What Missouri's Barry Odom said at SEC Media Days 2019

good to see you guys your I was this next door at the big stage this is a much better-looking group so just keep it up no let's know it's early in the week hang in there all right I appreciate the opportunity to be here and I had said earlier the anything that the SEC does is done with a stamp of excellence and I appreciate Commissioner Sankey and his staff and everyone that that pulls this off it's a great opportunity for our kids for our student-athletes to tell their story but also to give our fans an inside look at our program and our student-athletes and the stories that they have also want to commend you on the job that you do in telling those stories because I know it's difficult in today's age on breaking the story or having the inside but keep it up because there's the only way that our story is told is through media and I appreciate you doing that looking forward to the upcoming season we've got a great group of returning starters or guys that played meaningful snaps on both sides of the ball the thing I'm most excited about is the leadership and the culture within our football team and it started with the staff that I have an opportunity to work with collectively as you work together and you lose time gets away from you as you get into the the season you go the offseason and recruiting and then you get into the opportunity for fall camp and there's not many times and opportunities that I'm out in front of folks to be able to talk about how important I think our staff is and I think the most important important part of our program leadership culture and the people that we have in the positions at Mizzou that we do it starts with leadership with Jim sterk as our athletic director and goes all the way through we're aligned with our vision our belief system and the ways and the approach that we're going to attack every day in those areas and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be the head coach of this group there's going to be an exciting year I think we got an opportunity for us to continue to move Mizzou football forward and that's a little bit if you look at the the grand scope of things in a small detailed focus every day that I go into work I want to make Mizzou better today than it was yesterday and you do that consistently and you do it over time and before you know it you've turned into the position that we're in now with momentum and in 40 something short days we'll be kicking off the 2019 season I'm excited to have the opportunity to do that with that I open it up for questions in your eye is he an NFL quarterback is maybe his best chance to make the NFL as a receiver defensive back something else I think you look at Kelly's really is progress he made for us for 15 days of spring ball and you look at the work that he's been able to put in he has the skill set to be able to continue to play after this year and I think play quarterback I'm excited about what he brings to our team and our organization he's got leadership qualities very low ego but also a tremendous competitor and the things that he can do at the quarterback position we need 10 guys around him to play well but also we need to design and be great teachers to put him in position to to use those skills coach Drummond wcz and radio Huntsville Alabama when you decided to bring Kelly Brian and Johnathan Manson to your program Recruiting's changed a lot even the last few seasons as you've been head coach what was the decision to how do you approach graduate transfers and adding them to your program well you want to look through the recruiting process in whichever way that your roster is built you know your team is built is it a high school developmental kid is it a kid from high school which steps into plays right away a junior college transfer or the grad transfer opportunities that it exists I think you're always trying to advance your roster trying to make it better in every way that you can and with those two guys when we were able to make contact with them and have conversation number one I want to make sure that they fit with who we are as a program and then have them visit our place and see if if if they thought it was a fit and once that both of those guys got on campus for the official visit the way that they interacted with our team the interactions the way that the things that they saw the opportunities that were there to continue their career and have an impact I think it was a perfect match on both of those situations we also have a grad transfer last year that finished at Oregon in in three years Khalil Oliver who's all three of those guys if I look since they stepped on campus they all three have maintained a 4.0 GPA and they've all been great members in our locker room so we've hit on those guys and I'm excited about that so we've got to be active on how you build your roster and also make sure that it's a fit for both sides and our team has got to do a great job in being built the way that they are with the culture on making sure that they accept those guys for a short window of time that they have left jesse Symington volquest.com coach you kind of expressed some frustrations I think in the spring about Tennessee reaching out to some of your players they have you and Jeremy kind of had the opportunity to kind of clear the air and kind of put that to bed or what is there still kind of some lingering still some lingering resentment there now Jeremy and I spoke and you know I wasn't just singling out one school I was we were able to visit in person soon after that we had we had meetings in Birmingham head coaches meetings so it was good to be able to visit and also understand you know how recruiting goes so you know if I've got if I've got time to sit around and think about that and then you know I've got issues so yeah we're okay and you know everybody's a competitor and want to build their team as good as you can build it and when you've got good players you know that's that's a good thing that people want them and but you know I don't I haven't given another thought to that over here please just speak a few Koon please yeah the thing that he has done we poured everything we had in spring practice playbook wise and you know some of the things he was really familiar with because he had done at his previous stop and some of us completely new obviously the terminology was was different so you learned a foreign language around a group of guys that you've never been teammates with before so the things that that he was able to take and really progress throughout spring practice was impressed with that but more than anything with that was his mental approach to trying to get better and trying to understand and understand the reasons why the play call was made the situational part of football on how important that is is a great student he understands and has learned really really quickly I think there's a number of reasons that go into that number one he's hungry to be really good I think that Derek Dooley has done a nice job on being able to implement and teach that Perry Matt Smith southern pigskin you've had a pretty unique set of all filled circumstances since you've been back at Mizzou with Coach pinkles health and then the social issues on campus and now the NCAA s you now you talk to the other room about controlling the controllables but for stuff like that how do you take those things that come up and apply them to life lessons for 100 a group of 100 young men and even maybe apply at the football if you can find a link there yeah that's all there's always a link that you can tie the two together because you know in the in the real world life is hard and there's not anything that's really fair you don't know what hand of cards you're gonna be dealt but you know what at the end of the day nobody really cares so for us the approach together culturally together on working through and everything that I talked to my team about I'm talking to my own sons that's the approach that I take and there's gonna be hard tough conversations that have transformed and made us into as close to a family structures you can be so don't try to run from any of those let's meet it head-on the less talk through it and together collectively we will do what we need to do to become closer in our relationship and continue to move our program forward you left out the first year that I came to this