We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!!

– You look like a sexy Christmas ornament. – Drums for everyone! You get a drum, you get
a drum, you get a drum! – It’s not as cute.
– (scoffs) – Welcome back to Clevver
Style, it’s the holidays. – It’s our favorite time of the year! – Yeah.
– Yeah, it really is our favorite time of
the year, you know why? Because there are tons
of events and parties for us to go to to celebrate the holidays with our favorite people, which means that you need tons of cute clothes. – Yeah and in the holiday spirit, we have decided that we’re gonna try out Fashion Nova’s holiday outfits. We’ve each picked some amazing
outfits to show you guys and of course, as always,
we’re gonna rate them on a scale of one to five emojis, we’re gonna pick our emojis, but we’re also gonna be rating them on quality, comfort, and fit for you guys. So, what are your emojis? – I think I’m gonna be real basic and be Santa, like the little Santa emoji, but I want the brown Santa. – I think I’m gonna be the fly away money. – I’m gonna be the little drum ’cause the drummer boy is
my favorite holiday song. Makes me cry every time I listen to it. – How does it go? (sings part of little drummer boy) – Okay guys, everything
you see us try on today will be in links below in the description, so if you see something you like, don’t worry, we got you covered. – Yup, you are welcome. Also, it’s time to go get dressed, so what are we waiting for? – I know, I’m so excited.
– First outfits? – Let’s go.
– I’m so stinkin’ excited, more excited about this
than anything of the year. (christmas bells ring) – Office holiday parties can
actually be really tricky, like you can either have them at a really fancy establishment, maybe a restaurant, maybe a cocktail hour, or they could be in your lobby. I mean, just you know from experience.
– L-O-L, we’ve definitely had that, next to the elevators.
– Yeah. I do think that they’re tough, like we all look like we’re
going to three different holiday office parties.
– Very different parties. – So I am wearing this white dress and it took me a minute to figure out what this is right here, so it’s actually a strap that wraps around your neck.
– How? – [Erin] Oh, I see. – But the reason why I
chose this is because I felt like it was still fancy but because it was one shoulder, it was still kinda youthful and fresh and more suited towards an
office party I would be going to. Okay, so I’m gonna rate this. So in terms of quality,
it is a little bit sheer, which is the only thing, and I do lump that in
with a quality thing. – If you see through it and you don’t have the right undergarments
then you’re screwed. – So it does have a second layer, but it is still a little bit too sheer. I would give this four. Four for quality. Just because it’s a little bit sheer. For comfort, I’m extremely
comfortable in this actually. I think that, if anything, I need to get bigger boobs to match. Also, I’m wearing the absolute wrong bra, like I’m wearing an actual bra instead of like sticky boobs, which you probably should
be wearing with this. I don’t know man, I feel
like I could dance in this, I feel like I could do
a lot of things in this. I’d have to give this five, honestly. – On fit?
– For comfort? – For comfort. It seems to fit everywhere
else except for here. I would have to give this
probably like a three just because I feel like I will need to kind of do a little bit of whatever, but because I love this dress so much, it’s still worth it. All right, who’s next? (claps) – This one. I chose a bodycon wrap dress? What are these called when they do this? I never wear these. – Are they actually a wrap dress? – Bandage! – Bandage, oh yeah. – I don’t usually go for the
super fitted dress situation- – Ooh, take it off!
– That’s so cute. – I really like sweater dresses, I like the turtle neck. – Put it over your
shoulders, like rich people. – Oh, but you do that. – No, I do not.
– Yes, you do! – No, you’re confusing
me with someone else. I do not do that. – She does. – This is not practical.
– Put your arms through it. – No, you definitely look like a caveman. Don’t put it on your shoulders. – Okay. I probably would not
actually ever wear this to an office party ’cause
it is a little sexy, but I’m so curious to see how it fit. And with the turtle neck,
I feel like I’m covered. – Yeah.
– Yeah! – I don’t think you look
too sexy, you look amazing. – And the coat too.
– With a little coat. So, I’m very hot. I hope that the office party is outside. I just feel more comfortable
putting the jacket on, it doesn’t feel as like, “look at my body” per se. – I think it’s so cute.
– It’s a comfort layer. – It’s a comfort layer.
