40 thoughts on “Wham! – Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) [Sub. Español – English lyrics]

  1. このお二方は長生きしてほしかった✨

  2. Always been a Rock Guy. Queen, Zeppelin and the like. But Man George was a bloody brilliant vocalist as well as showman. Id trade my guitar licks for a voice half as good as his was ANY day.

  3. 在很久很久我就有靈感想把這首歌改編成一個滿有嘲諷政治選舉及政治人物的幽默喜劇音樂影片或音樂劇應該滿好玩有趣,也就是主播邊走邊用rap播報新聞,之中也有一些政治現象和小老百姓的盲從附和……挺有趣的不過當時並沒有人採用及實現,~唉,

  4. Crazy WHAM received no Bad press for this it being early 80's with ENGLAND a mess. Encouraging signing on benefits. Lyrics like "u got Soul on the Dole, you'll have a Good Time down on the Line". The 1980's BRITAIN (Maggie Thatcher) was a Working Class person's NIGHTMARE needing to claim benefits living on the Bread Line and 2015 Conservative Government is doing great job of Repeating it. Its as if every time Conservatives get in they try wiping the Working Class out. ENGLAND was built on the backs of Working Class the BRITISH EMPIRE also even tho they saw little benefit for it.

  5. WHAM RAP! pieseň WHAM, ktorá bola v UK rebríčku 11 týždňov od 15. januara 1983 a obsadila 8.m. Vo videoclipe sa predstavila nová vokalistka Helen"Pepsi" DeMacque nar. 10. decembra 1958 v Paddingtone,Londýn.Otcom Georga Michaela bol cyperský grek, ktorý sa do Anglicka prisťahoval v roku 1950 a zmenil si priezvisko na Jack Panos. Mantkou bola anglická tanečníčka Lesley Angold Harrison (1937-1997) Z londýna sa po narodení Georga presťahovali do Radlettu.Priateľom Michaela bol David Ausrin vl.m. David Mortimer, ktorý s nim pôsobil v skupine Executive George bol spoluautorom a producentom jeho piesne Turn To Gold, ktorá bola v UK rebríčku tri týždne od 21. júla 1984 a skončila na 60.m.

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