Trump rails against Democrats, media as impeachment inquiry ramps up

-Unless you heard
the Adam Schiff version. He made up my conversation. He actually made it up.
It should be criminal. It should be treasonous. He should resign from office
in disgrace, and frankly, they should
look at him for treason ’cause he is making up the words of the President
of the United States. Call him Shifty Schiff. We don’t call him Shifty Schiff
for nothing. He’s a shifty, dishonest guy. He couldn’t carry
his blank-strap. I won’t say it because they’ll
say it was so terrible to say. But that guy couldn’t
carry his blank-strap. There’s needles and drugs
all the street. There’s tents, there’s people
that are dying in squalor. Gavin Newsom —
he’s another beauty. I was sued by him.
He’s a do-nothing. He says, “Hey, hey,
tell that Volod I’ll talk to him
after the election’s over. I’ll talk to him.” Nobody reports that. -Finland is the happiest country
in the world. -Finland is the happiest
country in the world. -What can you learn —
What can you learn from Finland [indistinct]. -Well, if you got rid of Pelosi and you got rid of
Shifty Schiff. -We have lots to discuss
about that. -Finland is a happy country. He’s a happy leader, too. I think a whistleblower
should be protected if the whistleblower’s
legitimate. I’m glad they’re interested
in Finland, but what can you do? I’m interested in Finland. We had the Mueller
collusion delusion, okay? That went on for years. Now I get three days of peace, and I’m walking
into the United Nations, gonna meet with the biggest
leaders in the world, and I hear about the word
“impeachment.” I said, “What did I do now?” Maybe for the first time
in three years I’ll have a good question,
and I’ll love it. Oh, I love that question. It shows that Schiff is a fraud. I love that question.
Thank you, John. -Can I finish asking it?
-Yes. There’s nothing to finish. Believe it or not,
I watch my words very carefully. There are those that think
I’m a very stable genius. But I probably will be bringing
a lot of litigation against a lot of people having to do
with the corrupt investigation having to do
with the 2016 election. They couldn’t find
one damn thing. She hands out subpoenas
like they’re cookies. Look, Biden and his son
are stone-cold crooked. -The question, sir, was what did
you want President Zelensky to do about Vice President Biden
and his son Hunter? -Are you talking to me? -Yeah, it was just a follow-up
of what I just asked you, sir. -Listen, listen, are you ready? We have the President
of Finland. Ask him a question.
-I have one for him. I just wanted to follow up
on the one that I asked you, which was —
-Did you hear me? Did you hear me?
-Yes, sir. -Ask him a question.
-I will, but — -I’ve given you a long answer. Ask this gentleman a question.
Don’t be rude. I’m airing what I’m airing
because we are, in fact, a democracy. And if the press were straight
and honest and forthright and tough, we would be
a far greater nation. -We are, Mr.
President. -We would be a far greater
when we don’t have the CNNs of the world
who are corrupt people. Thank you very much, everybody.

100 thoughts on “Trump rails against Democrats, media as impeachment inquiry ramps up

  1. An embarrassment, what a cry baby, the president of Finland was weirded out to say the least when trump was ranting and raving like a little b*tch.

  2. Search in a browser for "The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The "Frankfurt School" Changed America"…it perfectly describes today's political climate.

  3. Mr President. Isn't it the time to hold some people accountable for their deeds? I am talking about those Democrats who do nothing but create a hardship on current administration by boycotting anything and everything when someone actually does his.her job.
    Is that what USA taxpayer pays them for? Is there anything the democrats have done for this country during pas 3 years? I could go as far as 20 years and still see blank performances. Is it possible to revise or reevaluate their performances and fire ( Impeach) those who are dead weight?

  4. ROFL ALL of the leftist media is saying that Trump should NEVER do what Hillary/Obama/democrats in collusion with their FBI have done in paying for opposition research "the Steele Dossier" that lead to (Illegal Spying) and the Russian Collusion Hoax for 2 1/2 years that no doubt affected the midterm elections……Middle Finger Salute to ALL the media for their Lying Hypocrisy…….
    Died Nov 8, 2016…..democratic party………Died Nov 8, 2016…the leftist mainstream media……….Nov 8, 2016 …Thank You America……Now it's time to bury them in November 2020…They’re really stinking up America badly….