– Yeah. – How do you rate it? – Okay, so a three for quality because it feels like the kind of thing that A, could shrink, or it could stretch out and
never go back to its shape. There’s something about it that just feels a little like, it’s very thin. But the sweater, five fly away cashies. – Cashies? I love cashies. – What is that emoji called? Comfort, I am surprisingly
comfortable in this. It is fitted, it is a bandage dress, but I feel like I can
breathe in it, you know. I feel like I can eat in it. – I feel like we’re
supporting her emotionally, like a therapy session. Yes, uh huh, yes. – I also feel like you’re
getting hotter by the second and it’s making me laugh so hard. – Can you see the sweat dripping? – I was surprised she
even got a freaking coat! – I can see you getting
glowier and you’re like- – I’m like, “Let’s move on.” – You’re like, “I’m really comfortable. “I can breathe in this (catches breath), “I feel really good in it.” – Comfort, I’m gonna give it a four fly away cashie comfort. – Loryn, you look so good! – Why are you laughing? – Because you had on your coat and it’s so relatable. – ‘Cause you just never know, you’re gonna return if after- – No, you look so good, I promise you.
– You’re not returning this. – Okay, fit. I don’t understand the
sizes of Fashion Nova. It’s so all over the place, it feels like. I haven’t figured it out yet, but the bandages are like hanging. – A little too loose. – So, I feel like I probably
could get away with a large. It looks cheap, and I don’t think it is, I think it’s just too– It’s the wrong size. I’m gonna give it a three fly away cashies for fit.
– Oh my gosh. This is unbelievable.
– Just for the loose bandages! – Yeah, ’cause you won’t
feel comfortable enough to wear that out. – I’ll come over to your
house with a hot glue gun, I’ll fix that (beep) for you right away. – For my office party, I decided to wear this. It’s oddly covered, but
I feel very sexy in it. – You look like a sexy Christmas ornament. – Yeah, this is so fun. I love it so much.
– So cute! – I can’t stand it. Like it’s my favorite thing
I think I’ve ever worn on any Clevver video ever. – I’ve never seen a
dress like this before. – And I do feel like for quality, I would give this five
drummer boy on quality. For comfort, I would say
it’s pretty comfortable. I picked this dress originally because I really love to eat, you
guys know that about me, and I feel like I could
eat the biggest effing meal in here and hide snacks away and no one would know the difference. So if I get tooty in the
tulle, no one will know. – The tooty tulle. – The tulle will catch all the toots. – Oh. – Careful when you take it off. That’ll be a real surprise. (laughs) – I would give it five
drummer boys for this. For fit, I give this five drums. I think it’s the perfect length, I think it’s just– it stretches. – Did you give everything five drums? – It’s a freaking drummer
boy party in this, yes. Drums for everyone! You get a drum, you get
a drum, you get a drum! Let’s go try on our next look. – All right, so our next
category is for Family Party. I’ve said goodbye to velvet and velours so many different times
in the past three years and it keeps clawing its
way back into pop culture, but I’m not mad at it at all. And really truly why I
wanted this dress so much too is because green is not a color that I ever buy for myself. – It’s the perfect holiday color, I know. – It looks so good on you. – I brought a couple colors
today and I’m just like, I’m really impressed with myself, I’m really proud of myself for trying to step out of the box. It’s still really dark, but-
– Should we call your mom? – She’ll be so proud. – Are your sleeves a little small? – Or big? Why is that one falling off? – No, it’s a poofy sleeve. It’s off-the-shoulder
and I don’t know where it’s supposed to fit. – We should put tissue in here. – [Sinead] I thought it was
supposed to be up like this- – It’s what they did in the 80’s. – Seems functional. – Well, I think it’s
supposed to be up like this. – I feel like you look
like a Disney princess going to her first cocktail party. – Like a millennial Disney princess. – Yeah, totally. – It’s so cute. – So for quality, I would
give this five brown Santas because I really do think that- – It doesn’t look cheap. – In terms of comfort, I would also give this five Santas because I’m so comfortable in this. – It’s stretchy, it looks soft. – It is! It’s stretchy, it is super soft. And then for fit, I would have to give
this five Santas as well, so this is a five across the board because I’m so happy I got this. – I’m jealous.
– It’s so cute. – I feel like I stepped
right out of Love Actually. Like I feel like I should be
speaking in a British accent. – Oh dear god almighty. – You look like the greatest showman, but in a casual family style. – Yeah, you totally do. – Wait, are you saying I
look like a circus leader? – No.
