Ultimate Budget Gaming PCs – AMD vs Intel

what's up guys Jays two cents here and I apologize if I sound nasally I'm starting to get sick I get sick like once or twice a year and yeah so I'm vitamin regimen get up but today you know where else we're doing we are taking two low price or low cost budget builds if around 500 bucks I stay around and it's very difficult to take an Intel bill to cure it to an AMD built for the exact same price but I did my best I'm going to talk about some interesting things here with this and I put my own money on the line so that's always fun cooler masters master key Pro Series of keyboards offer sixteen point seven million color RGB genuine cherry switches a variety of sizes as well as surface mounted controls allowing full customization without the need for stand-alone software learn more by following the link down below alright so I've got about thousand bucks into today's video so please smash that like button if you guys at least appreciate the effort though that said guys just talk about what we got here we've got two systems an AMD build which I showed on Twitter that I was gonna do I got the new athlon x4 950 which is a am for excuses ddr4 and although it's an older architecture I think it's cool because it gives you some forward compatibility in terms of socket right you could buy an excavator bulldozer CPU on the am3+ socket but the problem is you have no forward compatibility that's a dead end there's nowhere to go so at least this gives decent forward compatibility although at this price point though it does limit how far forward you can go because like the motherboard we're using doesn't have overclocking abilities and the power supply we're using doesn't allow us to go too big in terms of power draw so we'll talk about that in a second and then on the Intel side over here you guys got Matt on Twitter that I wasn't comparing it to something like why would you just do a budget bill that would compare it I've haven't really done the budget comparison so we're doing that for the first time ever on this channel we're comparing it to the Intel G 45 60 which is a dual-core 4 thread CPU so it's got hyper threading versus the Athlon older architecture but for physical cores so that should be fun but but here's the hard part when you do a video like this is getting it all to price up evenly because they're not evenly matched in terms of pricing the CPU for the Athlon is $59.99 the Pentium is $89 CPU and although I got it for 59 bucks at micro Center I put the pricing of what most people were gonna pay because one they don't ship and a lot of people don't live near a micro Center so just to keep things as fair and level as possible I'm ahead and put in there the retail pricing also – even though we're using like the same series of motherboards from from gigabyte for this to try and keep it as apples to apples as possible even though it's apples and oranges there's a $20 difference on the motherboards 69 again versus like 89 so you definitely are paying more for Intel so let's run through the price what we're what parts were putting in here real quick they both are gonna be running the same exact graphics card the MSI GTX 10:59 1050 TI 1050 1050 Ti would up the whole thing by like 65 ish dollars so I want to keep this around 500 as close as possible also – these are the single fan cards which are more expensive because our ITX format versus the dual fan card so in order to keep pricing down in the description below we want to list out all the prices and all the parts I use the dual fan which is cheaper same graphics card just a dual fan longer PCB and cheaper so I went ahead and did that but the interesting thing though is this is the first time been able to do a budget bill for around 500 bucks and includes solid state drives and not 128 gig Drive 250 gig drive and Samsung Evo's at that because pricing of nand has really come down so now for 89 bucks you can get a 250 gig a Samsung Evo so those are evenly matched we're also running eight gigabytes each on these systems of ballistics ddr4 the speeds on these actually I can't remember the speeds of 2400 so they're perfectly matched on that again I showed you the motherboards are pretty much the same exact series one Intel one AMD neither of them feature overclocking so that's something to keep in mind this is an a320 chipset versus an h2 70 m chipset it might be a tiny bit up overclocking available on that and then for power supplies there are two different power supplies with the same price we've got the master watt light from core cooler master which is a $35 power supply and then over here we've got the EVGA 450 B which is a bronze whereas this one is just an eighty plus so 50 watts less but higher efficiency rating again got this one for 37 so 2 dollars difference you might be wondering why I didn't buy the exact same power supply I got them at two different times in the store I went to didn't actually have the EVGA for 50 B so I just went with something that was in the same price point and wasn't a cheap knockoff throw away type of power supply one might forget forgetting any here no it's it paces yeah I feel talk about the case these are just $25 cases whatever the cheapest ATX case I could find was we've got a Diablo tech diamond case here we've got a raid Max comment these are no frills try and cut your finger off type of cases because of unrefined sharp edges no cable management no lighting in fact there might even be only one case fan in each of these fortunately these are low power parts so there won't be a lot of heat so that's just a placeholder of 25 bucks you guys can use it in case you want obviously so we've got a 48 dollar difference here 526 on the intel side versus 478 on the AMD side now here's where things are interesting and I'm not sure how I want to proceed I know for a fact I'm going to build both these and compare them but if you add 58 or if you add 48 dollars to the AMD build you could actually remove this guy and include this guy now that's an interesting comparison because you've gotten barre3 or Rison 3 1200 verses which it's new architecture versus 2 cores with hyper-threading 4 physical cores on new architecture so why here's what I think I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna compare these two as in like the cheapest entry-level PC gaming builds you can pretty much buy for each platform and then I think I'll throw in the rise in 1200 and then see what happens because then we're talking like this is like 3 or 4 dollars more than the Intel well that said you know we got to do now we're gonna build him I was gonna ask on Twitter whether or not they thought I should do this comparison I already know the answer so let's just do it you know I brought out the Rison I felt like BAM why do you keep facepalming when I do that now when we're talking just now compared the so the Emlyn now although so the clear winner is the eight oh you're good now I got it ya know so in all of the tests so far that we've done the Intel G 4560 Pentium has beaten the x4 950 Athlon and pretty much every single test across the board clear winner not even by a margin just like way out ahead which I guess makes a whole lot of sense right it's more modern technology it's cable eight processor although it's two cores with hyper-threading the 4 physical cores of the older architecture just simply are not enough to keep up with the Intel but then again it cost you 50 bucks more than what you currently see with the AMD so you should be getting more performance but I do feel like if this is your price point you can't go any higher then the G 4560 is definitely the place you should look so a couple of titles that were pretty interesting like Diablo 3 they'll have a built in benchmark we just did some playing on that and even on the Athlon we're getting a stupid amount of frames no problems playing it on high settings at all World of Warcraft was an interesting one though because that's very CPU intensive as much as it uses GPU for things like shadow and rendering and textures and stuff like that it showed a high frame rate like I showed a decent frame rate right 870 290 FPS the problem was it was extremely stuttering and I couldn't figure that out I couldn't figure out what was causing that and then we jump on over into the Intel system again the frame rates were about the same but extremely smooth so there wasn't figure out what was happening between those two so that was an anomaly worth mentioning though but let's talk about player unknown battlegrounds which is a title that so many people right now are playing it's actually the most played game right now on I think steam and I think it already passed csgo if I'm not mistaken on the last chart I took a look at pretty much identical situation on both days which is kind of interesting because it is an unreal game engine but it's also CPU intensive and it was even though the menu it looked like we were getting lower fps in the Athlon system once we once we in the world and everyone was spread out and all those players weren't condensed in that little starting area then the