What is The Next Millionaire Trend?

yeah, yeah, whoo, hey, thank you for this,
mmm, delicious and thank you for this, hey, and thank you for the curry also, thank
you very yummy, okay, really good. You know who you are! Hi I’m Dr. Khim, I
receive some calls and they were telling me that the
previous cryptocurrency video that I made was a bit soft and they cannot
really hear well. Today I will repeat this video again and I’m very happy
that you call me because it shows that you are keen to learn. Let’s
begin, there are two wealth reports that have stated that Singaporeans are millionaires and we are the fastest around the world to grow rich comparing to anywhere in the world. If so then why our money looks like not enough? Most of us can still do quite well but it’s not like what the reports say “we’re millionaires”, probably that – we still need to work harder. According to researches, “we’re are not millionaires” that’s because of inflation, Inflation is compounded – annual inflation in Singapore is 3.22%. For example, $100 because after one year, $100 – 3.22% inflation is $96.78. So you get what? It gets worse and worse, right? Year after year After the 3rd year, you can see that
$100 become $90.64. If it’s $1,000, it becomes $900 (compounded in 3 years). If it’s $10,000 It”ll become $9,000 (compounded in 3 years time). So you can see that inflation will affect us Let’s have a better understanding on what is inflation? or how rather how does inflation work?
Remember inflation is always compounded. I’ll use the HDB, Laksa and Movie Ticket as examples For example, in Year 1979, our HDB cost only $30,000 But you see, every 10 years due to inflation,
you can see the number, we called this ‘Exponential’ you can see that it doubles.
What about in Year 2029? Would our HDB price worth $800,000? Similarly for Laksa, you can see from 50 cents, Every 10 years, you can see here, due to inflation. These are all due to inflation. Inflation is not a problem, if our salary because most of us are salaried? We’re salary paid. if our salary matches inflation then
this is not a problem, but because our salary is not, it’s not meeting the compounding inflation. It’s not compound or matching,
you can see, for clerk is $600 salary in 1979. There you see, it does not
exponential like how the HDB or the Laksa or the Movie Ticket. Of course,
there are many other things that inflate. so you can see, even salary for
fresh graduate, the salary does not match inflation. Therefore, that is
the reason why somehow we feel that How come we can’t make so much money? Because of inflation, because we cannot catch up with inflation. So these are some reports done. This is a Year 2018 report that says ‘The median salary for Singaporean’, for you and I are around $3,800. This one is provided, we are what?
Bankers, engineers, lawyers or doctors If we are cleaners, security guard or taxi drivers, (these are some salary reports.) it will be around $1,000 to $3,000,
so if it’s $3,800 for our medium salary. What about our household expenditure? if you look at this chart here, you can see the our household expenditure is over $5,000. over here, $5,000 – looks like, it does not match again. That means we spend more than what we can earn. Based on global expectations, Singapore
inflation expectation is going to go up again at 3.43%. The retirement planning, according
to this report in September 2018 It’s $450,000 to $500,000 dollars to retire at age 55. Next, you see, Singapore
rank almost everything first in the world. First Changi Airport, first
this one first that one. We are also first for being the most expensive city
and this is the recent 2019 report. Salary cannot beat inflation, obviously
right? adding on to the previous reports, so it looks like, it’s quite difficult for us. Next, according to this research, they have some honest guide Some guides to teach Singaporeans or to show Singaporeans how we can become rich. This is a small study
conducted on a small group of wealthy people They found 5 ways to grow
rich in Singapore. (1) if we are born rich. For example, you
know whose children are rich, right? They flash their cars, flash their handbags,
expensive handbags in Instagram or Facebook. Those are the rich kids.
As for rich kids – it looks like this one is quite difficult for most of us, right?
Because not many of us are born into a rich family. (2) how about strike TOTO?
This year, the Chinese New Year 2019. There were 2 persons who won the lottery Five million each, I think (if I’m not wrong)
strike the lottery I don’t think that is easy, right?
