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hi everyone I am back with a new video and this is going to be a tutorial on how I draw the fashion figure using the nine heads technique which I learned from the book nine heads by Nancy Rifleman so a link to where you can find that book and other resources are listed in the description box so feel free to check them out for this tutorial I'm going to keep it super simple and I'm not going to explain too much about the basis of the technique because that can be kind of confusing especially if you're watching this and you just want to get started with drawing the fashion figure this tutorial is basically going to be me showing you how I do it and you are free to copy it step by step in order to learn this method and in a follow-up video I will talk more about the nine heads technique and why it's used in drawing human body proportions as well as how you can use the technique to take off from here and draw different body types to suit your style and the characters you want to draw with the drawing in the fashion figure the nine heads technique is just one of the many ways to learn the proportions there are also the ten heads and the twelve head technique but the nine heads technique creates a more realistic figure so as you can see on the piece of paper here I have drawn ten horizontal lines down on the page and between each line is an inch and I've also labeled each line with the corresponding number like line one line two to make it easier which line I am talking about then the space between each line for example between line 1 and line 2 represents the size of a human head in this video because each line is spaced one inch apart the head size of my figure is also going to be 1 inch and I've also labeled each space as the corresponding head number for example head one head 2 head 3 and so on and I've also drawn an people in the space to represent the head shape and this just gives us an idea of why it's called nine heads techniques because it's nine heads stacked vertically which will then help us identify the placement of each body part also please note that you do not have to draw every single head you can do this for your first time but all we really need to do is draw the ten lines spaced evenly apart because that will save us time for our guidelines so now on to the measurements between line 1 and line 2 is of course the head so I'm drawing an oval shape then a third from the top of head 2 is the neck so I'm just drawing two lines down then half of head 2 is for the shoulders and there are no set measurements for the length of the shoulder line it can be as narrow or as broad as you want and I will explain more of this in the follow-up video for now I'm drawing the line to be roughly wider than the head then the top of head 3 is the apex or the center of this person's boobs so I'm just drawing two circles and starting with geometric shapes like this can make it easier to visualize the body especially when you're just starting out next the top of head 4 is where the waist line will be and because we tend to see small waists in high fashion models this line is usually drawn much shorter than the shoulder line but again it can be as wide or as narrow as you want then a third of head or is for the high hip line and as you see me do before I am connecting the previous line to this new line it creates a trapezium shape since the ideal hips are wider than the waist then the top of head five is where the crotch is so I'm just drawing a triangle from the hip line to this point all the way down to the top of head seven is where the knees are and I'm just drawing circles that are fairly far apart because the pose of this drawing is that she's standing with feet slightly apart the circles also represent the joints and down to the top of head nine are for the ankle slash field and because this is a fashion figure models usually wear heels therefore the entire feet would occupy head nine and we're almost done now it's just time to add in the arms so I drew two circles where the shoulders are just at the edge of the shoulder line and I will connect that to the top of head for where the waist line is because it is also the line for the elbows and once again I am drawing circles for the joints and connecting those back to the shoulders and the top of head five which is where the crash is that guideline is also for the wrists then finally roughly the size of head five I say about two thirds of head five is where the hands are going to be now you can draw the hands as large as head five but I wouldn't draw it any smaller than two-thirds of head five and that is basically it to be honest we don't really need exact measurements to draw the human figure or the fashion figure and further explain this in the follow-up video unfortunately explaining it can make this complicated that's why I left it out so before that video comes out feel free to check out the resources listed below also keep in mind that these are guides only guidelines are definitely just guides and not rules this technique is useful for anyone wanting to learn the basic human proportion in a step-by-step manner and I would highly recommend practicing this along with reference photos and real-life model studies to help you gain a better understanding of human anatomy and while there are guidelines to help with drawing what is considered the ideal body proportions this should not be where you're learning in once again feel free to utilize the tools and resources I have listed in the description box and if you have other resources that you would like to recommend to meet and other people watching this video comment them down below or tweet me at Sara bunions and I will add them to the list and that is it I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already simply liking this video greatly supports this channel and my videos so I would really appreciate it if you hit that like button also you can reach me through my social media which are linked in the description box I've got Facebook Twitter Instagram and Tumblr I also have society6 where you can purchase art merchandise and fine art prints of my artworks and lastly I have store Envy where I sell my original artworks you can email me for a payment plan if you are interested in purchasing any original art from me my email and all my links are listed in the description box feel free to share this video as well it lets people find this channel and this video a lot easier that is it for my shameless plug I really appreciate your support thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one

28 thoughts on “TUTORIAL – Fashion Figure for Beginners | 9 Heads

  1. Hello! This is an updated version of my most popular tutorial and video. Hopefully the quality is better.

    You can also get the guidelines here (as well as a worksheet that you can print if you want to follow along)
    • http://zyrabanez.blogspot.com/2017/04/12042017-9-heads-fashion-figure.html

  2. I watched tons of tutorials about this matter, I'm really bad in the figure; let's just say from waist to toes; it's not proportion. And this is the most helpful tutorial about figures I've ever watched. So thank you for sharing! At first, I really don't know if I'll watch it, I thought 9 head is pertaining to the angle of heads. Lol. I'm glad I watched this.

  3. First, how do you have such good handwriting?! Secondly, is this regular printing paper?… It looks longer than usual

  4. couldn't you technically call this an 8 heads tall figure that's on their tip-e-toes/wearing high heels?

  5. Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, and this helped with my drawings so much!

  6. I've been thinking about applying to fashion design school. I'm beginning to draw figures and this was very helpful & easy to follow. Thank you so much.

  7. 📖 I can add to your list one of my fave books on drawing "Fashion Drawing. Illustration techniques for fashion designers". And thanks for the video!

  8. This tutorial really helped me because I'm trying to become an upcoming fashion designer. I will be friend requesting you later on Facebook.

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