Welcome to the RV Lifestyle!

ah hi there we're Mike and Jennifer when would we love the RV lifestyle but almost as much as we love the actual traveling we love sharing our adventures with you now I've been a journalist for many years I've been everywhere but now that I'm retired I'm on the road again but this time I'm probably with my life at this time we're taking our time there's so much to see a report as well as tips and advice we catalog about boondocking traveling live tests and keeping our RVs running we answer your questions too we're delighted to take you along with us here at our RV Travel Channel and we'll do that two interviews and provide reports travel videos all across North America if this is your first time here scroll down to see our mini playlist of videos about every aspect of the RV lifestyle we are delighted if you found it please use the try button to notify from on experience

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the RV Lifestyle!

  1. hi am hope to do the same when i grow up. It is o cool and adventurous. i start a channel that is diffrent but i just want you to know. i like i will keep up.

  2. Love watching your videos. Mercedes do 3 sizes. How long is your B class? Is it the long or extra long wheelbase?

  3. I discovered your channel a couple of months ago and have very much enjoyed your videos. I look forward to joining (so to speak) you on future trips and adventures. Happy trails

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