frame rates weren't great but would you what would you expect and a game that is gonna leverage CPU and need CPU we were getting anywhere between like 30 FPS up to about 55 FPS in some instances up over 60 if you were like indoors or something but still playable experience Nick played it played a whole round and it's very first time and got down to like what you're like number 22 12 Oh number 12 excuse me yeah I'd I'd like I think I was like the fourth one to die when I played some of that anyway Beau's playable if you if you're looking at just getting into PC gaming and not breaking the bank and you don't care about all the eye candy you just care about the story then either one of these systems would do good right fifty dollars or more on the Intel you get definitely $50 worth of performance increase over the Athlon the Athlon you can have for under $500 easily like 478 dollars ago I think the total was but like I said the beginning this video what happens if you have the extra 50 bucks to spend should you spend it on the Intel or is it worth then going with Verizon three twelve hundred so let's go and throw this in there compare it to the Intel again then let's see what we've got it I think the story is gonna change a little bit so I installed the Rhys n3 1200 and redid my tests and before we get into the results I guess I should just go ahead and show you the results yeah they did better than the Athlon as we expected not it didn't do a whole lot better than it which was kind of surprising which member whitson new architecture it's on Verizon or Zen architecture whereas Athlon is on old school architecture and it was still trailing behind the Intel in things like actual games but in benchmarks like heaven right guys 1716 in the untell system and it got a 16 59 in the synthetic so it was only a little bit higher was definitely in between the Athlon and the Intel which surprised me it really did they were so close in performance I was really having a hard time telling the difference between which system was what when you're moving about them so I had a little idea I said you know we've got another youtuber here in the same building I figured why not bring him in and see what he has to think I just got called out because Nick said it was his idea actually was his idea was a good one I'll give him that okay give it gonna bro yeah there you go it's my idea now though system line let's do it so 1080p low I mean at first glance it seems to be running pretty smoothly no FPS counter that's important yeah no FPS counter so I can't cheat this is not great for keyboard to school um it seems to be running a reasonably smooth it's a little stutter II though alright this is uh this is decent I'd say it's very much playable I just noticed the a few stutters here and there but generally speaking it looks to be a pretty smooth frame rate it looks looks really good like the frame rate it's actually not not that bad it's it's pretty smooth you did I definitely see what Austin's saying with the jittering but from afar it almost sold as you know just kind of the bike going over over like bumps in the road and stuff it actually you know I mean it's definitely playable it's not it's it's not uh not the prettiest looking thing I could tell you that but at least it's playable all right so this is system two so supposedly the same settings first glance this looks to be pretty similar I'm that's in any stutters but let me I should get on the motorcycle and stressed a little bit this looks to be a bit smoother so before when I was on the motorcycle that's where I saw some torn frames and yeah a little stutter there it's pretty close there like I don't think there's any kind of hugely significant performance difference that I can see oh yeah at first glance this looks to have a little bit of a more consistent frame rate before I was noticing just a little bit of stuttering but this seems to be a little bit smoother she's really got to had to get myself out of Austin's mess yeah this this definitely looks a tad bit smoother – you guys are fruit smoothies we were talking about Micra stutters yeah it's not it's definitely not as bad as the other one it's there but it's not it's not as not as it's not as a obvious I guess it's it's definitely yeah it is to reiterate what Austin is saying it's definitely smoother and otherwise like things look generally the same so back with system two we have Diablo what settings is this running up Basin I said oh okay so this click in the one two three my Starcraft skills are coming back to me even though this is nothing like I mean this is a pretty solid experience I don't exactly have a lot of sort of skill or experience with Diablo but I mean I would have no problem playing this as is to my eye this is basically flawless like I'm not seeing any sort of like major dropped frames or anything like that I have zero problem playing all the way through the game like this this looks really nice like I'm curious to see what it'll look like on the other machine but this looks really smooth like to the framerate visuals look really nice yeah I mean I'd totally play this on the computer again alright back to system 1 and I actually do think I see a little bit of a difference I should get into some action here but oh man this is a lot harder without like any kind of framerate counter to be able to see like a big difference okay yeah now see it's you just forced to use your eyes now yeah I don't want to use my eyes I want to use a cheating tools it's really hard for me to tell a major difference here we might be a little bit slower but man it's it's hard for me to tell any significant difference oh yeah what I should not have gone in here this is a bad idea what am i doing right now yeah I think the I think the framerate if there is a difference is probably vaguely worse on this one but I really can't tell much at all it's very very close if I had to take a guess I'd say that specifically when we were playing tom clancy's system to seemed to be a little bit smoother as far as Diablo I would give it maybe a slight edge – – but it seemed pretty close to me I feel like gobbles a game that there could be a bigger frame a difference in I can't quite notice quite so much right I don't know yeah I don't really know um I mean I haven't played either game I don't know what optimization horizon is but so what happens when IJ corners us it's like hey yeah try these random pcs you have no idea which ones right so before I reveal which ones which then if you have a preferred system that you've got a plan I would slightly go with the system – but it's a pretty small difference I think either would be totally fine I'd do system two as well like it was it is definitely like smoother overall I feel like especially on the Tom Clancy game but yeah I I think system Jews definitely it really is picking up okay feel like I could be totally happy like if I wasn't really looking for them I don't think I would have noticed them that much it wasn't like ruining the game or anything but having them side by side you could tell the difference yeah I'm legitimately impressed with the Pentium right now actually the thing that's kind of frustrating though about doing budget builds like this is no matter what price point you pick you're always gonna get those people that say well I'll just save up a little more and get this and then if you saved up more then you can apply that again we'll just leave a little more and get this you could you could just a little more save all the way from a budget build like this all the way up to some stupid like skunkworks level build if you just kept applying that logic because realistically the next step up for the Intel if we put it about 20-ish $25 a head of the Rison system is to go to an i3 7100 right and then we put that and then we go well we got to use a 1300 X and we put the 1300 X and is like well we got to go with an AI 373 50k and it just never ends so that's why we're stopping it here guys I'm not declaring a winner I think the Athlon is a really good bargain I really do but the Pentium obviously is a better performer and it should be because it's more money detect it even outperformed the risin 1200 in many tests so depending on what side of the fence you're on though I think it very compelling options especially for the budget build you can get that 60fps pretty much without a problem if you're willing to sacrifice down to medium and low settings depending on the title anyway guys I'm gonna go thanks for watching today's video who do you think won the competition Intel the Athlon or the Rison I think you got some really compelling options on both sides of the fence and that makes this kind of an exciting time especially at the low budget price point but anyway also – we've got Nick come over here we've don't forget guys you got some merch you guys can buy we've got Nick modeling the amazing J's 2 cent shirt in black he's not even on frame go down a little bit so there's you gotta go sideways you can go down and get the there ya go alright guys thanks for watching as always we'll see you in the next one

