Trump voters hit out at media, say Charlottesville was a setup

sir President Trump again attacked the
press last night trying to blame the media for his own controversial comments
on Charlotte’s bill as you are about to hear for many of his most die-hard
supporters those attacks on the press are making a lasting impression on
Monday I sat down with a group of Trump voters from Florida Pennsylvania
Michigan Alabama and Georgia to get their take and they have very strong
opinions about who was to blame for violence in Charlottesville and where
they go to get their information how many of you show of hands were troubled
by the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville none of you
minded how President Trump responded no yeah why did anything wrong with it I
mean he addressed a problem I mean let’s face reality there are problems on both
sides do you think that neo-nazis and white supremacists are the same as those
who are protesting them I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between
Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider both groups are and why are the
people who turned out to protest Nazis now I make sahlan to you the entire
group to me is totally a very stylish kind of group ha
everyone have set fires and burn players to the ground that doesn’t sound like a
very peaceful group to me they did are both the same evil they didn’t use those
tactics in Charlottesville so do not blame the government why do you blame
the governor or the government for a white supremacist mowing down a crowd of
people and killing someone because they didn’t protect the people that day the
people who were marching with the signs do you see them as neo-nazis and white
supremacists I mean it hasn’t been investigated so we
really don’t know who was out there but I’m telling you I’ve seen videos of
other people who were out there who were not neo-nazis you believe that there
were very fine people protest I’ll dude how do you know that I’m only telling
you some videos that I’ve seen it but what’s the source of your videos where
you say Facebook and then when I tried to repost those videos they wouldn’t
allow me is it possible they’re not credible could be but like I said they
need to investigate and find out exactly what was going on out there
vice did an investigation of the people who went
there with a purpose to March for neo-nazis so let me just play a clip so
blood and soil was a Nazi slogan and you heard them saying Jews will not replace
us is it possible that very fine people were in that crowd not an ecru so but
those where’s those those crazy I don’t know what else to call them nycap I
can’t say it on TV but they still have the right to say those crazy things
that’s the night before the clash happen the anti-fog the protesters they didn’t
show up Friday night they showed up Saturday these protesters showed up the
second day they came there to do battle with them they showed up with helmet
body armor clubs they showed up with balloons filled with urine tests and
these guys showed up with automatic weapon and meditative Virginia open
carry is legal you can walk down a carry seems to me that you’re getting these
guys a green light the why not why do you seem more angry at anti-fur then at
the neo-nazis I’m not more angry it’s equal the media is not covering it
they’re only focus on making neo-nazis and white supremacist out to be Trump
supporters and they’re the issue of the problem the reality is of what Trump
said is there were two sides there are two parties that participated he said
those trouble on both sides was there not trouble on both sides and I saw best
on both sides I’m sure you’ve heard the argument there was violence on both
sides of World War two also yeah we were on the right side yes right side in the
wrong side no I’m not okay if there were some people in Antipa okay but most of
them were students including CAD or higher who was killed so why aren’t you
got killed because they didn’t protect her who killed her um to be honest with
you I don’t know because it hasn’t been investigated yet we haven’t heard
anything with the suspect is like I don’t trust anything that the news media
serves anymore and the fact of the matter is we haven’t heard from this
young man like when I first heard this to me
myself i’ma tell you what I some stuff went to my mind I’m like maybe he had a
panic attack why are you giving him a pass I’m not giving him a pass but the
wire you think that I why turning premises 20 try to had a panic attack
how can you be a supremacist of anything he’s 20 years old he’s being dead he’s
going a roof we see all this with other young white men there being aa premises
they’re being led by devil I think we’re moving kind of further away from the
point of the view this conversation should be what happened that day was a
tragedy and it should never have happened to begin with no one here is
supporting the neo-nazis or the white supremacist and that narrative is really
negative but what we are talking about is president Trump’s response and he
stood in front of America and he condemned the violence that occurred
that day you’re talking about three or 400 people in Charlottesville they
didn’t do nothing yeah they’re 60 million people voted
them in president Trump why don’t we get us a those people aren’t nothing y’all
Democrats have idiots Republicans have idiots but we’re talking about us the 60
million that for Trump we don’t think stuff like that why isn’t it the easiest
thing in the world for the president to say neo-nazis have no place in this
country shed whatever is right if I said it was they didn’t know mm doesn’t
generally not a cynic it just happened I think a great portion of it is a
conspiracy I think it was a setup come home from home I think people who want
to derail our president and deal with buses coming in with lots of young
people and protesters coming off the same bus with some wearing black lives
matter and some wearing the KKK shirts they were brought in to cause a
controversy right where are you getting your evidence a lot of it on Facebook
you saw something on face yes yes yes the protesters the anti five people had
an ad on Craigslist recruiting people for $25 an hour to show up for the
protest in Charlottesville uh-huh it’s all over the place you can read the eye
and you try to Facebook more than news organization oh yeah i video for people
who shot at our present yeah you trust your Facebook feed even though you don’t
know the origin or thought or the people are
burns even though you can’t tell me the source of these videos I can pull the
model of the bases on a deeper level the same video ok show me what you found on
your phone Oh video as we did it often Sparky there are videos on YouTube that
are on Facebook there are videos that if you just google Charlotte post-show
Virginia protesters videos they start they all start popping up into the feed
okay somebody I also have a young man who said that they saw these people the
six buses lined up someone that lives in Sean’s room that the six buses were
lined up and people were getting off the bus with KKK shirts on it and BLM
services right what now name that water may not sound credible message while it
may not sound credible to a lot of people to us who don’t trust the news
media and that could be very credible

100 thoughts on “Trump voters hit out at media, say Charlottesville was a setup

  1. Antifa is a bunch of stupid ass kids that have no right to be doing the shit they do they are just as bad as the KKK if not worse and CNN is fake as fuck news along with the rest of the media on TV now days do your research for yourself people and quit watching fake news that Clinton is paying off!!! Clinton news network!!!!

