Use This Tip to Increase Social Media Engagement

Hey, what’s up? I just wanted to share
with you a strategy that’s really working well for me inside of my
Facebook group because I think you could get some value out of it. Basically,
something that I’m doing is I’ve made a post here, and if you can see this, and it
says what is one goal that you have for this week. Now you know as well as I do
sometimes you’ll get engagement on a post, sometimes you won’t. So something
that I’m doing to really increase my engagement here is I start to tag
different members of our Facebook group inside of the comments. So, for example,
what is the one goal that you have for this week? I’ll say, Jennifer Campbell,
what’s on your mind? Sandra Rocourt, how can we help you with a goal this week? Michael Hudson, there’s no shortage of cool things happening in
your world. Care to share a goal for the week? I bet a goal from Kristina Paider is
to fill spots for her amazing upcoming writers retreat. Josh McLean, how’s your course coming along? Do you have a goal for that this week? And so what’s really cool is, look at all of this engagement. Not only are those
people writing in response, but then other members of the group are starting
to reply as well because my engagement is much higher, right? And so I feel like
the more that you can start to tag members of your community, the more
engagement you’ll get and the more progress that you can make overall. It’s
really about developing personal connections with the people inside of
your organization, and you do that through little shout-outs like this. And
it doesn’t have to mean that you have to have like a master spreadsheet where
you’re keeping track of what everybody in your organization is doing. That would
be crazy, right? There’s no way we could do that. But what happens is, like I’ll
just be scrolling my Facebook feed and I’ll see that Kristina Paider just put
out an offer for a writers retreat that she’s doing. So I can pick up on that and
make a commenter in my Facebook group, calling that out. Kristina is gonna feel
like, wow, she was really paying attention that’s awesome Josh McLean is somebody that I had a conversation with months ago, and I knew that he was developing a
course. I haven’t followed up with him in a while. I haven’t heard anything in a
while. And so it was really easy for me just to make a
shout-out on this group post and hold him accountable to then reaching back
out and engaging with me, holding myself accountable to wanting to build that
relationship further. And he’s gonna feel like, wow, Amber remembered that or, wow, I feel really supported right now. And again, because now we’re building up
all of these comments on this post, it’s increasing engagement which means
that Facebook is going to start to show more people in our community this
particular post. And it’s just going to power more and more engagement. So I
wanted to share that with you today as a simple tip that I’m doing to get my
results up, and I welcome you to start to adopt that as well. All right. Let me know
what you think about this.

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