Hello, gorgeous! What are you watching? Are you watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race”? Yes, I think you are! So nice. Hello! Today there’s a bl- Today the vlog is in Swedish. Oh, hello! Come here! Is it even a Sanna video without a cat in it? You are so cute! You are so cute. You are my baby. Do you want to sit in the window? Wait, we can make room for you in the window. You can sit in the window. She likes to sit in the window. So maybe she feels like we’re intruding her space. Or? The camera’s in your way. What do you want? I’m putting the camera here. I hope it’s okay for you. Today the video will be in Swedish. I’ll be thinking about what I sound like in this video. Because I had a conversation with my friend Fanny. And she said that I sound different – What is making that sound? She said I sound different from when I talk in real life and when I talk in videos. I know but I don’t know how… So today is Thursday and I’m going to a panel discussion later. At Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. I’ll be sitting in a panel and discussing how you can make sustainable consumption commercially. Which is very interesting. So I’ve been asked together with another girl if we want to participate. It’s through F/ACT MOVEMENT that I’ve had the possibility to participate. It’s me and another f/activist who’s going to talk. Yes, we are. So that is what we’re going to do tonight at 6 o’clock. 6 o’clock. Me and Lilly are going later. I’m brining my sister Lilly as support because I get so very nervous. Meya was suppose to come but she couldn’t It’s so good that I have so many sisters, so you can just: You can’t? Okay, next. Can you? No? Okay. You? Somebody might be able to. And Lilly can so she’s coming. I have to study. I have to read textbooks. It feels like I’m falling behind in this course. Such boring course as well… “Exam” Done! And our dear f/activists, Karin and Sanna. Welcome up. During these 6 months try different way to activate one’s wardrobe. So we had different workshops. Monthly themes one can say, within redesign, within mending, within clothes-care, we went to a shoemaker once, styling to say the least. In between the meetings, different challenges to participate in and share on social media. Tell us, how was it to participate in the project? And why did you apply for it? I applied because clothes are fun. But you hear about it having such an impact on the climate. I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about how it effects and how I, as a consumer can make demands. And to get a hold on clothes without it being newly produced. And to make use of what I already have in my wardrobe. Same for me. Creativity when it comes to clothes. I’ve got it back. And changed the pattern of my consumption. To have a sustainable mindset. What do you have to say about that? Guilt and demands, are they driving forces? Or reasons to want to make a change? Can you relate to any of that? Absolutely. One knows it’s not sustainable to shop and it’s not something one want to continue. But it’s a craving for something we don’t already have. But I feel like that’s something F/ACT MOVEMENT has helped me with to make use of what I already have and see the possibilities in that. To use and activate one’s wardrobe. And above all, that it’s fun. To not do something just because it’s salutary. It is that as well but above all, keep the joy in clothes. I don’t think one continues, otherwise. When we started the project with the wardrobe declutter. One found clothes that were forgotten. One found joy in them again. Also, I feel like I don’t want to let Greta [Thunberg] down. I do it partly because it’s healthy and one wants to be clever and it’s good for the environment. But it’s also very fun. Exactly, and because it’s fun. It was very exiting to be a part of this project because we were able to share it with others. It became a joint project. One did it for oneself but also because one was part of a context. We got so inspired by each other. It made one want to continue. Have you changed as consumers? The people taking part were interested in this [fashion]. And different way of being consumers. A lot of you knew the topic but wanted to learn more, and others knew newer. But at the same times there might have been two ways you buy newly produced or second hand. And most of us [generally] purchase newly produced. But now there’s starting to pop up new ways of consuming. Different rental services. Is that something you think you could do instead of buying clothes? I think so, absolutely. A the moment I don’t really see it as – It’s more the case of, if you’re attending something special and you need a special kind of dress. That’s probably when I would rent. This constant flow of a subscription partly not suitable for budget if you’re a student maybe. But If one tries maybe they like it. We got to borrow from a “lending wardrobe” and we had the possibility of renting from companies. But it wasn’t something I took advantage of at the time. I’ll just mention; we invited those kind of services in the project since the f/activists had behaved sustainable they were rewarded with “credits” to use to borrow a piece from the “lending wardrobe”. I think that activating ones wardrobe is the first thing that is eye opening. And then it’s also fun to get input and it doesn’t have to be from new things. It can be borrowing something from a friend. And then of course renting can be an alternative. But for me that lies farther away from me. I have so many other possibilities. Thank you for taking your time and participating. Applause for the panel. You are welcome to come back. Thank you. What did you think, Lilly? It was good. Primetime. Is it Primetime now? Lilly and I are home now. It was fun and informative and exciting. It was fun to see two of the girls from the F/ACT MOVEMENT project. But also Adrian who had a big role in the project. It was fun that people came and watched. I was really nervous. I- I- Yes… It was fun. Very fun. It went really quickly. We had an hour and 15. And that just flew past. But now we’re home. I’m not gonna do much more. Drink some tea, get ready and go to bed. So I’ll end the vlog here. Thank you so much for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it. And I’ll see you in my next video. Take care. Bye!

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  1. vad trevlig liten vlogg 🙌 faktiskt, jag lär mig svenska och dina videor hjälper mig att öva och samtidigt är roliga att titta på! mer av dessa! taack och ha det bra 😊

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