  2. The main point here is that black lives matter, the KKK, and antifa are all equally pieces of shit. These people are really smart to not trust what the mainstream media is telling them because they are clearly bought and just want to tear trump down at any cost.

  3. Trump supporters believe that the world is 6000 yo and Obama was a Muslim Marxist. Fooling the mentally retarded with conspiracies is easy!

  4. The first three people that spoke do not seem very intelligent. They cling to unfounded falsehoods and excuse the white supremacists at rallies. They claim (scream) "fake media" when it's critical of Trump. I wonder what the education level of these Trump supporters is.

  5. Great stuff. The message is.
    NeoNazi’s …Good
    AntiNazi’s …Bad
    Your WW2 dead veterans must be SCREAMING in their graves.
    Is THIS what they won us the War for??

  6. It's like watching the birth of a cult. It's truly terrifying how naive these people are. America – you are an amazing country in many respects – but this kind of shit scares the shit out of the rest of the world. If you're getting your news from your Facebook feed you're a fucking idiot. Full stop. I honestly don't even want to imagine the hellhole America is going to be in like 20 years. And for the cult members posting here, it is possible to think CNN is a terrible news network, and also understand Facebook is a shithole. There are other options – quick trying to inject your cult-like us-vs-them garbage on everything. Think critically – use multiple sources, like a sane person.

  7. So you are saying that facebook where anyone can post anything to get instant popularity is more credible than media who work day in day out?

  8. What the fuck guys, both sides instigated violence. Liberals are trying too hard just to spite trump because they don't agree with his unorthodox but effective tactics. Grow up people

  9. CHARLOTTESVILLE. was a big Detractor put in place by hillary and Obama but all there are doing will never works we still love our PRESIDENT 100 %

  10. Some people were destroyed municipal structure and shops, beating you and call you racists and Neo-Nazis.KKK supporters.That's absurd

  11. Jesus Christ, Daphne is delusional and full of self hate. She doesn’t trust the news but trusts Facebook? It’s unbelievable how much she hates her own race. Aww, look it’s the cute little cucks holding tiki torches.

  12. I like that it’s not even the full interview lol when you are getting destroyed in a debate just end the debate

  13. CNN being very obviously biased here. They have very clearly taken a side and refuse to admit it. Just silly to think people wouldn't catch that.

  14. unfortunate media isn't reporting this right..antifa guy proudly posted on facebook “I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south.” so this could have an accident because the guy driving the car would have been running away from guys pointing guns at him..i don't understand why people don't see that protesters can be bad too..they might think they are doing it for good reasons but they still show up ready to fuck shit up..there is a scene in the movie imperium that is similar to this..i don't know if he did it on purpose but it is easy to see that this could have been an accident

  15. I would rather believe a robber than cnn The greatest lying, deceptive and the biggest fake news to ever existed…

  16. CNN is not a credible source for new's. Fox is the only station for your up to date ,everyday news channel.

  17. maybe the driver had a panic atack,, CNN has the vidio, but I'm sure they will never show it again, that car earlyer was shown on CNN being beeten with with bats and clubs by a bunch of protesters

  18. That black woman is not a Republican she was paid by a Republican to get on CNN a say all of that stuff I know her sister she's a sad woman will do anything for $150 just sad.

  19. Who are you going to believe? An unedited video posted on facebook detailing the entire thing, or an edited media provided by the media along with commentary used to fuel a narrative?

  20. Legal action has been taken against Macedonian troll bots on Facebook for interfering with the election and their source of news is still Facebook. And all comments under here keep saying fake news when troll bots literally disseminates fake information via social media but y'all believe the posts. Idiots.

  21. China's stand off was not covered correctly those ppl were against Muslims and sharia law – and just like the media then they do not tell the truth. The girl had a heart attack
    And she was in the street with other cars

  22. I don't get how people think that balloons filled with urine is the equivalent of a gun, or that a physical assault is the same as a murder. Even if you look at the far right and the far left broadly, the stats show that the far right is more violent than the far left right now. These people just live in la la land.

  23. Of course it was set up by George Soros it's all fake. They stage of these events all the time all fake people fake green screens

  24. People trust Facebook more than cnn cnn should look at this and figure out why people don’t like them but it isn’t hard to find out why people don’t like them

  25. Who is the black lady she's an embarrassment to the whole race and I mean the human race she doesn't make any sense at least be able to backup your points

  26. Alisyn Camerota is such a hack. She is ridiculously biased and leading. By her logic, you always have to have a good and a bad; therefore, she says Stalin is good. Idiot. And she is using far left leaning Vice as her source.

  27. I love that black lady, she sees that everything the news does is to stoke fear and hate so that they can control the votes and people.


  28. So I guess their logic is that Heather is just as bad and responsible for her death as the Nazi that killed her.

  29. CNN took clips out of context. Listen to the whole speech. Trump condemned the two sides that were violent/nasty. The fine people on both sides he mentioned had permits, were protesting peacefully & used that park in their daily life. Just keep stirring up hate CNN you are disgusting.

  30. Absolutely the dumbest group of people ever assembled.. I get why orange boy President he has the dumbest supporters I’ve ever seen

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