Because the probability to strike lottery has a very low chance.
(3) what about high-income job Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to get high income job, especially stable one. Unless you know like ‘some fortunate people’ their salary is 1 million dollars per year, For every year, for many years, you know what I’m talking about, right? But it’s not that easy to be one of
them to earn high income and stable job. (4) we have a
scalable and successful business. Like Haidilao and (some groups of companies), these are scalable big one. They are the successful businesses. But for this one, if we go into business
means we need to have capital, right? We need to have manpower, we need to have capital, we need to have knowledge to run the business, right? You need to know, how to run a
business. but for most of us, we don’t really have the capital or the
knowledge or even the manpower to run a scalable successful business.
(5) The last choice that we are left with is multiple of our saving.
We compound our money. so we can beat inflation because inflation
is compounding, so we have to use compound to deal with a compound. Looks like this one is a better choice This one is from me, if you marry
someone is rich or divorce rich, You know like someone quite famous, right? That person was divorce rich They get a lot of money from the marriage, but it’s not that easy to find someone rich and marry the person. Obviously, it looks
like investment is the best option here. Now let’s look at investment. Since investment is the best option.
Assuming we’ve $1,000 last year. Then we put it in a fixed
deposit. With $1,000 in a fixed deposit, now this is the latest 2019 Singapore fixed deposit rate, the highest one that, I found 12 months fixed deposit is at 2.05% per annual Provided you have $20,000
capital, so it looks like 2.05% does not beat inflation.
and where are we going to get the capital of $20,000? Thus, fixed deposits is not a
good choice for investment. Next, we look at the gold. Gold has a 3.8% return, not so bad, right? Almost on par with inflation.
But, the problem with gold is that you must be able to wait for
almost 30 years. so we have to wait for almost
30 years What about bonds? Bonds
interest is about between 4 – 7% On average is about 5.5% – Looks like bonds are not so bad to invest because we can still beat inflation.
But for bonds, if you know what are these bonds. For example, hyflux bonds then you know that buying hyflux bonds… we’ll not be in good shape. There are still some risks even if it’s bonds. but these bonds can beat
inflation (theoretically). The next choice we have is property. Let’s say we rent
out our property, the rental yield on average is about 6.7%, 6.7% property rental yield. According to
this report, it has a calculation of the expenses, including the profit and
expenses Accordingly, the total
expenses is about over $47,000 for rental, but the money you collect back is only about over $30,000. (Expenses is higher than rental collect) Looks like this is also not a very good deal. The next better option is stock, right?
because stock is 10%. Looks like among these investment
options – stock is a better option. Now let’s go in and investigate stock. Is it true that stock is the best investment? or is it outdated? let’s look at this. Stock market return is 10%.
This one would take an average of about 20 years. This is a 20 years stock SP 500 index chart. You can see that this is
the 20 years chart. 20 years, you can get a return of 10%.
Another problem is 10% is the return, So, how much is the capital for us to invest? If you invest $1,000 after 20 years, you get 100
dollars. Doesn’t make sense, right? So, if we want to profit, let’s say $100,000
every year because we want to beat inflation, we want to live a
better life. $100,000 dollars a year, so
how much is our capital to invest so that we can have 10% return. It’s almost
1 million dollar, right? you must have a $1 million dollar capital then you can make
$100,000 dollars a year based on 10% average. Let’s look at these 20 years chart, assuming that you buy here – this is year 2000, let’s say we buy our stock here, So, if we exit here – this is somewhere Year 2003. In year 2003, let’s say we exit, we will be losing money, correct? Again, assuming
we exit at year 2008, assuming we exit at Year 2008.
