77 thoughts on “US plans to add social media screening to visa applications

  1. Talk about invasion of privacy. Watch them turn innocent hard working people away just cause of a famous quote they posted

  2. The arabs babylonians jews and black Egyptian islamic antichrist rich kids come with visa to college and universities so they get a degree but instead of going back to they countries they stay and of course merry a white women . can you see the.arabs jews plan to destroy white men Christian.

  3. They don't need the passwords because they can hack them when ever they want. Thanks to the NSA mega super computers in Utah.

  4. Trump wants to protect US citizens but the morons want to let any idiot in that wants in they are hell-bent on destroying our country!

  5. Trump once again proving how much he cares for the country. A true inspiration for Americans everywhere.

  6. Good idea!! Catch them at the gate before they come in to be illegal or be terrorists, or plan to commit crimes. Amen Lord!! Great Idea!!!

  7. I love privacy just as much as the next man but, If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear. AMERICA FIRST!! TRUMP 2020!!

  8. Progressive Liberal Degenerates were historically kept locked up in Sanitariums. Some of them escaped and got elected to public office . They then used their positions in public office to close the Sanitariums and release their affiliates onto Society. Now you can even find them Approving the Monetization of Animal Beastiality Videos right here on YouTube's staff.

  9. Visa Questions: yes or no
    (1) Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
    (2) Do you think Bernie Sanders would be a good US president?
    (3) Do you like to watch CNN?

  10. If a terrorist wants to enter the country 1. They won’t have social media accounts 2. They will use a boat from Mexico

  11. Not sure on this one.. privacy is important. Unless you're an idiot you aren't going to discuss your devious plans on Facebook

  12. What good will this do when it does not apply to all countries? For example….some European countries are no longer what they used to be…. meaning they nowdays have lots of people originating from middle eastern or african countries.
    Are all these people terrorists or terrorist friendly? Nope, but some are….

  13. This makes a lot of sense. People with radical views n causes will have unsavory ties n pov.
    It's a very good move! Trump all the way! Perfectly reasonable!! If you are innocent, you've got nothing to hide.

  14. Perhaps Americans should be looking at the evil that permeates from Washington and all the atrocities they have committed the past 17 years?.

  15. Hmm i hope they dont mind with my antimuslim comment on facebook and the fact my already die bless his soul grandfather was a part of deathsquad again opposition party for the goverment 3 decade ago

  16. The CIA has already been watching your history on Facebook for years, so Trump is late. The way how I see it, if you're not doing any criminal activity you have nothing to worry about.

  17. Good!!! If you speak on hating Americans and what you would do to them in a violent way you should not be allowed here…

  18. Don’t see anything wrong with this. Social media post are already out there for everyone to see. They’re not asking for passwords.

  19. I think they should go through AI detective analyses and DNA screen as well. Make sure they are genetic pro-US. You never know if someone would change his mind later. LOL.

  20. Extreme vetting with borders WIDE OPEN, right, look the caravan of illegals…………….
    Look at Europe, you learned NOTHING!
    Wtf Trump's doing………

    With regards from Europe.

  21. We provide these social media screenings to the public here in the US to help you delete your negative content.

  22. Check us out online to get your Personal Social Media Screening before it’s too late!

  23. I wish EU had the same thing. That’s a real way of taking care of your country! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Greetings from Croatia!

  24. I believe this is an extreme violation of the sacred freedom of speech commandment of the US…

    Suppose a prospecting tourist is a regular at Communist meme pages and shares communist jokes?!

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