Victoria’s Truth Fashion Show (Featuring REAL Women)

[ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ]
Thank you, thank you! Sit down, sit down! Welcome to “A Little Late
with Lilly Singh”! Y’all like that?
Did you like that? [ Cheers and applause ]
Okay. Okay. Now, as you may have heard, the
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was recently cancelled. Victoria’s Secret has
always been a little out of touch. Despite being a company that
designs clothing for women — let’s be real —
it’s really for men. Their ads show
sexy, half-naked supermodels rolling around in bed,
hiding behind some curtains, and just straight up pushing
their boobs together in front of a white background. Now, over the years,
they rejected models for being too curvy
or having natural hair. And the skin tones
rarely went darker than the shade
Olive Garden Breadstick. And the list goes on. So, this year,
after a senior executive made discriminatory comments, the catwalk finally
ran out of lives. Those Angels
finally went to heaven. Well, now that the
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has ended, everyone at
“A Little Late” thought it was time to launch a
new, more realistic one, featuring real women in what
they actually wear to bed. That’s right — it’s time for
the first annual Victoria’s Truth Fashion Show. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ I am so excited to see
this year’s show. Let’s get it started right now! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] It looks like we’re starting off
with a classic sleep look — the baggy T-shirt
with no bottoms. She’s straight up
Winnie the Pooh’ing it. It’s comfortable, it’s cozy,
and it’s easier to take a leak in the middle of the night. Give it a round of applause.
Work it! Yes! Now, this next bedroom look is
from the House of Targét. [ Cheers and applause ] Loving it because her
mother-in-law makes everyone put one on
for a family photo. I’d say sweet dreams, but that
flannel does not breathe, so sweat dreams. Whoo! Yes! Oh, people are really going to
be talking about this look. A woman who deals with
sleep apnea does not have time
for anything but comfort. The sweatpants are from her
college boyfriend, but they fit perfectly
if she just rolls them three times at the waist. And while the mask may not
help with her sex life, her snoring is
finally under control. Here’s an absolute essential
piece for any wardrobe — the onesie! It’s the perfect look for when you’re okay with
your partner cuddling but there’s no way anything
freaky is going to happen. And in case the outfit didn’t
make it clear, she’s also wearing a night guard
so she can literally say… -“Not gonna happen.” -And if you’re thinking,
“That’s not a night guard,” you’re right. It’s a mouth guard
she got from Sports Authority for her TMJ, because the one her
dentist recommended was not covered by insurance. Oh, yes! I am loving the intricate layers
on this next design already. She got a great deal on a
basement apartment, but too bad there’s no key. She could easily tell
her building manager about it, but he never responds,
and who wants to call? That sounds like too much work. Just wrap that comforter tight
around you and — aww! — you’re a brrrr-ito. Yeah! Here’s an unexpected look
on the runway. Whoo! It’s the woman
who sleeps fully nude. No matter what temperature it
is, she can’t fall asleep with a single stitch of clothing
touching her body. She tried it drunk once
and has never looked back. Now she greets each day
like a fresh thing. What a fun surprise for
her roommates. Work it! Is this from
the sportswear collection? No. She put this on at 8:00 a.m.
this morning, and 14 hours later, she has
still not gone to the gym. The good news is, what’s
comfortable for yoga class is just as comfortable for bed. All you can do is
try again tomorrow, and, hey,
you’re already dressed. Get it! Ooh, yes! We have our grand finale
in sleep fashion. She’s beauty. She’s grace. Or at least she was. It’s the woman wearing the exact
outfit she wore last night! Whoo! Our model got too drunk
at the club and didn’t have time
to take anything off before passing out
next to a full glass of water. She’s already 20 minutes
late for work, so she’s got to throw on
a new top and hope she can scrub the stamp
off her hand on the way there. Give it up for her. Whoo!
[ Cheers and applause ] Let’s see all of our
Victoria’s Truth models again. They’re really setting the bar
for 2020 fashion. And it’s so nice to watch
a fashion show that doesn’t make me
hate myself. Thanks to all the models.
Yes! You’re doing amazing, sweetie.
Work it! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! That was our
Victoria’s Truth Fashion Show! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Victoria’s Truth Fashion Show (Featuring REAL Women)

  1. Omg !!! You manage to break the glass ceiling of talentless hack unfunny cringe !! For the love of god stop this hacktivist of no ability cringe !! Whoever green lit this show has to be fired by now

  2. To all those who are making videos of Lilly and criticising this show, so this is what you hate y'all??? This show? Which is unqiue and different and represents so many people? This segment was soo goood, that women come in all shape and sizes and we shouldn't hate our bodies just because the society has made up a beauty standard !!!

  3. Your hate and racist behavior knows no bounds! Your now bashing women because they happen to be Victoria secret models !??! Wow you just get more and more low class and hateful day by day . I think you need to se a mental hospital and fast!