the night before my athletic director retire or resigned so you that one out so there has been some things but again you know that you you make sure that you have your locker room built the right way relationships your open your honest and also you better have some mental toughness because that at the end when you've got a hundred and seventeen guys that are aligned with the vision and they know what's going on then things seem to work out coach I hear what Switzer great American Sports Network in Kansas City can you just talk about some of the emotions that you went through last year after suffering that really tough loss to Kentucky you come back and you beat Florida in the swamp you have that emotional moment with your son and then you wind up winning but going undefeated in November just kind of some of the emotions that you went through during that time well you look at you know you always you're pouring yourself into your team you know that's that's what we do and just like you pour yourself into the job and that's the the ability to have so many folks that are tied in to unfortunately wins and losses right there's so much more to it than than than winning and losing now ultimately we're judged on wins I get all that but I look at you know the highest GPA that we've ever had in consecutive semesters we had over 50 guys above a 3.0 GPA the involvement in the community the things that we're doing that set us in position to win on saturdays it's all a process that all of those habits in the details matter and then if you do those things and prepare the right way then you got an opportunity to win on saturday if you play your best so within the conference that we play in each week is going to be you're going to be there's gonna be Heiser's will be lows i've got to remain consistent and steady for my team because every move that I make is watched by them and I owe it to them to make sure that I give them the platform to go be successful coach I was talking to Kelly just about like a little bit of societal issues as it pertains to to football right so for a football player the the playing field has changed recently in the past couple of years with the transfer portal with the four games and being able to maintain your red shirt you know with potentially nay and likeness coming right so it's different now for a college football player I'm curious with those changes for the player how does that change how you have to coach them we better make sure that with every societal issue that that's out there we're always looking to move and make football college football better now what is better hey they for me as our team and the way that we look and approach that it's through education so we want to be on the front end and have open conversations about all those issues so make sure what are the what are the the drawbacks possibly out there what are the advantages and then also you look at make sure that your kids have the information that they need to make a decision don't let them read and and be able to find out for the first time on social media make sure you explain to them and they understand what our stance is all the information pieces that they need to have to make a decision and then support them on their decision but also more than anything educate and care and teach them the things that are out there that they need to know about coach obviously wants the sanctions were levied by the NCAA it has to speak a lot about your program that you didn't have any rising seniors transfer how has it been motivating your guys have you had to continuously focus in on that or they sort of motivated themselves no matter what the outcome may be well we know that once we receive the final ruling there will be another opportunity to continue to move forward and but it says that's the one of the reasons one of the many reasons that I'm thankful to be their head coach is because they're so invested in being as good as they can be in 2019 they're so invested in the relationships they have in our locker room that it's important to them to stick through it it's also galvanized our fan base it's made our team look at it as an approach it's a little bit us against everybody and I think through those opportunities and those experiences that we've been able to have it's going to make us a closer stronger team coach Joe Cooke WL TX what was your initial reaction when you learned that that Kelley was interested in transferring and going what was kind of going through your mind as far as the hopes of getting a guy that came from championship-winning program the effect he he could have on the locker room as far as planting seeds for it for success for your program well the first phone conversation we were able to had you know have it it seemed like there was a connection to an extent and then you know the next challenge then was okay there's a connection well we've got to find a way to be one of the places he comes and takes a visit to see because I can tell the guys you know as long as they'll listen what Mizzou is and and what it's like but when we get someone on campus a prospect on campus and they feel it and they see it and they get to walk the walk of the things that we've talked about they want more and that happened in Kelly's case and I think more than anything the way that our players and he interacted we had an advantage there I don't know that he could move past that because he did feel connected and then it came down with him having to make the decision and also understanding that his window of opportunity he had to be right because this was so impactful for the next 40 to 50 years of his life on the decision that he was gonna make so he took a very mature process and and thought out the the good the bad the ugly whichever way you want to look at it and what was best and best fit for him and thankful that he's part of our locker room two quick questions one right here coach Odom Cheston McElhaney with wtby in Dothan Alabama I know you're looking forward to that first game and don't to look too far ahead but a team when you're scheduled this year is Troy a team that's knocked off two powerhouses the last two years I want to get your thoughts on what they've been able to build with that program and how you don't become that that next victim to them well I'm glad you preface that by focused on the first game because that's where we're at and the question specifically on Troy I've got tremendous respect Mizzou played Troy years ago okay I was on the coaching staff during that time remember it very well as also I've watched how that program has continually wins every year they win big games huge games they've got tremendous athletes they've got great coaches and we will have to play our absolute very best to have an opportunity to be successful that weekend last question on the razor brushes now Alabama news network in Montgomery you go from Drew block who's a pocket passing quarterback to Kelly brown who's a dual threat guy how much if any does your gang plans change going into this season yeah you look at all the skill sets that we have offensively Jonathan Johnson's a slot receiver that's 800 yards away from being Mizzou's all-time leading receiver and the 1200 yard rusher and Larry round three we got three offensive linemen up front that played as many snaps as anybody in our conference in Yasir Durant tristin Castillo and trevore Sims and then we've got to tight in that might be the best tight end in college football so a lot of different ways that you're gonna try to attack a defense Kelly's skill set is gonna allow us to maintain a lot of the things that we've done in the past and the vertical passing game the intermediate game you know moving the pocket a little bit as we got to last year with Drew but there are two different skill set guys and I've learned in coaching you better make sure that you adjust to the skills that you've got we don't this have a playbook every year scratch off the date okay here's the playbook for this year you got to adapt to who you have and make sure that you put them in position and go play fast and play confident and play free be able to go cut it loose Thank You coach other thanks guys this video was brought to you by the Alabama Department of Labor visit your local Career Center today to learn about our on-the-job training program for employees and employers

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