39 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Emily Litella on Television Violins – SNL

  1. Gilda: "We need more violets on TV. People should learn about horticulture & gardening in general. If not, how will we smell roses & whatnot?!"
    Chevy: "We're talking about VIOLENCE, not VIOLETS."
    Gilda: "Oh. Never mind."

  2. Gilda you were a genius — Emily, Roseann, and all the rest were pure comic genius.  And they were not nasty and hatefule like today's SNL.  No one ever came close on SNL.

  3. Now this gal died pretty slowly of cancer. It was different when you couldn't see what was going on outside your room. And there we have belief in the virgin birth

  4. Emily Litella: What's all this fuss I hear about Russian Medaling? What's wrong with Russians wanting to hand out medals?
    Chevy Chase: That's Russian "Meddling". 'Not Russian "Medaling".
    Emily Litella: …Nevermind. 🙂

  5. SNL I love the series. I'm 35 and have seen sketches back into the 1980's. But please stop with the re uploading of old videos and clips. Even though it's your off season, and I know you need to keep YouTube traffic strong without live shows. I would love to see web exclusives like Fallon does. New and old comedians having fun with games or questions. This re uploading, not just of old clips but of clips only a couple years old makes it hard to find skits you are looking for in a list and saturates my feed with outdated comedy. You are not a second class program, you are the cream of the crop when it comes to sketch comedy. Embrace it and create new content, even in the off season. It doesn't have to be a digital short, just funny videos that are new. People aren't going to share with their friends 5-30 year old sketches.

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