What the Kardashian/Jenners Really Think of Kylie ‘Billionaire’ Jenner

Do they call you Kylie
“Billionaire” Jenner? I mean, does family? I mean, they must be. They’ve all been
working for years, and suddenly you come along
and you’re the youngest and you’re a billionaire. First of all, she must be your
favorite child, I would assume. Well, duh. Yeah. But I mean, do they
really make fun of you? Do they give you a hard time? Umm It’s only when we–I don’t
know like when we’re in a group chat talking about,
let’s all go– oh my god, we
should go on a trip. And then everyone’s
like, “Kylie? Are you going to pay for it?” Or just stuff like that. But they just joke with me. Just sister-sister love. They tease here a lot. But they’re all really
proud of me for sure. Do they really they expect
you to pay for all this stuff? No. They don’t really. No. Just my stuff. She pays for my stuff. Right. I’m the oldest. Right. They told me all the time
though how proud they are of me. I’m sure they are. Let’s talk about
the birthday thing because there were pictures,
and they’re beautiful pictures. So you went to Portofino. Where else did you go? Positano and Saint
Tropez, Capri, in Italy. So that was his birthday
gift that you were on a boat? Yes. And you just spent
the whole time on the boat with the
whole family, or who went? I had like– Corey. –five of my friends. Me. And then Travis was
there, Stormi was there. Yeah. That’s fantastic. So Travis took time off
to hang out with you? I just watched that documentary
this weekend, by the way. If you haven’t seen,
it’s Look Mom, I Can Fly. What is it? Yeah, Look Mom, I Can Fly. It’s amazing. Everyone has to watch it. He’s incredible. I had no idea what a giant,
giant crazy rock star he is. He’s amazing. People diving into the crowds. I’m going to start
doing that, by the way. I’m going to start
surf-diving, and I’m going to run out and
run as fast as I can and just dive an you
all pass me around. Would that be OK? That is such a good idea. [APPLAUSE] Let’s talk about the
birthday collection. Yes. So tell everybody what
it is, first of all. So every year– well,
every year on my birthday I really like to give back. It’s like the greatest
gift of all time. And I also do a
birthday collection for Kylie Cosmetics every year. And this year I did a collection
and the theme was money. But really, it’s about
raising as much money to just give back. And I also really appreciate
you teaming up with me and finding some amazing
people to change their lives. Yeah, we’re going to do
something really amazing later in the show. But Kylie reached out to us and
we’re going to do that later. But right now, Kylie wants
to give the entire audience her cosmetics. So– [MUSIC PLAYING, APPLAUSE] So cute. And we’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “What the Kardashian/Jenners Really Think of Kylie ‘Billionaire’ Jenner

  1. kylie's a mother and a billionaire but she still looks to her mother to answer questions for her like a kid in a doctors office, love it

  2. I saw this on Ellens instagram, I never new what she was giving away so I guessed like 100 000 dollars but NAHHH It’s makeup

  3. I live in Africa and I still dream that one day I can be a person every time I come to the US I feel like chances comes and one day I’m gonna meet Kylie Jenner and her family, it’s a big dream it might not happen😕 because when I say I want to be a model or a cosmetic person they just do believe.

  4. Diana, my dear beautiful baby sister. If you are reading this….. don’t you dare use the “I’m your baby sister” card on me every time u ask me for money!

  5. Ellen asked" do they really expect you to pay for stuff"🤣🤣and kylie's expression (hesitant)was like shall i spill some tea but then kriss🤣 saved it by saying no

  6. awwwww I noticed kylie lose her train of thought and get anxiety towards the end :'( but hunty worked through that pain like a queen, great job!!!

  7. The part that I don't understand is how all of them date black guys!! And even their brother dates a black chick! That's incredible.

  8. You know what! Don’t particularly care for the family (no negative feelings) but she’s giving back to the community! That’s big. She doesn’t have to. Everything in life is a choice! Well done Kylie! Givers never lack! 👍🏾 keep on giving.

  9. Kylie has all the money in the world but her daughter has a fug face! Love it when these celebs have not the greatest looking kids!

  10. Kylie jenner rocks…What a beautyfull moment to watch when Ellen give somthing to people..But this time Kylie ,,wow she has just given 1million 💵 ..Really this is the best feeling for human..❤❤❤👊

  11. I just came from Portofino Italy and it was meh tbh, saw the pic on William Painter’s site and seemed nice but it was underwhelming, nothing special but it’s right next to Monaco so Monte Carlo saved that trip… it’s a pass for me but hey-to each their own

  12. Give some respect to Kylie not because she has talent, contributed to the society or changed the world, but because she has managed to become a Billionaire without having any talent unlike other people who actually have talent

  13. Ellen asked" do they really expect you to pay for stuff"🤣🤣and kylie's expression (hesitant)was like shall i spill some tea but then kriss🤣 saved it by saying no

  14. Can you imagine the world not giving the kardashians any attention? (I cant personally) due to peoples starvation for entertainment BUT I am pretty sure they would not survive it LOL. SOMETIMES its ok not to be famous. 😂

  15. They have been invited to the show way too many times already. Wish Ellen would invite Jen Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Sofia Vergara & Adele that often too.

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