What are Digital Capabilities?

Technology is entering nearly all
aspects of our life. So much now can and is done using a digital platform.
Communicating, finding information, shopping, tracking our health and solving
problems are just some of the activities which are increasingly facilitated by
digital tools. This is why our digital capabilities – the skills knowledge and
understanding which help us live, learn and work in a digital society, are so
important. Employers are increasingly looking at what digital capabilities
applicants and employees have. Skills in creating documents, presentations,
spreadsheets and communicating via email and social media are areas which are
important to most organizations. They want people to use technologies to
access information, be creative, innovative, solve problems, communicate,
participate, learn and support others in digital spaces. As technology is
constantly changing it’s a really good idea to reflect on our own digital
capabilities. We should make time to develop those skills that we might not
be as confident with or that we are likely to use more of in the future. We
may be able to easily operate a smart phone or find the answers to most
questions but can we assess the reliability of the information we find?
We might be able to communicate across different platforms but can we choose
the most appropriate communication for the task at hand? Can we manage our digital
identity, so it reflects us in the way that we want and can we manage the time we spend
interacting with technology? Thinking about how we develop our
digital capabilities will help us become better prepared for an increasingly
digital world. Take some time to explore
digital capabilities and work out what
you already do well and what you may need to develop for the future.

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