WATCH Tom Cruise's Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con 2019!

Tom Cruise he shocks the convention making a surprise appearance that literally blew everybody away and maverick did not come empty-handed this is what we've all been waiting to see the first scenes from the Top Gun sequel I feeling that loving feeling 34 years ago I made a movie in San Diego right here I actually shot across the street this is our very first trailer you are the first people in the world to see the 57 year old Top Gun himself surprised everyone today walking on stage to introduce the film's trailer obviously it's it's for real so the flying you know we're working with the Navy the flying you see in these pictures everything is real the moment this shot played the entire room erupted in cheers Tom speeding on his motorcycle engaged in the dogfight and our favorite he recreated the iconic volleyball scene it's one of life's mysteries sir secrets how they made Top Gun maps aerial footages is an intro Tom Cruise style the movie is making Hollywood history you're using some technology on this that is never never before seen I was shooting the movie in the 6k even a-listers can't wait to see maverick back in action after the trailer dropped Chris Pratt we did take my money the end is inevitable maverick maybe so sorry but not today

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