– Yeah. (laughs) – But, I just- – Oohh! – Wow, can I get that as my ringtone? – [Sinead] Yeah, it’s so cute! – [Erin] I’m gonna hold this one for you. – So, I just wanna say,
for a family party, I go home. I don’t have any family in California, so I do get to be around
snow and colder weather. I will sweat if it is cute. I freaking love it. Quality, it’s very thin. – I prefer fur like that being thinner because it was so not flattering, it made my boobs look like it
was attached to my stomach. It looked like a giant log going across, so there was no definition. – It’s not flattering, it’s bulky, so it makes you look bulky everywhere. – Exactly.
– You’re right. Hell, imma give this
five fly away cashies! – Yes! We did it!
– We convinced her. – I’m gonna give this five
fly away cashies for comfort. And five fly away cashies for fit. What do we think about this jacket? – I think the jacket
works if you’re in a city where other people are wearing jackets. – New York? London? The North Pole? – So, I just feel like I look like some sort of Fraggle Rock situation. – I like it.
– Do you? – I agree, maybe not with the dress? – Yeah, the dress doesn’t need it. – But the jacket’s awesome. – And I appreciate you trying to add like a warmer pop of color too, that’s very winter-esque. – Thank you for noticing my effort. I think the quality of it is a five drum because it is such great quality. – The jacket is hiding
the interesting features about the dress. – Yeah, you’re right. I really love the length,
it’s not too short. For comfort, I wish I
could give it six drums – You can.
– because it is so soft. – There are no rules. – I do think I would
have sized down on this, so for fit, I probably
would give it a three just because I need to go
at least one size smaller. – Yeah, but it does work
because it’s a sweater dress, it does work. It’s not like a dress that’s like, you know what I’m saying?
– Frumpy. – Yeah, this doesn’t make it look frumpy because it’s a sweater dress. It looks like you could go
both ways with it at least. – Please buy this. If you’re in the market
for a sweater dress, look no further. (christmas music) – So our next category is Fancy AF. So this is like your galas, you know. – Jingle Ball!
– Casual galas. – You know, anything
that’s more fancy schmancy. I really love this dress, but
I have sad news to report. (disc scratching) – Oh no.
– It ripped. I’m honestly devastated
because I love this dress and I was looking forward to it so much. And I wish I knew whether
or not this was ripped or if I ripped it putting on. – [Erin] Is it itchy? It kinda looks like it could be itchy. – It’s not itchy at all. It’s actually really well-made. – How can you say it’s well-made when it tore before you put it on? – Other than that. You know what I love the most? Your butt. I mean I love your butt-
– Show the butt. – The butt ruching is so- – Like a scrunchie situation. – So for quality- – That is one brown Santa. – I think it’s two. – It does feel very sturdy, you know. It fits me like a glove. I feel really comfortable in this, so I would have to give it five Santas for comfort, honestly. And I would have to give
it five Santas for fit too. – I don’t love this. – Why? – Many reasons. One, hello, shoulder pads. First of all, I don’t really think that my thigh should be a main accessory. I don’t need my thigh on display, that’s how I feel about that. And it’s like an inch from my spanx. – I think the dress is
just a little too short. – I do too. – It’s so short! It doesn’t even go past my shoes. Look at that. Great quality, I guess. Like I didn’t tear this seam. Four fly away cashies for quality. The physically comfortable
except for the slit, yeah, it’s a very comfortable
feeling material and dress. So, two… We’re gonna average it out, two fly away cashies for comfort. And fit, no. Like zero fly away– It does not fit! This dress is riding up. – I don’t think it’s that bad.
– It’s how I walk. It is evacuating my body. – The way you’re walking and moving and doing whatever other
special moves you got over there is just not normal human behavior. – I should be able to walk
anyway I want in my dress. That’s how I feel. – I am low-key high-key
obsessed with this dress. It doesn’t fit me properly,
there are some issues with it, but despite all of that, I love it so much. I will say it’s a little itchy. A little itchy. – It’s so cute. Not even cute, it’s like very chic. – It’s like such a fun sequined pattern. – It has like mermaid vibes to it. – Yeah, and it does not look cheap. – It doesn’t and that was
what was so surprising, when I looked at it on the rack, I was like, “Oh my gosh, “this looks like I spent $500 or more.” – Yeah.
– Well, let’s not get carried away.
