45 thoughts on “US B-52 bombers send warning message to Iran

  1. – Ronald Reagan has threatened Iran… then Iran took over Lebanon 🇱🇧

    – Goerge H.W. Bush has threatened Iran… then Iran took over Afghanistan 🇦🇫

    – Goerge W. Bush has threatened Iran… then Iran took over Iraq 🇮🇶

    – Barack Obama has threatened Iran… then Iran took over Syria and Yemen 🇸🇾🇾🇪

    – Donald Trump keeps threatening Iran… then believe me, they are going to take over the whole middle east.

    This proves that either Iran is so smart or the american leaders are too dumb.

  2. The US needs to keep Iranian oil off the market. To keep oil prices up.
    So the oil companies can make more money. The Saudi royal family won't be able to afford their extravagant lifestyle.
    The Koch brothers won't be able to afford to fix our elections

  3. Nobody said we still using these same old plane and aircraft carrier from mash,and everybody is talking big talk,where is the new technology at,I will wait,the TV is the most powerful weapon we have,

  4. This is all depressing-everyone hating everyone. We will all perish together. I have never seen such hatred in my life. It’s all about mankind’s primitive reptile brain and the thirst for power and no one will ever win-we will all lose and be just another failed species. Earth will recover from our scourge and some other species will replace us as the dominant presence on the planet. Why can’t everyone see this coming?

  5. The US Marines suffered nearly 24000 casualties in the 1st 24 hrs after landing on Guam's beaches. Nothing like this has happened to the US since World War Two. Although the Marines in Vietnam suffered more casualties in the Vietnam war they never suffered the intense fighting as the Marines did during the pacific war. The post WW 2 wealth and the indifference to suffering in war has exasperated because Americans have been too busy shopping. Most Americans cannot even know where Iran is on the map. US government wealth has created a political system allowing liars and thieves to run our nation. The world might respect US military might but they hate our guts. Right now Russia is developing and possibly has weapons to shoot down our f 35. As some point in the next 10 years Germany will ask the US military to leave its bases. Shame on the US and those calling themselves Christians who turn their face to suffering and war.

  6. All contrys I had avidence my paster call my faimly to wipe my phone we now separated fight you rub a cripple man you take my monthly income every thing have your way I have no way in my oned contry

  7. England Harry and magain are stelling and fals they rubing lands wealth money they all rub me I no Israel primester u should jail for conspiring with trump and others country

  8. Every decent US -President has waged at least one war. Trump is the greatest US-President of the entire universe. He should lead at least 3 wars. Iran, Venezuela and then China💪💪💪

  9. It's amazing every time the stock market takes a dump Iranian rhetoric takes a jump I think they're the last one on the list according to General Wesley Clark LOL just more Bush Obama Clinton gobbledygook

  10. This is a centuries old conflict between two aggressive monotheistic faiths fighting for world hegemony. It won't end until true seekers of unconditional peace emerge and find solutions beyond violence. It think Jesus said something to that effect, but you wouldn't know it from the actions of either faith's fundamentalists.

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