WHAT I WORE THIS WEEK | And My Style Evolution Over The Years!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. So today’s edition is going to be what I wore in a week. ootw I know I said quite alright ago. I’m gonna do these regularly I’m gonna keep up with them at least once a month and then I didn’t do any more whatsoever So anyway, I’m determined to do that this week and show you all my outfits that I wear also in this video I’m going to include some horrendous Pictures I found of myself the other day the joy of emptying out all your old cupboards means that you find funny things from the past and I came across this box of Pictures which has got me pretty much from about 2 3 years old where I was like a really chubby child through all my Horrendous teenage years where I just look I mean, it’s just awful but like funny awful So I thought I’d give you a giggle and later on in that week I will show you all those pictures for a little trip down memory lane, but also Hopefully how my style has improved from those lovely years, right? Let me show you this outfit in the mirror because you can’t really see you know the whole thing So this is what I’m wearing today Teesha is from super dry. Actually, I would never normally shop in there for me I was actually looking on the website for the boys and came across some t-shirts that I thought. Actually they look really nice quality They were like eight quid each in sale so I got a gray a black and white and they’re actually really really nice quality and Normally, I find super dry is just too branded I don’t want to walk around with someone’s label all over my chest, but these haven’t got any branding on them at all Which is good I treated myself to this lovely cardigan, which is actually from a neem Bing But I got it secondhand on vest year collective Always worth having a look on there whatever issue are thinking of buying it certainly with some of the designers Like I often say I do like things a bit lived in anyway gives it a bit soul a character and I spotted this for fifty pounds So snap that up as it was in my size And I really liked it and wearing the skinny jeans that I got from gap and then the boots which I love They are so nice Very me and actually really comfy too and it’s a slight issue Is we’ve got on and if you can see propping see that tough to going on There’s a definite tuft with my fringing. I tried to iron it down in place, but it wouldn’t stay So any suggestions to make leather go back in another direction Please let me know so I’ll show you my Christmas tree Hopefully you’d like to see it. This is me being really stubborn and totally Unpractical because we’re moving in less than a week’s time and I decided to spend a few hours putting up a Christmas tree As you do and there. Oh, hold on. You can’t see it. There we go You can see you something now So as you can see, it’s quite a big Christmas tree and it is actually a faux one But like a really good folk, right? I’m gonna start waffling. I’m gonna go do something and I will see tomorrow Hi, so it’s now a Tuesday. I’m doing well. I’m keeping up with it I’m just about to head to the train station and pop to town. I’m going into London today I only live like an hour and 10 minutes on the train and so wearing my Koopas jacket with a silk blouse that I got From cause it’s just a round neck and then it zips up at the back. I’ve got my Ellen Hogan earrings on again I’m wearing my Annie hack bracelets, and I’ve just put it with my Massimo Dutti flares and just about money thing to make it work with my ever lame boots. These trousers are a little bit long I should probably wear them with something a little bit higher but you know on and off the tube today I definitely want to go for comfort on my feet. So yes, that is my outfit today Definitely smarter than I would normally go but still very much in keeping with my style, right? So as I mentioned yesterday I found some beautiful pictures from my childhood that I thought would give you a good giggle So let me show you some of those. Okay, I’ve balanced you on a tripod so I can show you these Oh That’s annoying He is chairing the world. Sorry I have to slip these images over but I’ve got this whole collection of me as a very very fat kid I don’t know what my mum was feeding me, but I hope you really liked it. Look at these legs See we see the chubbiest legs in the world. I was done in a box in 1981 and I won apparently but the best fit is when you get to these well That’s sort of tween years in all my skating days But this one I think takes the winner the worst picture from your teenage kids it looks like I’ve just discovered makeup and gone Oh I’ll put it all on at the same time and my hair is all very bouffant and curly and glam and it’s everything I absolutely hate and I obviously thought I look quite nice because I did it again and added a very glitzy dress to match That’s me my mum show and it’s definitely the makeup and hair that really sets it off That was me at 17 or 18. I think my first job on TV I was like doing celebrity news or something but it was it was a good training ground for what I ended up doing because you just got thrown into the deep end and Was just told get on with it go do it And then from that point on I kept it blonde pretty much through the years until that’s very David and I got married That’s my niece in a picture, but you can see the chateaux Behind it. Was this beautiful dilapidated chateau in France About an hour and a half south of Paris. It was beautiful kind of Dilapidated in the way that sort of you could almost imagine It hasn’t been touched for 50 years, but in a beautiful way and we couldn’t speak any French. They didn’t speak any English Pretty much just give us the keys. And when do what you like with it? We did we had a friend who cooked all the food for everyone for a wedding Obviously, we had a lots of friends that were DJs. So we’ve got music sorted friend came over and filmed it It was all really HAP hazard and sort of thrown together, but really worked and felt lovely So I have to show you that one day and then I got job at skysport and my hair was quite like this So they did have a tendency in the makeup room to do that. Kind of big beauty queen Buffon thing Which I hated I hated it with the passion. It was part of my contract I should ask permission to change my hair but I just got so frustrated with them making me look like a beauty queen. I Went off to my hairdresser and said please do me a trendy haircut that’s really hard for them to start any other way than that But I went off and I got that trendy haircut done which with a fringe like that a quite a sharp fringe You can’t really do much tell us a bit and they were kind of like you’ve done something with your hair. Mm-hmm Do you like it? Anyway, yeah, right then they let me get away with it. And then I just got some old modeling pictures That’s me on the cover of