  5. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy .We elect our leaders democraticly, but we are a constitutional republic.

  6. TRUMP 2020. There's no stopping it WP. You can't stop it and neither the rest of you libtards. Worth giving you a view for a dislike.

  7. The reporters in this country are pure crap. They ask questions and if they don't like the answer they try to debate.

  8. but if the press were straight & honest & forthright. .

    & we all KNOW.. they aren't

    Trump WILL beat this like he's done all other b.s. accusations

  9. 🐒 Don…don…don…don….😂🤣 Stop it peanut head ! The Gig is up ! Stop Lying and Crying ! Have a trump cookie 🍪🥠🐧🦆🦢🦉

  10. 2015: CNN is the best network 2016: Trump wins, destroys CNN for its propaganda 2017-present CNN/Hollywood/Democrats unite against 1 (ONE) man because he cannot be manipulated/controlled by lobbyists/donors and ironically steals majority of the minority votes and flips long term democrat voters to not conservatives but to his own side because of the whole shenanegans these people've been running for years.

  11. Trump just screwed Melania’s cyber bullying project. How can she ever preach “Be Best” with this crazy wild cyber bully as her husband. Guess she can wear her “I don’t care do you” coat.

  12. Please, bring the litigation! We will need lots of discovery. And all you’ve done is blather on about your own issues rather than respect Finland.

    Schiff is behind the whistle blower complaint.
    MSM (this channel) is part of the problem. What are you impeaching? Biden is the one that extorted the Ukraine government. Quid pro Quo Joe!

  14. Didn't vote for Trump 2016 but sure as hell will in 2020. Only man that can lead this country and call out the media working for the deep state.

  15. Let's see he destroyed businesses by not paying them when he was a fake builder with Daddy and the bank's money, he abused woman, he lies constantly, he's a bully and a narcissist but wont say the word Jock Strap. O.K. That makes perfect sense Mr. President. It even hurts to call this lunatic a President.

  16. Hello darkness, my old friend
    I've come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

  17. God baby t is delusional. What a pathological liar. I'm so sick and tired have him being so disrespectful the other nations Representatives. Dear Finland I am so sorry you had to deal with mentally ill man that speaks in the third person for no apparent reason

  18. The only people that would give this a dislike are the people who dont believe in a free democracy like clinton and her followers.




    1. WORKS ON FOREIGN AGENDA. The fall at the hands of Putin in Finland while Mike Pompeo standing besides—is testimony whereby intelligence of US PRIZED intelligence agencies on Russian meddling was betrayed and Putin's stance accepted—–making these agencies looked diminutive n insulted.

    2. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR–LYING IS ENTRENCHED IN HIS DNA. The entire edifice of a Trump presidency is built on lies. Recently crossed 10,000 lies goal post and targets to cross 20000 lies barrier. A feat never to be achieved by any future president

    3. ABUSE OF POWER. Power is being used for arm twisting, bullying & harassing adversaries n dissidents—journalists. Jim Acosta of CNN ousted from WH —reinstated by courts. Besides many top ex-bureaucrats barred from entering WH like former CIA and NSA boss Michael V. Hayden and many.

    4. NEPOTISM & CRONYISM SURROUNDED BY YES PEOPLE. Like Steve Benin & Kellyanne Conway, Seema Verma, Steven Mnuchin, etc. And latest of the latest entrance of his baby Bret Kavanaugh in the Top Court —plagued with women assault deep stains on his character.

    5. DESTROYS NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS—Averse to all prized US intelligence like FBI, CIA, NSA, etc thru which the USA rules the world.

    6. MORALLY, FINANCIALLY & SEXUALLY CORRUPT. Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, in jail, pleaded guilty. His attorney Stephen Cohen pleaded guilty to all charges; also in jail & still being sued for criminal charges. Porn star Stormy Daniels and many women claiming sexual assault cases still haunting him.

