Vegan Fashion Is The Future

– [Man] The start is Vegan Fashion Week, this is the start. (upbeat music) – The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries, and there’s so much unethical treatment. – The fashion industry is one of the most polluted industries in the
world, after the meat industry and after the oil industry. So we have to find solutions
that are based on plants, like use pineapple or apple leather, or it’s mushroom leather, but of course, it’s a big problem how
to make a production and to change our habits. – There’s a lot of
brands that are starting to pay attention to the way
they source their fabric, how they develop their
products, and that’s one of the reasons why
I got into designing and thinking of different fabrics
and ways that I can create something that I still
enjoy and appreciate. – Vegan fashion is not only cruelty free but it’s also extremely sustainable. At wastedLA, we emphasize
upcycled clothing made out of unconventional materials. – We really try to rescue
products and pieces from landfills. – The brand Enda started
with my personal journey of becoming vegan. We focus on alternative
materials for leather and fur, we try to minimize all the
paper waste that we create during the process, the
fabrics, the alloy plastics. – My brand is called Mistohn. Most of the fabrics
that we use are organic. I hope that this vegan
fashion week is able to inspire every designer,
even people, patrons, who just wanna be around fashion. – Luxury fashion is so
connected with animal derived materials, so it’s hard
to break the pattern. – The future of fashion has to change, it has to be ethical to people, it has to take care of the planet,
and the water and the air, it has to be compassionate. It has to rethink the mode of production. – The very first vegan fashion week, it really shows that we’re ready to start moving in that direction for
more sustainable clothes. We’re ready to show the
world that vegan fashion or sustainable fashion is high fashion. – I never wanted to do
things and make it be like, okay well this is vegan specifically, I rather you just know
that this is something that is really cool and it
happens to be cruelty free. I think cruelty free fashion
I’d actually like to see that label transform,
or transcend into just fashion across the board. It’s very important to
start somewhere, you know, and I think the start
is vegan fashion week, this is the start. (applause)

7 thoughts on “Vegan Fashion Is The Future

  1. Vegan fashion is bad for the environment

    And that's not all: To the extent that the vegan lifestyle has become the new mainstream, accusations by environmentalists are increasing who support animal welfare in principle but not the use of synthetic materials. What is sold as vegan "leather" is often nothing but polyester or polyurethane. In other words, a plastic fiber that first of all, is made from crude oil and is therefore not renewable. Second, it is not biodegradable and thus littering our planet and third, reaches the food chain in the form of microplastics. And fourth: There is currently no way to recycle shoes. Vegan wool substitutes are also problematic: The synthetic fibre Polyacryl is used to achieve a wool-like look.

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