100 thoughts on “We Tried The Weirdest Lash Trends

  1. I really want more videos with the two of you! I'm also really tempted to check out Joanna Keller now… I live in Vancouver so that is super convenient xD

  2. I wonder when Chloe moved to the states. Because her accent is slightly transatlantic now. She sounds like she was originally from around my area

  3. I sent off for the extra long one and they did not send it then sent a cheap rubbish mascara when I complained grrrr

  4. Ok I'm sorry but I really don't like the look of the white lashes in there? They look out of place and super fake and weird looking. Just my opinion though no hate!

  5. Did a thing where you look up a keyword and click the second recommendation 20 times. I ended up here after looking up the word "funny" what even youtube. -_-

  6. I love these Bek ans Chloe sooo much! Always love their adventures and all hehe
    Their comments are everythang! Hehe "like a Dalmatian?!"

  7. Hi guys😆 I make vlogs and weird videos if anybody can check them out and give feedback on what I should do next, that would be amazing:) 😘

  8. I used to have the best mascara from ulta that was fiber mascara and it made my lashes look so long and it’s was all in one tube. So sad it’s discontinued

  9. The very last thing I want to do is be rude but I feel Becky would look better with less lip filler, as do others. However, if she’s happy, she’s happy… so be it. As long as she’s happy.

  10. First time watching one of these videos and I absolutely love watching you girls try different things and the humor that's in it! 😍😅😊

  11. My lashes are and always have been as long as those, and honestly they are so long they sometimes get in my eyes. It really isn't as fun as it is beautiful.

  12. "i do have really long lashes right now and i've only put one layer on"
    Ehm.. i only use one single layer and my lashes are pretty long in my opninon.. do people really wear multiple layers? Please tell me. 😀

  13. I do different colored and types of eyelash extensions every 2 – 3 weeks… black and white is a pretty basic one for me lol 😹

  14. Omg I clicked on this because The girl in the red shirt Looks like Regina Miller from once upon a time (I don’t know her name I’m new)

  15. When I’m here, her lip fillers are dissolved, but honestly, go down and you’ll see other comments saying her lip fillers are tragic or something, tbh it’s so rude, show some respect!

  16. I like the black and white ones. I thought that I would hate them but, they're cool. I wonder if you could get them in black and purple.

  17. I’m no professional by any means but isn’t it bad to do the fan and have multiple fakes to each lash because it weighs it down?

  18. My sister has vitiligo, and she has the exact same white patch in her lashes as that picture they showed. It looks super cool. 😊

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