In fact, we don’t make money. So for a period of 8 years, we don’t really make money from SP 500 index. It’s merely more or less like a break-even. Similarly, if you surrender your stock here,
you’ll be losing money. So, assuming we waited 20 years,
because we know that after 20 years, we’ll have 10% returns, we wait, but we have to wait very long. Looks like stock is also a
bad option, so if stock is a bad option then you may ask me, “why
Why Warren Buffett is a billionaire?” In fact Warren Buffett is the world 2nd richest man because the answer is very simple because of
“Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong”. What is “Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong”? “Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong” means that
at that time (25 years ago) when Warren Buffett came in to invest in stock.
At that timing, a lot of companies were very young, And he sees the potential in them For example, “Apple” he sees the
potential for Apple growth, 20 – 25 years ago, he invested in “Apple” shares, which costs around $10 at that time.
Another example, Pepsi or those potential new companies, they grow. At the timing, when they first
started out, their prices were very low. Thus, Warren Buffett has this
allocating capital talent. and he’s at the right timing
Because that time, most companies are smal and starting outl, so if they are growing big, they need investors’ capital. Warren Buffett invested, But if now we
want to invest, now “Apple” is over $200. Now, if we invest in stock,
It’s actually not that easy to become millionaires. This is what Warren Buffett have to say,
He said that he happened “to have a talent for allocating
capital,” that’s what he said. but “my ability to use that talent
is completely dependent on the society I was born into” Thus, he thinks that he was
at the right timing for investment. and he said that “if I have been born in a
tribe of hunters, my talent would be worthless,” but why? Because “I’m not
strong and I cannot run fast.” “I probably end up as wild animal’s dinner.”
So, it’s all about timing. We can also look at Jack Ma as an example -15 years ago, Internet made millionaires. Assuming that Jack Ma came into Internet,
let’s say 30 years ago, 50 years ago, I don’t think so, he can be in the China billionaire club. It’s all about timing. He came in at the right time for internet business. That timing was the entry of computerization he came in at a right timing, which
was like 15 years ago This is about 25 to 30 years ago for stock.
Internet is about 15 to 20 years ago. Internet made millionaires (15 years ago)
And 5 years ago, Singapore properties were at the highest price in history.
Just like me, we bought our properties at a very low
price, and 5 years ago, we sold away our properties because the property prices were very attractive, property prices were very, very good. However, it looks like now, if you want make money from property again, maybe we have to wait for a very
very long time, to wait for quite a long time So, it looks like the stock trend to become millionaires is over, this trend (Internet) is over, and this trend (Property) is over What have we learned from the previous slides? We learned that, only “the pioneers
make money” !!! Just like Warren Buffett – he came here early to buy” Apple” stock at USD$10 dollars and now “Apple” stock is over USD$200. If you and I were to buy Apple stock now, we maybe a bit late, right?
Another example, I give it to you is the Internet. Just like when I first started out my computer business,
at that timing, I was the first few pioneers to start the computer business, and, that’s how we make a lot of money at that time. Similarly, the first one to come up
with Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Wechat, these are all the
people “the Pioneers make money” Yes, just like Tao Bao, long ago, when my friend started her fashion business in Far East Plaza, she was saying that “No La, nobody will buy clothes from Tao Bao”, but right now she gave up her Far East Plaza shop, And she’s selling her fashion on Facebook live, she’s making use of Internet, She’s buying her stocks from Tao Bao for clothings. So, we know that “The pioneer make money” Properties is another one. We bought our landed properties many many years ago. That time the prices were really good. And, of course due to inflation (compounding), the market trend, we make a lot of money and 5 years ago,
we sold all of properties, we make a lot of money from the property.
