Welcome to my channel! Enjoy the ride!

from the warm blue waters of the Florida Keys to Alaska's frigid Arctic Ocean from New York to San Francisco from New Orleans to Chicago to LA be it the wilderness of the Smoky Mountain or the desolate beauty of the Wild West we even make an occasional international road trip across the pond to admire the beauty and culture of the old world or our neighbors to the north or the south wherever we happen to be this is traveling rubbles free IRB join the adventure subscribe to the YouTube channel thank you for watching – dryly Robert

21 thoughts on “Welcome to my channel! Enjoy the ride!

  1. Hi Robert. Great videos. I am retweeting some of your great videos that you posted on twitter. Hope thats ok

  2. Hey. Great movie, a wonderful channel. I watched from start to finish. Waiting for a visit, watch my videos in full please. Subscribe.

  3. Nice trailer…..That's our Robert. Travel on our friend. We love watching you. Caro and Colin

  4. Great Job Robert…what car are you pulling the trailer with and how big of an engine does it have?

  5. I'm a snowbird I have a place in  Camelot Village in Delray Beach. I'm hooked on your videos I learned a lot about Florida .Keep up the good work.

  6. Thumbs up…..have you travel to Iran? It has its own history and beautiful monuments….for more details you can watch our YouTube channel and subscribe them and get to know Iran better.
    Or you can also visit our website:

  7. NO NO NO Don't fly your drone there. The 1st time I was there I took my drone up and a ranger said no drones here and I got a 100 dollar fine. They have made a lot of money on catching people with there drones there. I have been there 6 times. Last time was in December 2016 and they still said no drone flying. If you watch my youtube video of it you can see the ranger coming to bust me.

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