– Jesus, lord. – I’m just trying to be honest. – Freakin’ Scrooge. – Anyway, I have to hold it close because it is very… It’s very featured, right here, which makes it perfect for
Coachella or something like that, but I would wear this to a
holiday party and not Coachella. For quality, I would give it a five drums because I just feel like you get so much more than
you pay for with this dress. For comfort, I’m gonna give it three, possibly four if it was the right size just because I mean, I’m having to hold it. – But it’s not the right size? – It’s not the right size. – And also, you only are
able to use one hand. – I feel like for fit, it’s a two. Again, that number would increase
if it was the right size. – Yeah.
– That’s how fit works. The number would go up if
it was the correct size. – I love it though! I honestly feel like it’s probably the nicest think I’ve seen on Fashion Nova besides my red dress from earlier. (christmas bells ring) – Our next category is Cozy. Maybe I missed the memo to get pajamas. I didn’t think you guys
were gonna do pajamas. – Cozy?
– For the pajama category? – Cozy winter? Winter cozy? I was thinking like going out. – What? Cozy is not out, Sinead, it is at the fireplace, watching Netflix. – I’m sorry, I missed the memo! I was thinking cozy like, I don’t know- – Power Ranger cozy? Okay, I’m done, go. – First of all, I freaking
love this jumpsuit, it’s so me. It’s velour, it’s very winter-esque, and it’s in my favorite
color, which is burgundy, which I shouldn’t be
buying any more burgundy but I did anyways. It’s literally the most comfortable thing I think I’ve ever put
on on this channel ever. – Don’t you own something like this? – I own like a billion things like this, but nothing this skintight, which is why I like it, I’m not gonna lie. – It is really cute. Now rate it, go ahead.
– Okay thanks. – So for quality, I’m
gonna give this five Santas because it is really sturdy,
it’s not going anywhere. Comfort, I would give this five Santas because it’s incredibly comfortable. It’s like thin and breathable. For velour, I’m actually really impressed that it’s not super hot. And for fit, I think I
would give it four Santas because just the zipper
right here, it’s like, I mean it’s plastic and it’s
pushing against my neck, so it’s a little chokey. – You look amazing.
– I’m sorry. – I just need to know, do you need to get out of here
so you can go fight crime? – [Sinead] It’s beginning to
look a lot like cocktails. – You love graphic tees that
have pun jokes about wine. – Here’s the issue, why is it so low?
– (laughs) – Because here are my spanx and here’s my belly button. – Oh my. – Loryn! – Okay, let’s go through this. Quality, sure. It feels very thin if I
actually was in any place where I needed to stay warm. Quality, I’m gonna give it
a three fly away cashies. – Really? I think it looks really nice. Is it too thin? – Did you see her crotch? – Comfort, it is really comfortable. Like a four fly away cashies. Fit, two fly away cashies
’cause of this situation. How about that? So it’s comfortable, but
it fits really weird. That’s how I feel. Done. – Well, I have a very
different pajama experience. This material is so very soft. It’s not very breathable, so I’m gonna sweat in
it I think pretty soon, but it’s so soft. I love the way this feels. – Dude, your butt looks so good in those. – Thanks babe.
– Can I see where it… I think yours is different. Your waistband is better. – It’s a little bit higher risen. – I like those.
– Higher risen. – I was gonna say higher rise. – The pants have risen. – For quality, I really like this a lot. I actually feel like I’ve been looking for a pair of pajamas that
kind of check all the boxes. I would say this is the
best quality pajamas I found so far this season. For quality, I’m gonna give it five drums. For comfort, I’m gonna say five. And then for fit, I’m gonna give it five. – Yeah, I was gonna say you’re
making me feel happy inside ’cause I picture this is
the outfit that your wear when you’re wrapping presents or like, you know what I’m saying? – Christmas morning! – It’s a Christmas morning PJ set. – Oh, it’s perfect! I love it so much. – I know, I want Matt to get a set and my dog to get a set so we can be matching.
– Christmas card. – All right, that’s a little too far. – Not in my family.
– Neither in mine. (christmas bells ring) – So our next category is our Wild Card and I will say that I am feeling pretty wild in this option. – How come? – Because I’m about a
sneeze or a hiccup away from showing everybody my vag. But I’m serious, it is so cute, I do really really like this. – You have a crotch flap. That’s pretty wild. – It’s just a little bit concerning, but I’m so obsessed with this that I am determined, you know. – You’d put up with it
because it’s that cute. – It’s that cute and it’s
actually really well-made. – You just go to a standing party and everyone comes to you. – Like one of these where
you just dance like this the whole time. – No, I said standing party, I did not say whatever that is. – No, that’s definitely a moving party. – So for quality, to be honest with you, every single one of these sequins are completely stitched in.
