I sent you a mail. Could you please reply to that? Hereon, get to the point straight away.
Do away with this stupid small talk. You’re just wasting both your time and mine.
Also, you think I’ve no work other replying to your mails? I’m getting paid to do my work.
Will you pay me for doing your work? I did read your mail. Emails aren’t like Whatsapp
to know if the person has read the mail or not. Taking advantage of that, I didn’t reply.
I didn’t see the mail yet. I will after I read it. This is so bland. Not tasty at all.
– Is it? Try mine. What did you get? Chicken?
I’ll have a bite. – Sure. This is tasty. You mind if I have it all?
– Yeah, its alright. You can have mine if you want.
– Alright. I’m good. You have it. Won’t you stop? Won’t you give my lunch back?
How can you have all of it when I offered you a bite? I wake up early in the morning only to make
my lunch and you don’t let me have it because you crave for home made food.
And I who gets home made food should eat restaurant food? You can have this all.
– All of this, you say? So cool! There is an idiot like you in every office.
That’s why people like me get a spare lunch box. I’ll have that when you aren’t around.
Please, eat it all. I still got to finish the PPT. So much work.
– I’ve seen your Insta Story. Seems like you’re chilling. Who was that guy with you?
– I’ve seen him in so many other photos too. – Friend. A friend?
– Did you hear that? So funny. I’ve seen your Insta Story. Seems like you’re chilling.
– Seems like I’m chilling? Don’t you think that sarcasm
was a little unnecessary? You’ve seen my Story
and you know which place I checked-in. Why do you assume I’m chilling?
And you. That guy could’ve been my friend, or brother,
or classmate, or cousin, or a relative or someone I might’ve met just then.
What makes you think he for sure is my boyfriend? You too get pictures clicked with many girls, but never
do I bug you with questions. Live and let live. Also, how jobless are you guys
to be stalking my profile? You’ve a problem that I’m having a good time?
Basically, you guys are jealous. Yes, jealous! Hello, Jahnavi! Ready for the appraisal meeting?
– Yes, sir, I am. Of all the targets you’re given, how many did you achieve?
– I achieved about 80% of the targets. But, it wasn’t my effort alone.
It was the effort of my whole team. So, we achieved
all that was achievable. Targets? How the duck would anyone
achieve those unrealistic targets? And now you’re asking me
how much of it I’ve achieved? Next question. What are your future goals?
– I want to grow to the next level in this company. As this is the first company
I’m working for, I see my future here. I’m just waiting for the bonus. The moment
I get my bonus, I’ll move to another company with better work timings, unlike here. What was your most challenging experience this year?
– The fact that we’re working beyond our shift hours.. But I won’t say that is challenging. We love
what we do here. It’d be even better if we manage that. Challenge, you ask? If it were
a dance challenge or a singing challenge since they are individual challenges, we’d give our 100%.
But here, there are like 10 people working with me. So my performance depends on the cooperation
extended by the other guys. That itself is a challenge. Matter of fact, me working for so long
in this stupid company is the biggest challenge of all. What additional responsibilities can you handle?
– For the time being, my plate is full. But if you want me to, I’m ready.
Additional responsibilities? You are our manager.
You’ve like 5-6 people working under you. Don’t you know what all responsibilities
these 5-6 people already have? If you say you don’t, then what the fu..
Forget it. So, we’ll let you know about your appraisal.
– You’ve already made your mind up about appraisal. So, what’s the point
in even having this interview? You’re leaving already?
– Yeah. I’ve some errands to run. I thought you’d stay. My work is still pending.
– In case you need my help with anything, call me. You’re leaving already? What’s the time now? 6:30PM.
Our office hours are only until 5:00PM. Since, I arrived late in the morning,
I stayed until now. I finished my work for the day while you whiled away your time
flirting with girls. So, what is even your point? I shouldn’t leave until your work is done?
No, I’ve my own life outside this stupid office. In case you need my help, don’t call me.
Even if you do, I won’t answer. Very funny! Yeah! Lol! These are my go to words
when situations get a little awkward. Anyways, these were the office related scenarios.
But there are similar scenarios with friends and family and teachers
and with so many others. If you want me to make a video
on any of those situations let me know in the comments. I hope you related to this video.
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I’ll see you next Wednesday.

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