Finally. what is the next millionaire trend? It’s CRYPTOCURRENCY
Cryptocurrency is the next millionaire trend. Why I say so, because not many people,
you can see here, 83% of people they do not know the potential of cryptocurrency millionaire trend yet!!! They don’t know what is cryptocurrency yet
According to this research, only 6% of people know about cryptocurrency. So, there’s a lot of growth for cryptocurrency millionaires, just like my computer business, when I
first came in. Nobody want to buy the computer,
They were saying that, “it’s okay I use typewriter.” “I use manual filing” But it’s not true, because computer takes over all these manual work, but now if you want to do computer again,
It’s very difficult because so many people are trying to go into this computer market, so now it’s very competitive. Be the pioneer for cryptocurrency!!!! That’s the millionaire trend!!!. So next very very very important thing, I must inform you, I
must warn you, that there are almost 2000 cryptocurrencies in the market, right now.
And 95% of this cryptocurrencies They are not reliable, meaning you are not likely to make money from these cryptocurrency
and you might end up being scammed Importantly, over 95% cryptocurrencies we cannot invest – out of these 2000 cryptocurrencies. Obviously, less than 5% of the cryptocurrencies,
less than 100 cryptocurrencies. You can investigate, you can consider
to go in and do some researches. Even MAS, they warned us, and there are some cases and In fact many cases that. I did not list all
the cases but there are many cases the cryptocurrencies are scams
or they are just not doing well. You may hear people saying feeling uneasy about cryptocurrency. So let me show you my cryptocurrency journey. It all started with year 2016. In year 2016, the first time I heard of Bitcoin. So, same like you, I was also very skeptical. I also think that, is this a bubble? Is government supporting this thing? what is this thing about? and
How does cryptocurrency work? I have no knowledge, just like you
I am scare and very very afraid what is this cryptocurrency about. just like when I
first sold my computer to my clients, 20, 30 years ago, 15 years ago He and she was so scared,
They don’t know how to deal with this computer. So I started doing some researches to get to the truth This report is in May year 2017, “how do I become rich in Singapore?” And here clearly states that, “cryptocurrency is the best option” Then came in December Year 2017, I saw Bitcoin was USD $19,000, I was so shocked, I was like “how can this be, this is a crazy world” But these are true.
And Bitcoin was worth USD$19,000 in December 2017 and this is a fact.
There are many people who became millionaires on December 2017. Assuming we bought $3,500 Bitcoin,
Today we will be 1.5 billion dollar richer. So the next thing, I did was
I have to compare cryptocurrency with stock. Because stock is the common investment.
We play with stock commonly, so I compared stock with cryptocurrency. These are the 7 best performing cryptocurrencies. The best one has one year
in return of 120%, which is a lot. These are the best 7 out of 50,000 stocks. The 7 best-performing stock has a range of 60% up to about 120%. If we have invested $1,000 dollars last year, This year we will have $2,200
out of the 50,000 stocks 7 best performing stocks. Then I compare this with the 7 best performing cryptocurrencies.
These are the best performing cryptocurrency. Best performing means
they have peaked or surged already. You think about it, whether you want to invest in those peaked or surged cryptocurrency. But usually, I would not recommend But you can still do so, anyhow,
these are the top 7 best performing cryptocurrencies. Look at Ripple! Within one year!
USD$1,000 dollars now is worth USD$360,000. This is how many percent
increase? This is 36,000% increase!!!! From a minimum of 8,400% increase up to 36,000% increase. These are real facts and figures, so it’s worthy to research. The next question I asked myself, “why
did Bitcoin surge?” and “Why did Bitcoin surge $19,000 dollars?”, “Why was everyone so crazy about Bitcoin then?” “Why did Bitcoin surged for $19,000 US dollars?” In December 2017. So we investigated and
we found that it’s all about demand and supply Look at the supply,
Bitcoin maximum supply was 21 million. For example, clothes. Let’s say 100 pieces of this dress in your store, that is the maximum supply. So, Bitcoin has 21 million maximum supply,
so when it circulated and distributed with left less than 3 million
It’s very little less than 3 million.
The price surged, so how many %? “How many % did Bitcoin surged?”