    7. NEVER LEARN FROM MISTAKES. Rather gets adamant stoking more mistakes.


    A crisis is brewing where there is a genuine concern that congressman and senators are divided into party lines "political leaders are placing their loyalties ahead of their constitutional responsibilities" like our (Pakistani) politicians and that "Trump Presidency is not acting constitutionally and no checks seem to be operating on it")))

  20. Big Mac, filet of fish, quarter pounder, french fries, icy coke, thick shakes, sundaes and apple pies.. Be true to your school now, just like you would for you girl or guy, be true school, just let your colors fly.
    Push em back, push em back, way back…
    How funky is your chick? How loose is your goose. So come on all you ALL STAR.

  21. Adam Schiff made up what he called a parody of the perfect phone call with Ukraine it was full of lies and not funny. The entire country wants him to resign

  22. If you were lied about for 3 years how would you feel? The "GOD'S" in congress need pressure from the American people to do their jobs, and legislate and stick the politics up their butts!

  23. Our founding fathers should have had the good sense to install a toilet in the Oval Office, so we could flush this stinky Trump turd

  24. Datmedijadozertcapaginvitenhosenmartodonbakvilenokdonvarmartodonvarenrelasenmetdonmartodonbakhelmencinposiblenvardon

  25. I don't find this funny at all. THIS is the guy who has the nuclear codes, the guy who keeps pursuing his "friendship" with Chairman Kim of N. Korea (ignoring his increasingly dangerous actions), who throws accusations of treason at anyone who doesn't agree with him, who stands by Putin despite all the evidence our intelligence agencies have, and who is obviously losing his mind. People from the 1930's tell me they thought Hitler was a funny little man. This is scary!

  26. I don't particularly LIKE Trump, even though I voted for him, HOWEVER, I do like that he's been shaking up the constituency, the snakes, the "swamp monsters", if you will.
    The proof is in how what he says, be it right or wrong, puts a twist in the undies of those who wish the status quo could continue unabated.
    I think the best thing ever to happen to politics is Donald Trump, just for that lone reason.
    His ideas for businesses and the economy are a different matter and I think he's horrible on those.

  27. Point of view

    Democrats have the right to this request

    Because Trump and his party are setting a trap for US foreign policies

    In the case of more than 10 cases found harmful to the continuation of the country in foreign relations

    The Constitution wins
    Impeachment Inquiry

    Trump does not get a new term

    And out of the White House


    God bless America



  28. President Blowhard just announced they are going to double check Monica Lewinskys dress
    to see if any of the cum stains have Bidens DNA, in case they need to try and impeach Biden.
    Hard to believe it was only 20 some years ago when the Republicans thought formication
    was a reason to impeach, eh ?

  29. The media is garbage.
    Waste time thier are others fare more worse.
    Like why rent went 45 percent.
    Why the codes of zone changes too make taxes go up too house owners.
    Why In public colleges thier no free transportation for kids too learn.
    Given away are housing and government services too very ungrateful illegals .
    Like why our we being second class too new ungrateful new comers things like this we should talk.
    Oh let's forget the ones kills Americans that not frome here have more rights samething too think .
    I have plan stop caring for others and start for our own I'm tired people from other countries that milk America give us the middle finger.
    Focus media news

  30. Yes Trump does watch his words very carefully because he doesn't know to many words. 'Limited vocabulary'. He doesn't answer the question because nothing is known to say. Tell the truth and you want have a problem..

  31. There are some really stupid comments below. All from the plebian masses. You plebians make inane remarks with absolutely nothing behind them.

  32. Trump's body language, every move, screams of insecurity, fears, defensiveness, doubts. He's on constant high alert because he's guilty of so many things. Its part and parcel of who he is and he will never be comfortable doing anything else. He's so used to being paranoid that he's going to go on in life creating problems that aren't there and cheating just because that's all he knows how to do. We're suffering now from his paranoia, and will continue to do so until he finally destroys himself. I hope its soon. Our friends and allies won't wait forever and the world needs sane leadership. Trump will never be a leader and he will never be sane. He's a pathetic old man, its sad and depressing to watch his constant humiliation.

  33. Russia if you are listening after the impeachment and he is stripped of his wealth and imprisoned let's be friends .

  34. OMG the USA has finally got a Nawaz Sharif. We voted ours outta office,seems you are stuck with yours.

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