– It looks high quality. – Yeah, it doesn’t feel cheap and I definitely don’t
think it looks cheap either. So because of that, I have
to give this five Santas. And then for comfort- – Does it feel itchy? It looks like it’s an itchy dress. – It doesn’t feel itchy at all. You don’t feel anything
through it, it’s really nice. So I have to give this five as well. For fit, I was gonna give it a three, but I think I’m gonna give it a four because I don’t wanna
talk crap on the dress because you’re definitely
gonna see me in this dress, and I don’t wanna be hypocritical. I like this dress.
– Let’s be real, it’s probably already on your Instagram by the time this video’s up. – A full on photo
shoot’s already been had. – That’s 100% true. Basically, I still love
it, moral of the story. – It looks amazing on you.
– I love it. – Thanks guys. – All right so, I don’t really
know that this is wild card. I don’t think I knew what wild card meant, it was just another dress
that I thought was cute. – It’s not as cute.
(disc scratching) – (scoffs) – Is anyone still watching this video? I think I know what you’re saying. This feels like a dress that you probably wore five years ago and I’m just now comfortable
wearing this type of dress. This doesn’t feel like a new trend. It’s a cut that’s been around forever, it’s the sequin ombre thing
that’s been around forever. Like I don’t think this is
breaking any trend awards. – I was gonna say, it
just looks very standard. – Yeah, yeah. But I do like the colors and I do like that it goes into
the champagne-y type color. You know, like holiday-esque. – You’re better than this dress. – And earlier, I was attached to myself. Not even– Like that! Quality! Just money burning, this is trash. It’s a zero, it’s a negative
five fly away cashies okay. So comfort, I don’t
know, I feel kinda nice. It doesn’t feel like it’s riding up. It’s hard to give it any good cashies, but I’m gonna give this, it’s like a four fly
away cashies for comfort. Fit, it’s too big. I’m gonna give this two fly away cashies ’cause it’s still– you can’t see my vagina. – I love this dress. – I’m obsessed with this dress. – So cute! – It’s so comfortable,
it’s such a good color, and it fits me really really well. Again, with the slit, it’s just a little wee short. I don’t think going up a
size would help it very much. Maybe I should just stop
doing squats, you know. – ‘Cause you do so many? – So many. – You guys, it’s not that
short, it looks great. – It’s not short, it’s just the slit is just a little wild. – You look comfortable,
but you also look sexy af. – You could sleep in this dress. – Oh my gosh, yes. – You can get drunk and
pass out in this dress. – I could do all of those things, yup. My only negative is the
neck is a little tight. Like I do feel like a little choked out a little bit in this look. This does not stretch. – How’d you get it over your head? You’ve a big head. – You do have a big head. – You have a big ass head. – For quality, I would give it five. For comfort, I would also give it five. For fit, I would give it four. – That’s still really high. – Yeah, I thought about giving it a three, but maybe I could stop doing squats. – Oh, ’cause the neck and the slit, right? – Yeah, exactly. But I’m definitely gonna wear this. I really wanted this to be good because I know so many people are
shopping for holiday stuff and they want the real tea, they don’t want the like, “Oh it could work sometimes,” they really wanna if it’s good, and I feel like we have
a lot of winners today. – Yeah, I agree. All right, so are we ready
to put our favorites on? – On that note, let’s
go put our favorites on. (christmas music) So these are our favorite
picks from Fashion Nova. – Are these our favorites or you’re just so lazy, you didn’t wanna put your other ones on? – Well, I have a caveat, everything I wore today
was actually my favorite, but realistically, I don’t
leave my house for anything, so this is gonna get the most wear, which I felt is the
fairest to be my favorite. – Also, I heard you say you were planning on wearing this home, so that makes sense.
– I am wearing this home. – This is my favorite, a thousand percent. It feels fancy, it feels
casual, it’s so comfortable. I could wear this home,
I could sleep in this, I could eat in this. – Yeah, I mean I could sleep in this too, despite the fact that it’s not pajamas. – But will you sleep in it, cozy Sinead? – You better send us a picture. – I’m pretty cozy. The good news is, everything
that we wore today, every single thing will be all linked in the description below. – Yup, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more weirdness. All right you guys, we hope
you have a happy holidays. – Happy holidays.
– Happy shopping and we’ll see you back here next time. – Jingle bells!
– Bye! (christmas music)

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