100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

  1. WHO CARES if Schiff likes to make jokes IN PRIVATE or likes the Big Lebowski? That is a SMOKESCREEN or outright lie to deflect from what he actually does.

    It is not what I say, but what I do, that defines me. … well for Schiff this is actually largely the same.

  2. I have a strange suspicion that the Democrats are playing chess and they just one a match in this tournament. My view. They knew they would not prove impeachment. They report success in every press conference with absolute conviction. I thought that was strange but now I see the genius. Pelosi says they won't present the impeachment to the Senate, because it would interfere with the election. That is checkmate. Their followers only listen to the leading Democrats and the liberal networks. They actually believe what they are told, Trump lost. All the liberal news repeat the exact words of the Democrats. Every hearing. Victory. The conclusion. Victory. I know first hand how isolated the liberal voters are. Using the networks this is a massive disinformation campaign that is working. They gave their voters a pound of flesh. Now, on to the elections.

  3. Trump has been bribing people all his life, so he is SHOCKED to find its illegal for the president of the us to bribe people. Too bad Mulvaney ADMITTED bribery on live tv…good luck walking that back….

  4. I'm now 100% convinced Adam Schiff is the biggest most despicable cancerous bald faced liar in Washington DC. And considering the very stiff competition for that honor, that's really quite the accomplishment on his part.

  5. Kudos to Tucker. It takes bowels of steel to watch that Salem Witch Trial reenactment called the impeachment hearings. I would rather stare at the ceiling than watch Shifty Adam 's circus. More exciting to look at a toilet bowl as it is being flushed. Toilet sound better too.

  6. The budget is another historic Trump victory. For the Democrats, a "nightmare" that they should sabotage as much as possible. Democrats are power, money and hatred of Trump and his voters – an ordinary American.

    It is possible that a civil war organized by Antifa, the Left, and the shadow government in the event of the re-election of Tram for a second term. And the failures of the state coup organized by Shift and Strip.

  7. It would not surprise me, if once this impeachment hoax is over and Pelosi drops him, he takes his own life.
    Tucker should present the sad case of the previous big inquisitor Senator McCarthy. Shiff will go down the same way.

  8. Someone needs to keep an eye on Schiff! I don't want to seem paranoid, but I think that Schiff is about to crack!
    He could just freak out, snap and do something unthinkable.

  9. Ever mention someone without personally attacking the way they look or speak? Truly a network that needs to grow up. Fox.. come for the lies, stay for the hate speech.

  10. MEMO: Attention Propaganda Arm of the DNC: From the drool soaked desk of Tom Perez: First off we'd like to express our undying gratitude to George Soros for keeping us afloat, and to the Clinton Foundation for the use of its laundering facilities. DIRECTIVE: For the next 24 hour news cycle, you are to repeat in unison the day's buzz words; "Bombshell" and "Explosive Testimony." Be sure to check your email first thing every morning for the next day's mandatory buzz words, as they change daily. Anyone caught not parroting the day's mandatory buzz words will be labeled a racist Putin sympathizer, and will be excluded from taking part in our annual Obama Taint Licking Contest and as well from the Obama Nut Sack Races during next year's National Cannabis Festival. That is all, and always remember, "Orange Man Bad."

  11. People in this country live on the street but we give millions of dollars to the Ukraine every year, Ukraine, think about it, when will the news talk about that!!!

  12. What a total fizzer. The democrats are a stinking wreck. I will be interesting to see how long the dopey democrat voters cling to the sinking ship before they ditch them.

  13. I love how the left media always talk about how everyday testimony are a "bombshell" against Trump. They aren't even a firecracker at the end. 😂😂😂

  14. Do they all get together and decide to use the same 'keywords'. Keywords vetted by a focus group? I heard there was a focus group that was asked which crime seemed more impeachable and bribery won. These people suck.

  15. Big Media is so Full of Bombshell Shiet/ Fox News and Tucker Carlson is GREAT! and thank you YOUTUBE and Google for not joining the Evil Doers of the Left in there censorship propaganda Coup!

  16. As an Australian I'm counting on President Trump winning in 2020. China is our next door neighbor & we need a United America with a great President like Mr Trump as our number 1 ally.

  17. Tucker you are being disingenuous which i know you despise. You say impeaching the president might hurt the democrats chance in winning the election. You, i, them and everyone else knows they have no chance in winning the election now.