hair magazine. That was actually a shoot Which I don’t know. If you can tell there I was pretty skinny at the time. You could see my ribs I was not eating enough that I should’ve done and the editor of the magazine patted me down going Shocking industry, I actually get lots of pictures from there. That was from a shoot I did in Tobago I think which was amazing That’s the bad thing about modeling is you get people like that saying you’re fat When you’re not fat but the nice thing is doing four shoots in beautiful location. That was a Levi’s campaign I did me looking very grumpy Backstage at the festival. We actually went to festival called Roskilde in Copenhagen. I don’t know. Why looks I miss Brooklyn She had a really nice time and a very rare one that has me smiling because I do actually smile a lot But they never wanted you to smile in the pictures. That was one of the first shoots I ever did and Yeah, look a bit different than that one anyway Enough waffling. I really should go. Hi everyone. It’s Wednesday, and it’s about four o’clock I think and I’ve just got changed because tonight I’m going to my eldest boy Albert’s speech night for school So I felt the need to dress up a little bit and look a bit smarter So I’ve put on in fact, I’m very Susanne a sham I out for this evening online You’ve probably seen these lots of times but they’ve kind of developed into my smart trouser Go to in the wardrobe. Don’t think you’ve seen these shoes before these came from Kurt Geiger and I’ve just put a little camisole underneath the jumper that I also got from Suzanne and I’ve pinned my hair back just gently Sort of a half up half down Just because I’ve got an awful lot going on with my top section and then all this around the midriff I think it needed a bit of weight taking out of it there. But also so you can see my lovely earrings I’ll go close in a second. These came from the DOMA and I don’t think I’ve shown you these before either They don’t know if you can see they’re they’re gold studs with three pearl drops So, let me just put my coat on so I can show you the complete look it is long line over the trousers But I actually really like those chains together It feels smart and it feels elegant and don’t let my boy down in front of his teachers. So a different look for this evening Hi everyone, so it’s now Thursday morning. I’ve just got out the bath hence the very chilled outfit I love nothing more than just pinning my hair up out the way getting my comfy clothes on not wearing a scrap of makeup and Just having a bit more of a chill day So I’m just wearing a cotton jumper that I got from BCBG quite a long time ago paired with our not so glamorous but equally comfy pair of joggers that came from Target of all places and my super cozy slippers that came from Oliver bonus they are super fluffy super toasty or as you can see that I’ve pinched my husband’s Paul Smith socks as well They don’t match but they are very cozy indeed So, that’s me today not hugely stylish, but super comfortable for a day of editing. Good morning So it’s Friday and as you can see, I am going to the gym. Yes I Really determined. I’m going to the gym if I say it out loud and say it to everyone then I actually have to go I’ve been really really likes about it recently I think with all the stuff getting the house ready and packing boxes and and with Christmas and having to buy presents and I’m just making lots of excuses. It’s really because I haven’t got a proper excuse have to stop into gym I’ve been lazy and I couldn’t be bothered So I’ve now put my gym kit on and I’m gonna go. Anyway, I look the part Which is a start because I have some lovely new gym kit. I will put trainers on so a lovely company That’s an independent brand called ask with I think it’s ask West London might not be but I will put it in the description below They kindly offered to send me some new gym kits. So I feel a little snazzy and look the part So these are actually if I go a bit closer They’re kind of like a snake print but because it’s quite dark and subtle I thought that would suit me and it’s so tight It really sort of wings everything in and I feel that they’re quite slimming Which for a pair of leggings is no mean feat and then they sent this top to go with it Which is a really nice cotton it’s a bit of a yoga top stroke gym top and I tend to just chuck it on top of what I’m wearing which is Sports Bra and then I’ve got this little vest thing on top so when I got too hot I can take this off and not have to be in a crop top which would just be like My worst nightmare. So yeah, that is my gym kit. So trainers wise I just wear pretty old and battered Nike internationalists, let’s be honest. I’m not a runner so I feel a bit of a fraud buying running shoes. And I also think until I’m a bit more dedicated and doing it Regularly four times a week. I shouldn’t treat myself to a new pair of trainers Specifically for the gym, I’m alright if I go in there in the kit, that’s good It’s all sculpting me in the right place But if we’re going with like some professional looking running shoes Then everyone’s going to think I’m a really good runner and I don’t want them to think that I want to lower their expectations So then if I look half decent on the running machine, it’s a bonus That’s my plan with the dodgy trainers anyway, and then I’m gonna go meet a friend for lunch Which would be nice because I haven’t seen him for ages put the world’s rights and have a good catch up Naturally pop to the shots as well. So I went into anthropology to have a little mooch See what they’ve got about Quite a lot of summery outfits actually, which is bizarre in the height of winter, but I do love their collections I think they’re of us are pretty and it’s quite bohemian style. I do love a kimono wrap even in winter I think it looks really nice layered on top of outfits and Then I spotted this gorgeous sparkly little jacket, which I think would just go with everything then I popped Azzaro just have a little look I’m feeling a little bit uninspired with their collections recently. I must admit This is they’re really popular Dress that sold out don’t know how many times but I don’t want to buy it because nobody else has got it But I did find this really pretty blue shirt, which I thought was a really nice color and I really liked those cap sleeves It’s got a bit of a fifties edge to it And then this blouse as well, which I thought was a bit more everyday kind of wear But I really liked the contrast of those spot details and the pleating across the chest And you can’t be a lovely chunky near especially for me when it’s made from hundred percent cotton this was really heavy actually, but nicely so and To finish some lovely knitted joggers. Thank you so much for watching this episode what I wore in a week Sorry, I have waffled for England. But I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ll see you next week