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  1. Dude, I think they're going about the processors the wrong way.
    Instead of square? Why not round?
    Make the processor round and flat instead of square. Think outside the box man.
    I got some great Ideas for the tech industry.

  2. Really enjoyed this vid, but it's mad how much different the pricing is in the US and UK. Here for £500 you can build a ryzen 5 2600, rx580, 16gb ddr4, 1tb and ssd system if u want.

  3. Wow I found a $500 prebuilt system with better parts and more fps on ultra settings for most games. And yes I know the prices of parts can change.

  4. Thanks for that speech at the end, I noticed that as well, people just say you should spend $30 more and if you do that then they say you should spend just $20 more…

  5. my computer i have been running since built in 2012.
    AMD FX-8120 ,8core processor
    DDR 3 16 gigs,dual channel 2209.7 MHz
    Asus AMD Radeon HD 7950 3gig video,core 500 MHz,memory 1250 Mhz
    Mobo different from my original but i think this is old also Asus M5A78L-M/usb3 (made in dec 2014)Mini-ATX
    250gb ssd by adata and some other random HD's

    still runs great,still runs games that are out current.When i made this mofo it was over 1500$

  6. Please don't even consider the 1050 or 1050ti when the RX 570 is out there. Unless of course you want to do emulation only and care about openGL stability

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