[We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 – Sung Jae♥Joy,dress up qipao and kung fu fight! 20160116

*he staring at her* Joy: ah~ I’m embarrass 6SJ: what? after you did all that? Joy: ah~ I’m embarrass 6SJ: you even did your hair pretty like that// Joy: right~~ 6SJ: Like Chun Li~You look like Chun Li. Do you know her? Joy: Chun Li? (*acting*)//6S: owh you know her. Panel : that will kill the mood. aigoo~~ Joy: Do you want to fight with me? *panel : what are they doing?//They should try to be romantic* (there is tension in the air) *panel: what’s going on?* (the fight begins) Eunkwang: ohh~~they look so cute! // *panel: they really did that?* *panel: is this street fighter?//yes//* (Handsome Master, Sung Jae) (Attack from Joy first) *panel : owhh~Chun Li always use the same attack* Joy: this is my special moves (Sung Jae who is losing his power) (Now he using the Drunken Master attack) (She won’t let him drink) 6SJ: Save me a life! You win! You win! (Joy who can’t resist his husband cuteness) (yeokshi~~that’s a street fighter) *Panel : I thought they would role play “In the Mood for Love” *Wendy: In a pretty dress like that*//Panel: They are so cute~~ 6SJ: You don’t know what oppa can do Joy: what? show me then~~ 6SJ: I know martial art Joy: Then show me~~Oppa~oppa~~you are great when doing tumbling. Show me *aegyo* 6SJ: eyyy~~really~~okay! i will show you Joy : one~~two~~three~~ (he is good at tumbling) (Eunkwang being a proud leader to their maknae) *clap*clap* 6Sj: Joy-ahh..It’s hurt. //*panel: he must have strecthed too much*// 6SJ: It’s been a while since I did this Joy: You look so cool oppang~~ *panel : oppang~~where did she learn that phrase? 6Sj: i look cool right? (*shy*) 6SJ: this one~haven’t we seen this before? (It’s used for a training in a movie) *panel: that might just be an ashtray//It could be//yes, it might an ashtray* (They are training to be a better martial artists) 6SJ: Uah~There’s a sand in my figernails~ Joy: Right~~~// I have sand in my figernails *showing to sung jae* (Blowing~~~~) 6SJ: Does this help? Joy: *turn around* No~~~~it doesn’t Joy: I think Oppa and I were both childish. When we put our clothes, we both automatically thought of that game Joy: So that’s why we could perform that skit together 6SJ: Really, If Joy had not play along, I would have been very quiet But the quiet type, it’s not me//*panel: that’s right~~*// 6SJ:right now, i’m showing the real me because i”m really comfortable 6SJ: the real me shows only when i’m comfortable. And Joy is the one that allow me to be like that//*panel: right~~* 6SJ: Because she also playful, I don’t need to act like someone I’m not. for that, I am very thankful *panel : they really match so well//they are perfect together//right~~//they were meant for each other* Subtitles provided by fans!
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100 thoughts on “[We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 – Sung Jae♥Joy,dress up qipao and kung fu fight! 20160116

  1. It's 2018 and i keep coming back to this. I hope bbyu shippers will always support them and never lose hope for these two ❤

  2. for me that's the perfect relationship … when you can joke or play around that both of you enjoy haha.. being crazy sometimes while being sweet to each other haha

  3. It's funny how the panel is like no be romantic you are killing the mood, but they are so happy being their dorky self. Amazing honestly.

  4. sungjae is unpredictable guy, and he is shy person, and seeing him met someone as crazy as him, makes me think that they are really meant for each other, it is hard to see him interact with female idols, and looking at their skinships and attitudes, they are really matched.

  5. i think they are truly meant to be together.. i mean, if they didn't end up together, at least they should end up with someone that suit each other's personality, just like what they did in WGM

  6. "They should try to be romantic." SJ & Joy: *break out in a fight scene*
    I don't like shipping boy group and girl group members together but these two are hella cute oof <3

  7. Expectations: being romantic
    Reality: sungjoy be like: nah we're too crazy for that. We'll just act like our selves 😂

  8. Sungjae: the real me only shows when I'm comfortable, and Joy is the one that allows me to be like that.

    Years had past and yet here I am still looking forward for you to be reunited in one drama! 😍🥰 Make it real, please! 🙏

  9. They really take care of each other they are like teenagers couples.TEEN HUSBAND and TEEN WIFE


  11. *looks at Joy's dress*….*inserts dirty thought*…………. I wonder what would happen if she was wearing pa-

  12. While watching Jibsabu I notice that Sungjae is quiet unless spoken to. He's comfortable with his jibsabu hyungs and the masters but not like this.

    He's right when he said that he shows his true self only when he's this level of comfortable. This level is when he's with his BTOB hyungs.

  13. I really love this kind of relationship, someone you can play around but still care for each other. They are just kids playing around and have fun while taking care and loving too. In love, you don't need to be always romantic or serious to keep your image. Just be yourself and I like this type of Joy and Sungjae.

  14. "Look for a partner you feel comfortable around, because at the end the play have to end" he said she makes him feel comfortable to show his real self, if that's not love, THEN WTF IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN

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