Vito and Camila cross paths | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Finally! Alright. Here we go. I’m ready. Boss. Are you sure about this? I’ve seen that tree before. I’m sure it’s the same tree
Mister Andres was talking about. Alright, then.
Which way should we go? Follow me. Alright. Let’s do this! Gosh! Wow! Do you think that’s where
she was violated? What happened to her
was horrible! Anyway, boss… It happened years ago. Besides, this forest is deep.
Just look! Other people are also saying
that an evil spirit lives here. Do you really think
we should do this? Boss! Boss! Wait for me! That gown looks so simple
for Emma. She needs a perfect gown
for the ball. She’ll be one of the dancers
for the event. Wow! chosen for the dance? Of course! That’s why I’m chosen
to be part of it every year. But for this year… …Emma will be one
of the ladies dancing to open the ceremonies. And of course,
Luis will be her escort. Right? I let you know every single
thing I do here in Las Espadas. Why would you feel bad
for someone… Your focus should be
how we can… Did I ever lie to you, Emma? Push the right button, and everyone can kill, everyone can hurt somebody! Emma! Don’t tell me you’re sulking because Elias
isn’t your partner to the ball? Oh, please! I saw the way you looked
at each other at the hospital. Believe me about boys. They’re useless,
and they make you stupid. And would you believe, I have an ex-boyfriend
wanted for illegal drugs? As in nationwide manhunt level. Really? Who is it? Okay, darling.
You can change now. Come on, I’ll show you some
of my collections inside. Ouch! That hurts! Wait! Okay, go on. Hey, boss. Do you remember it now? Boss? Wait. Okay. Wait for me here, darling. I’ll get the gowns. Excuse me. Tatiana dela Torre
is really gorgeous, Ma. I saw her the other day. No wonder she’s able to work
as a model in many countries. Oh dear! That woman is shameless. We’re only 17 years old
when she got pregnant. No one knows
who the guy was. Rumor has it
that he’s a married man. Well, I won’t be surprised. She had a boyfriend
who’s a drug syndicate member! Sonny Teng! Really? So he’s the father of her baby? Impossible. She’s already pregnant when Sonny Teng
appeared here. How did you know about
all this, Ma? Of course,
you know me. Hi, Melissa! Ma’am Tati? Hey! Boss! Boss! Boss, let’s leave here! That’s only the wind, Aran. I don’t think so. Hey! What is it now? Wait, boss! Where did she go? Did you see where she went? I’m so exhausted. Can we rest for a while? Hey! – Hey!
– What is it? Stop right there!

100 thoughts on “Vito and Camila cross paths | TKB (With Eng Subs)

  1. Team Vito pa rn ako. Ewan ko ba sobra akong kinililig sa kanila ni Camila. Great Love nila isa't isa ❀❀❀

  2. Parang si fabio magiging kalaban sa huli, biglang sulpot character nito eh, bka naman may hidden agenda ito, at sya ang punot dulo ng lahat, napaikot niya lng si camila

  3. One Great love ni Vito si Camila .. napilitan lang xa kay Tessa.. #TheKillerBridePaVictim Csmila Vito forever.. The Killer Bride.. ❀️πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. Feel ko yung ex ni Tati is si Fabio tas yung anak nila is si Emma kaya magaan ang loob ni Fabio kay Emma. HAHAHHAA ewan theory ko lang to🀣

  5. Hmmn.. They're useless and makes you stupid.. tch! esp. those who are playing with other women and telling you they're not doing it, though you already knew it 'cause he said it in front of you before na wala syang bisyo "nambababae lng" 😀

  6. This episode made me think na bagay si maja as marem then Geoff as achilles, fabio as dencio then janella as amber and josh as sibalπŸ˜‚ wattpader hereπŸ™Œ

  7. Maganda yung plot Ng story kaya lang Paulit ulit Ang mga scene, 1 scene from past episodes 3 times ata nauulit, nakakaumay panoorin.

  8. Siguro nag tataka din si camilla kung bakit andun si Vito sa gubat.. Sana malaman niyang nag iimbistiga rin si Vito.

  9. Excuse me po. Hindi ko ka gets ung puno na kambal ba un ung hinahanap nila? Haha hindi ata nahagip ng tenga ko nung nanunuod ako

  10. Camilla and fabio parin ako. Kahit true love and og leading man si vito, the way he turned his back on camilla before just still doesnt sit well w/ me. He doubted her right away. Camilla deserves a fabio not a vito

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