633 million % increased!!! if we have bought $3,500 dollars,
we will be 1.5 billion dollars richer today!!!! Another example,
let’s look at Ripple, Ripple also surged at USD $3.73 It started in January 2017 with less than one cent. So, January 2018, within a year, Ripple surged at USD $3.73! Once it surged, all these performing
cryptocurrencies, they will all have the same trend, they will all have the same pattern Ripple maximum supply was 100 Billion.
when it hits less than 8 million in supply, (just like 100 pieces of this dress,
left left two pieces) the price surged!
“How many percent increase was Ripple?” 62,000% increase! 62,000% increase! Next, came our next question,
“How come Ripple surged at $3.73 USD?”, and “Why Ripple didn’t surge at $19,000 USD?” Why didn’t Bitcoin surge at $3.73 USD?
But “surged at $19,000 USD?”. We found that price will always
be proportionate to supply!!! What does this mean? This one means
for example, you look at this Like Bitcoin has 21 million coins
Ripple has 100 billion coins, so who has more? Ripple has more, right? how many more?
Has over 4,700 times more than Bitcoin. So isn’t it that the price will go up at
least 5,000 times more because the supply is less?
For an example, this dress is 100 pieces. so for you, your store, you have let’s say 1000 pieces 1000 pieces and 100 pieces,
Of course 100 pieces can demand a higher price. So, the moral of the story is
price will always be proportionate to supply. We learned that demand must be higher than supply. We learned that price will always be proportionate to supply. These are the importance of demand and supply theory. Okay la, so you may say “Ho Say Liao”, right?
Let’s invest in Bitcoin and Ripple, right? Wait!!! hang on! hang on!
why did I say that, because we need to know what happened after Bitcoin surged, right? so what happened to Bitcoin After Bitcoin surged, the price started to stabilize Okay, after the surge,
(Surge means hit the peak price), The prices more or less stabilize “stabilize means stay there already.” It has to be staying there since and stabilized there – from $3,000 to $8,000 USD Recently rise a bit at $9,000 USD,
but it’s still around this range – between $3,000 to
$8,000 USD So what about Ripple? Ripple also same. Even if you checked all the 7 performing cryptocurrencies or any other
performing cryptocurrencies, they will have the same trend. After surge they will
stabilize, stabilized means what? They become a stock trend,
You can see there are a lots of up down up down up down here A lots of fluctuation, so it
behaves like a stock trend. Since then, it has been stabilized between $0.30 to $0.40 cents after the surged. You can say, “oh no chance,
no more chance for Bitcoin and Ripple already” Well… yes, but after many
months of thorough research, my group, myself and my team, we have found the next
greatest potential cryptocurrency, among those 2000 cryptocurrencies.
The one we found that has the greatest potential cryptocurrency has not surge yet and it will surge and it’s
going to surge. We have a very good chance to be the next millionaire. So, if you have missed Bitcoin millionaire trend, or you have missed Ripple millionaire trend, or you have missed other performing cryptocurrencies (Beware of scam and high risks) freak not, don’t worry because
we have found the greatest potential cryptocurrency. it’s a safe, secure
and potentially going to surge cryptocurrency. It will surge. So, “Ho Say Liao”, right?
Among so many cryptocurrencies we have found it and I call this
cryptocurrency “The Sleeping Giant” It’s an international cryptocurrency It’s a big guy but he’s sleeping.
and he’s gonna wake up soon. If you’re interested to
know more, you can leave us a message so that we can invite you to our event and it’s free of charge or we can meet up with you
for one to one discussion about this, if you’re interested.Why am I
sharing all these with you is because the more people own’ the Sleeping Giant’, remember demand and supply? Yeah, so the faster the supply go down, meaning less than 3 million coins,
less than 8 million coins, for example, ‘the Sleeping Giant’ will surge,
They will surge like Bitcoin, they will surge like Ripple! They will surge like the rest of performing cryptocurrencies! Yeah, so join us and let’s make this come true.
See you soon Thank you!!!

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