  4. Just because VS women are skinny doesnt make them any less "real". Being inclusive should mean EVERY body type. Few years ago we discriminated curvy women for being "unappealing" and now we are calling skinny women "unrealistic". Body size shouldnt matter in inclusivity. Because the current trend will keep changing. It is not good to exclude a particular body type women to regardless of whether they are in trend or not. If you are skinny, cant gain a curvy structure which seems to be the trend, you are not unrealistic or unappealing.

    Other than that, great concept and great thought process. Just fine tune the message more

  5. Lilly was always about promoting what you love, not bashing what you hate.
    I understand that this is for comedy purposes… But I just felt bad about the people involved in VS.
    Lilly I think you are a really smart and influent people. Keep up the good work.

  6. Firstly, it is simply a fashion show which is used to sell their merchandise. If you dont like it, dont watch it. Its so weird to see that you need validation because youre that curvy body type. No one is underestimating your body type because of these shows. There are thin people and there are curvy people and there are people in between. I dont get why people take it so seriously. Secondly, not all of these models are white. Many of them are black, Asian, etc. they have diversified their model lineup. Thirdly, they are allowed to wear their natural hair. Many black models rock their short haircut. Victorias Secret are a lingerie brand. Why the fuck would they show wheelchairs, drunk women and women with sleep apnea? Lastly, none of the models are anorexic. They are all healthy and they work out and take utmost care of their bodies. They hurt have a certain body type. Thin doesnt always mean unhealthy. These fat women here are promoting the wrong things. You shouldnt feel conscious about your body type but you shouldnt be extremely obese either. Taking care of yourself is key, no matter what body type you have.

  7. there should be a model who wears to bed what she'll wear to the morning college class tomorrow in advance so that she can catch more sleep

  8. Disgusting fat fuglies are real women now?
    Lilly you'll never make it to Victoria's Secret in a 100 generations but no need to be butthurt about it

  9. So…the models who walk the runway arent real?? Hey Im all for representation but those women work hard for the body they have. They are pretty real of you ask me.

  10. Im 510, 115lbs, and work out hard every day so I have roughly the same dimensions as a VS angel. I never sleep in my makeup, I have a strict skincare routine, and a strict vegan diet. I love Victorias Secret lingerie and sleepwear particularly since I cant find a 32D at target or Zara or forever 21. I work really hard to be healthy and fit and for that Im not a real woman. And one of the only things I watch on television, a fashion show that for the last 5 years shown beautiful, athletic, and diverse women in gorgeous fashion gets canceled because the models arent real. Screw that.

  11. This whole show is 100% COMPLETELY devoid of humor. This isnt edgy, or irreverent, or woke, its just totally unfunny. Its actually upsetting. lilly just seems like an awful person. An egomaniac with an inferiority complex, a lot like Donald Trump.

  12. "the catwalk finally ran out of lives, those angels finally went to heaven"… the fashion show will be back… and better, and the angels didn't go anywhere, they still have an iconic 14-angel cast plus they are diverse now, soo fuck off, plus that skin color thing and natural hair was solved like 3 or 4 years ago years ago, GROW UP BITCH. and inform yourself please, before you say any of this FUCKERIES again, which are lies

  13. they do sexy stuff in commercial not for men of course, so that women say like wow that's sexy and emporwering, i want to buy one bra so that i can feel sexy, if you ask me what's for men, my answer would be si swimsuit, also, it's ok to be a woman and be sexy as it is, jsut bc they are sexy, doesn't mean they are tempting men, also they use model that are not the sexiest in the industry, but women loves them, (alexina, karlie, etc.) and you just shamed women that take sexy photos telling them that it is all for men… DISSAPOINTING

  14. This makes me intrested in the women even a million times more as a straight man. You know not only did the people in power set impossible beauty standards for women but by that set an unrealistic picture of what I want (can't speak for all men). My friends show me a picture of a "hot girl" and they're like isn't she amazing and I'm like "yeah" when actually what I'm thinking is I hope this women is okay and healthy because that seems a little unnatural. Who set the rules in the world like this I'd like to speak to him.

  15. I lost interest after she started showing people who never changed after party, and yoga class or whatever! Because theres no end to that list. And its repetitive. More importantly, how do you possibly skip pyjamas and a tee? Im judging

  16. I understand but at the same time dont put hate on real women that are skinny natural. Im not skinny but I know people that are underweight and try to actually gain weight . So those skinny people are "fake " women . Only fat women are real….

  17. I am the brr-ito so much. I spent all day yesterday in a blanket. Plus I love how realistic this is, and totally agree when you say that it is a fashion show that is realistic and does not make women hate themselves. Can I ask where do I get a blanket like that?

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