  18. They're saying SHIFTEE SHIFT now has his OWN show!!!! The Apprentice was the GREATEST show they've ever had….people are saying!!!! Arnold ISN'T saying THAT!!!……So probably FAKE News CNN is reporting SHIFTY SHIFF television show is BIGGER than MINE….somebody said…..Mine is the BIGGEST in HISTORY…I think it is, Sean Hannity said….YOU WON'T HEAR 12 ANGRY DEMOCRATS saying ANYTHING!!!!!…..

  19. Schiff is a sociopath. He fits all the tests for it, along with the definition:

    A sociopath is a term used to describe someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). People with ASPD can’t understand others’ feelings. They’ll often break rules or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause.

    People with ASPD may also use “mind games” to control friends, family members, co-workers, and even strangers. They may also be perceived as charismatic or charming.

  20. Just this afternoon I checked Gallup latest polling on Trump's approval rating, and his approval among republicans has risen 1 point since the start of the impeachment circus, but what's actually devastating for democrats is that the same poll shows among independent voters, Trump's approval rating has actually risen 4 whole points since the start of the impeachment hearings. And as we all know, it's actually the independent voters who most responsible for electing every one of our presidents. As predicted, democrats are actually losing support among independent voters due to their efforts in trying to undo the 2016 election. Democrats were warned over and over again what would happen if they went the impeachment rout, but as per usual, democrats simply aren't the least bit interested in what the American citizens have to say. On a side note, we'd just like to express our gratitude for the democrats' diligent efforts in campaigning for President Donald Trump's reelection. Your hard work is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use; because as every Red Blooded American knows, without the democrats, President Donald J Trump would not have been possible in the first place. As you were, democrats. As you were.

  21. Mueller Fiasco: Mercury Rx! The Schiff Show Fiasco: Mercury Rx! 2020: The North Pole/Santa Claus Collusion Investigation (Mercury Rx!).

  22. Yes, democrats impeaching President Trump is, politically speaking, an outstanding idea. We Trump voters fully support this approach to ensuring President Donald Trump wins a second term in what's sure to be an electoral landslide, as being supported by the fact that President Trump is actually GAINING approval points in the latest polls since the impeachment process has begun. In fact, I now find myself Googleing for the latest impeachment petitions, just so I can sign them.

  23. The amazing thing is they think Trump supporters are stupid. Then they lose and can't understand why so they create Russia hoaxes.

  24. Schiff has poisoned a lot of vulnerable Americans into believing that trump committed a crime.. Schiff should be ashamed of himself.

  25. Yeah, Schiff is a real "funny" guy, kinda like sitting in a pile of glass shrapnel and Tabasco Sauce, that kind of funny.

  26. CNN trying to make Schiff look like a great guy? Mr ‘Righteous Indignation’
    Did anyone see how much he was blinking while Devin Nunes lecturing him? during his opener.

  27. Everyone I am not political or Affiliated with any party but I am a true American served this country from 1990 1991 in the United States Navy. The difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump is Richard Nixon said he never told a lie that Trump says he never hell's the truth

  28. If President Obama was doing 0,1% from what is happening now will be crucify. You Tucker, you are nothing, a moron, . Your show is a circus , . Is so difficult to be polite regarding you.

  29. one of the most scary things about conservatives in the US, is their pretty much total disinterest or disregard for the truth. winning is the ONLY objective.

    a couple of years ago, conservatives were fighting just as hard as now to convince the public russians weren`t involved in the election.

    now when it is proven without a doubt, they just move the goalpost to – they weren`t involved. with individuals being caught lying at a steady pace along the way.

    this is how they operate on every political and social battleground

  30. Soon it will be president trumps turn and then watch the dems start scurrying away, then we are going to enjoy the show!

  31. My mind is made up……NO MORE TRUMP !!! He's mutated from a butterfly to a cockroach in these past 3 years . NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE !!!!! Bad for my children above all !! Bad for the constitution !!

  32. If you were watching carefully as Tucker put it, you would realise there is quite enough evidence to impeach Trump, and funnily enough the witnesses were mainly Republicans. It’s fine for Fox to try and trivialise and make fun of proceedings, but after hearing Trump call in to Fox and Friends today, l found him to be rambling and incoherent. Something is going on.

  33. I think Schiif is the (fake) whistle-blower. The lying parody creating fake news expert. No witnesses of anything done wrong, no crimes, no business or political malpractice… The only witnesses, were those who admitted, that the president did NOTHING wrong. there shouldn't even be an impeachment vote.

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