9 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE THIS WEEK | And My Style Evolution Over The Years!

  1. Lovely to see your much younger self Jess and your early modelling pics.I was in my late teens in the early 80s and had a perm on and off for about ten years.Great Pics and loved theblue shirtfrom Zara on you. Cheers X

  2. Greetings from rainy Singapore, Jess. It's our version of winter when the weather drops to 23 degrees and it keeps raining during the end and beginning of the year. Like you, I wanted to look more mature when I was in my late teens and was dressing up a lot older than I should. Thanks for sharing your memories. x

  3. What a lovely and fun video! I didn’t know that you are so famous, Jess! Sorry! Chalk it up to being an ignorant American. I’d Google you but that just seems intrusive to do now. Anyway, I loved the walk down memory lane. You were a beautiful child, teen and young adult. Nothing at all of which to be ashamed. I wish I could say the same about me. The seven days of outfits was interesting and I think you should do it more often when you’re not quite so crazy busy. I loved the jacket with the piping and the camel over coat. Both classic pieces that can be boho styled. As always, a wonderful time spent. Hugs from Florida. 🌴🌺😎

  4. Love my Sunday morning with you ❤. Such fun looking at all your old pics. Thank you!
    I really liked the blue blouse, jumper and cream blouse from Zara at the end. Good luck with the move.

  5. Morning lovely,
    Aww was lovely looking at your old pics! You weren’t fat you were a toddler! We all looked the same at that age 😂 you looked super cute! Love the pic of you and your mum, really beautiful.
    Wow super busy with the move then, I’m guessing you’ll be in before Christmas? As long as you’re altogether, everything always falls in place and you’re have a fantastic Christmas!
    To be fair, you’re so busy I’m not surprised you haven’t been able to fit in the gym 😂 I don’t know how you do everything!
    Have a fantastic Sunday hun, hugs to you xx

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