30 thoughts on “Vinyl Records In The Digital Age?

  1. It's always interesting hearing people's music stories, or specifically how they got into vinyl. Your passion for the format really comes through, Pad! <3

    Mine all kicked off in the attic, when I was only 11 or 12. Back before I was ever really "into music", I was looking for an old games console up there and found my Mum's collection, and brought down Bob Marley – Legend with the game because "hey, it's that Rasta dude, that'll look cool on my shelf". It sat there for a long while with Bob staring back at me, until I dusted off the record player and that music, so different from the limited few bands I'd know up to that point, really opened my eyes. For the longest time it was the only record I actually had and played, until I found Mum's beat up copy of "Never Mind The Bollocks", which was a paradigm shift for me. It came at about the time I picked up an instrument (drums) for the first time and the stage was set. We formed a Garage band at school and my passion for listening to and making music was set in stone.

    I count myself lucky as a twenty-something guy that grew up with vinyl and sees that discovery and crate-digging aspect as the norm, something that I am fully aware is not the case for everyone. Even at a time when it was just starting to blow up in the late 2000's, I never got the appeal of digital music when I could find all these amazing songs and artists sitting in attics, at yard sales and in thrift stores. It's been a joy and a passion ever since, and on the same note I get a lot of joy out of seeing other people go through that same journey of discovery, so this video really put a smile on my face. <3

    Admittedly, it got a bit silly at university and I'm now in possession of 250-odd records across more genres than I care to list. So I started on tapes last year, and it blew my mind that so many new albums were coming out on a format I considered completely dead. That properly got me into Vaporwave and Future Funk, genres I was aware of but never understood were so vibrant and accessible. Now I'm well and truly down the rabbit hole, have gotten to know some awesome people, and it's pretty much a lifestyle. No regrets. 🙂

    And side note – Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard is a great album. <3

  2. had no idea you had this many records Pad. I think you can safely present some non-Vapor stuff sometimes on the channel. I'd like to see that too personally

  3. I started Collecting vinyls in early 2018 , and i started collecting fast because my uncle gave me a record player which he didn't want ,i used Abbey Road for my introduction to vinyl and the beatles , and from that day , ive gotten alot into rock and sometimes its all i listen to , and ive been collecting vinyls from that day

  4. I feel you on having to regain my patience for music. I can click through all my rips and downloads without a care, but I'm losing the ability to sit down with any music. Records, CDs, and Cassettes force me back into the old ways.

  5. I only own like 5 vinyl records so far, but my favorite LP is Skiptracing by Mild High Club. Interestingly, the entire album is made by one person, all of the instruments you hear are played by this one dude. It’s impressive. The first time I listened to the album on YouTube I instantly fell in love. I was happy to see it was available on Discogs for like 10 bucks so I just bought it even though I didn’t have a record player at the time!

  6. yo but how to get a decent record player for cheap, those crosbys are everywhere but they're trash and i ve been hunting at thrift stores or garage sales but no one around here seems to have any older models for sell, it seems lie my only option is something out of my price range, im pretty broke so my limit is like 60 bucks, but ive already gotten a few records as gifts (though i never asked for them) and wanna spin em

  7. Pretty awesome video, discovering new sound that you don't really know through a Vinyl disc is probably the most satisfactory thing that you must have experienced! Those things are not going to discover for themselves, so go! and look for them!

    Also, it's 1:00 AM and I have a physics test and a mathematics
    exposition tomorrow or today idk and I haven't studied for it so…Wish me luck 🙁

  8. I think its more of nostalgic reason for me. My dad gave me his record collection. I wanted to fill in the gaps and add my favorities. Also replacing some of the ones he had back in the day.

  9. I want to invest into physical music again, but I need to travel light these days so I'm living my vinyl collector multiverse self via Pad 😀

  10. Its so easy to lose digital music, I own vinyls that I know I will never want to forget, things I'd love to share with my future children!

  11. Confidence and compromise eh?

    Yo Pad, I'll give you a very fair 20 bucks for that sweet Blank Banshee 0 you got there, and 30 for MEGA if you have that. I can guarantee they will be spun at least once a day in a nice home, and will be housed in alphabetical order. What do you say?

  12. How dare you throw shade at my boi Herb Alpert.
    I kid. Love your vids, Pad. Stay brilliant

  13. You are so lucky to have girlfriend that supports your hobby. My wife always points record shops and sales events to me even when we are in hurry so we can visit there later. Btw for those who are getting into record collecting get some spices cos you'll be eating ramen alot.

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