Right Walter got Some Balenci-Zara’s . Okay. They’re Balenciaga via Zara. Hi everyone I hope you’re all well and had an amazing Christmas with family and friends And probably by the time this video goes out a very happy New Year to all of you We have had the laziest Christmas known to man And actually it’s been wonderful apart from going to my in-laws on Boxing Day We haven’t really left the house other than to stock up again on more food We’ve been in our PJs and our dressing gowns my stays and just watching films kids been playing with their toys and it’s felt Absolute bliss it’s so lovely. I think generally as a person I’m always in a rush. I like to keep busy I would like to do loads of stuff. So to actually just slowed right down Completely and not do very much and not make any plans and not have a million things to do in any give a day Has felt strange but really really lovely and probably what I needed So I thought I would show you everything I got for Christmas because I got some beautiful gifts and no doubt Probably a lot of this is in the sale now as well So let’s start off with this lovely pot of cream from Santa Which is by Aesop So it’s quite a thick hydrating cream with a really strong smell of frankincense But frankincense is amazing for skin. It’s one of the ingredients that gives you that really lovely fresh dewy glow They sell it in Space NK which is where I believe Santa got it from Be careful cuz waters in the house if that is definitely a winner So then I got these Bobby Dazzler trainers from Nike now I have to admit when I open the box with these I was a bit like hmm. I’m not sure if they’re for me Because they’re quite bright there is lots of different colors going on So I needed to wear them a few times before I kind of went actually have really really liked those I mentioned to David that I really wanted to get some quite 80s retro looking trainers and the daybreak by Nike is that typical Goonies kid style if that picks instantly when I think of the 80s I can’t help but think of the kids in the Goonies and those trainers that they had and This is what they’re kind of modeled on. So just wearing a t-shirt a nice gray blazer couple of necklaces and my jeans Sticking those trainers on bizarrely it does work. It looks really cool. So it was a nice surprise that they worked Next up do your beauty lovers kindly sent me a few products to try out Which I feel very very lucky to be receiving. So in this box of goodies I’ve got a new lipstick to try out. You might have heard me mention before that My favorite lipstick ever is by Dior, which is their Rouge $9.99. So they have sent me a happy 2020 new Rouge pot a little on That I might have to do that in the mirror. I show you in a sec cotton So as you can see, it’s really similar to the do your lipstick that I wear all the time But it’s just got a hint or something different that tiny bit of sparkle Maybe a bit more a sheen to it, but I think particularly for evening wear. I’ll probably reach for this one Whereas I feel really comfortable wearing the matte one in the daytime. So very very tough with that one I will put in the description below the exact color Number etc. Because I can’t seem to see it right now So if you do like that one The other thing they sent me was this little box of eyeshadows are just beautiful So you’ve got the really light ones but under the arch of your brow or the inside of your eye I think that rusty brown tone is really beautiful on your eyes It just makes the color of your eyes pop out And I probably blend the two of those together and then I’d use the darker color Maybe it’s a bit of an eyeliner through my lash line at the bottom and then finally in this box I’ve got the happy 2020 nail varnish Which is this gorgeous shade of plum? Which I thought was perfect for New Year’s Eve. This necklace was from David for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it he got it from a shop in Notting over which sells lots of different – some – Some of the big names that Saint Ron and Vivienne Westwood, etc But this necklace is by a little in handin who I think is local Which makes it a little bit more special I think and it was available in either gold or silver and he went for the silver So if I come close? hopefully you can see it’s got these little Flashes all the way around the bottom section here It reminds me of something like said in Voltaire or even saying the rod now random swerve after Christmas I went and spoke myself to a white company dressing-gown because they are the softest snuggling is dressing-gown so you could ever want to buy So I went for the hydro costume Which is the most expensive one they do But it’s the thickest fluffiest one they do so it’s worth the money but at the moment that is 20% off so I got it for 64 pounds I don’t think it will come down anymore in the sale because it’s kind of one of their pieces that they do all year long And in my humble opinion it’s worth every penny because I’ve lived in this for a week And I don’t really ever like taking it off So it is worth having a look at the wire companies now because although dressing gowns, it only got 20 percent off I think they’ve got a larger discount on some other things and as we know all that collection is beautiful so worth a look I’ve Got a few books, which I thought I would mention because I think they might sort of think you guys would like as well So this is called 9 perfect strangers and it’s by the author that wrote big little eyes So, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love that one. Then. I got the new autobiography by Julie Andrews I love her. I think she is amazing and I have grown up with her I used to watch Sound of Music on loop when I was little and then of course Mary Poppins Which I absolutely loved she comes across so nicely she comes across Exactly as you want her to be exactly if you imagine she would be and she wrote this with her daughter who is a writer It’s just lovely seeing sort of behind the scenes of some of those amazing Movies she made and then this one is bit of a random swerve, but I think I’m going to really really enjoy it So it’s called lady-in-waiting by a lady called and Glen Connor now She was Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting and I wouldn’t have said this would be normally the sort of thing I would like to read but I was watching going Norton and this lovely lady who must have been about 90 Kay I guess and I thought I’ve never heard of her before and she Absolutely Stalled the show she was such a great interviewee She just had story after story and funny anecdote and she was hilarious and and Graham Norton couldn’t shut her up I’ll actually put a link of that interview in the description below because it was really good to watch and quite fascinating the kind of life that she’d led not just as Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting but also her life outside of that so I think And hope that one is gonna be a brilliant one as well. Make it right Walter got Some valencies aras. They lengthy are gone. Okay, the Balenciaga Suarez Ora So what we’re doing today, I like inking. We’re gonna go ice skating. Should we take him on with us? You know, what good ice skater you are What Christmas day they have presents by the chimney from Christmas yeah, and And then after lunch were allowed see when I was a little girl You have to wait till after the Queen’s speech to open your presents under the tree But we don’t do that we do after lunch. Yeah So tell everybody what did you get for Christmas Albert Well a guy’s new Xbox you really wanted to kiss out there share with my brother Yeah, I got lots of clothes so Santa knows that yeah the unique yeah brave teachers How do you try to find the bait shop? That’s all I will know and you got new coats or new trainers that we live out your trainers Yeah, I got some new giant Like I’ve got new coats and I care and I catch autumn 23 very cool They’re like the retro Nikes. I like that. Well, so wants to show you something you got from Santa which is The derp he made a very lovely painting He got a board and you got an easel, but can you go yeah good. I think my speech. All right there, right? I’ll throw some clothes on and show you everything I got for Christmas because I think there’s some lovely things in there that You would like with the occasional are from Walter thank you all

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