– My name is Damon and it’s Fashion Week here in New York City, which means I’m about to go to the one place that everyone goes before all
the glitz and the glam, Bergdorf Goodwill, no (guffaws loudly), Bloomingwill, no I’m just kidding, Goodwill, we’re going to Goodwill today. But I’m not goin’ alone, no, Joe’s in Connecticut, so I enlisted the help of my good friend, Dominique. (crickets chirping) – What’s up? – We’re about to go thrifting for New York Fashion Week. (funky rhythm and blues music) Dom just told me her shoes were $5.00. We’ve been in the Goodwill
at 14th street and 5th fer five minutes, can I show you, Michael Kors, Club Monaco, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, if you’re
into that kind of stuff. Also none of these are my size, so we gotta start from scratch. (laughs) – We could stuff you in. This hat smells funny, but. – Can I wear it? – If you want. – Can I try it on?
– Yeah. – Oh shit, wow! – Just put the hat on. – (giggles) Oh shit, I’m bout to, – I’ve never seen, I
think it’s a men’s hat. Look’s cute on you. – This was thrifted. It was also thrifted
from the womens’ section. This is a large, that’s why only my thumbs can fit in these pockets. How much is this? – It’s like $3.00 – They have certain
colors that are half off. See, this is purple. – I’m gonna try those on. – [Both] (laugh loudly] (playful, bouncy music) – [Salesman] May I help you sir? – Hello. – [Salesman] $8.49, credit card? – $8.49, these are from Aldo! Al-do, how do you say that? Like, I’m going to Fashion Week, so. (fun, fake sophisticated music) No more messin’ around here! All right, we’re now
at the second Goodwill. I’m telling you,
Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave. Low cost! Where’d you get that hat? – Over there. – I’m gonna wear it? Yo, I’m about to walk in to Fashion Week and they’re gonna say, Miss Knowles, can I help you? You should get that, honestly. (urban sophisticate music) I get it, not for Fashion Week. Who would wear that to Fashion Week? Damn, since when? Everyone who’s not at
Goodwill is missin’ out. Like, ya’ll are missing out. I actually don’t come ’cause I don’t have the better option. Like I would take me home. Everyone in the store’s like, no, I’m about to walk into Fashion Week and they’re gonna say, excuse me sir, are you here for, Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana? – You one a the models? – Really though, should I take this home? – I mean it looks good, but, it looks better on camera than it does in real life. – [Both] I don’t know! – This is kind of a look. No, this is really nice. – Excuse me sir, I see
you’re seated next to the restroom, but like, do you wanna move to the front row? Excuse me sir, the
port-a-potty fashion show is in the other building. (guffaws) This could work. – What you gonna do ’bout your hair? – Excuse me, the model entrance is in the back of the building. (laughs) I’m like now mad. – Why mad at it? – Comment below if you think these looks are Fashion Week worthy. – What ya’ll think? – Not the hat, though, also not the hair. Also not, okay. Those pants are $3.99! – So, it’s $27.96. – I got four items for $27.96. You can’t even pay $27.96
to step into Chanel. I want a cooler outfit, though, I want like more sporty. (frenetic, high-energy music) Can you believe those pants were $3.99? I’m a go home, that’s my ride okay? All right, we made it
to the third Goodwill. Now, not that I’m gonna wear this, but, Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG? I think I’m startin’ to
reach my limit, though. Like, I gotta stop or
else I’ll look too cool. – Yeah, cuz then everyone
else will wanna leave. – Yeah, they’ll say, sir you gotta go because your outfit’s just lookin’ too cool. Like, think I might
have to just wear these. – (mumbles) Like you’re, yeah. Look, it’s Fendi. – Like, Fendi! This is $29.99. They got a Fendi purse over here. – It’s not real. – Ohhhhh! (laughs maniacally) – How much is this?
– $30. – I thought it was $50 and I bought it another time. – Oh, that’s yours? ♪ Don’t be fooled ♪ ♪ By the rocks that I got ♪ J Lo. What do you think?
– Yeah. – (mumbles) Now I’m bad, not bad! – Who’s bad! No, there’s plenty room. – No, like no one ever told me I got this booty, this donk! – And another one. – Sir, would you like some Steak Tartar? No thanks, I’m a vegetarian. Sir, the VIP entrance is over there. Oh, it’s fine, I just happened to stroll in off the street. – It fits so low. – I think they’re
womens’, should I get ’em? – Yes. – Is this such a boob top? – It’s like a muscle top. – Yeah, I worked for this! I’m workin’ these girls. No, he said, Fashion Week, why haven’t we invited you more times? How much is this shirt? – This one’s gonna be $2.99, so your total is $15.97. Would you like to round
up to $16.00 and donate three cents to people at this building? – Yes! Anyways, okay, so we went to three different Goodwills and look, I spent a grand total of $52.46, here’s what I got. Three shirts, three pairs of pants, I got a sweater, and some shoes! – Mmm hmm. – And they were all like
good quality clothing. Also, this is the Travel Channel, so I can’t be like, squeezin’ in suits into my one-piece carry-on. Joe and I will be going to some of the Fashion Week events over the next week-and-a-half. I get it, it’s co-ooooold!
– I’m sorry! – (laughs loudly)
– I forgot there was a camera! – Dom’s over here like, choooooooo! – (laughs hysterically) I’m sorry. – Make sure to check the @damonandjo instragram handle, @damondominique, and @jo_franco. I’m so ready to go home! Make sure to subscribe to our channel. We’ll see you next time, mwa, mwa. Seriously, go to our instagram, ’cause you’re gonna see the
looks, that not only I, but Joe are gonna be serving. Let’s go home, I gotta get outa here. It’s literally us all
day long in New York. – [Both] (laugh crazily) – I’m leavin’! – ‘Cause if there’s money
in the neighborhood, then they’re probably better clothes in the thrift stores. Dom got her coat from Salvation Army. – On sale. I love New York. – [Both] (laugh hysterically)


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    The Garment District next to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have a by the pound thing on Fridays where you can buy clothing by the pound. Come to Boston!

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