TRUMP AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Inside The President’s Tweets And Summit?

en in t lun te our yeah welcome back here to news now we’re bringing up. His tweets right now and we’re joined here by a visit or lack of social media specialist kind of break down what’s happening today. The White House calling it a social media summit they are calling. The thing that little interesting about this you would think the heavy hitters like Facebook Twitter they be part of the conversation they’re not. They’re not and they’re not there. They were not invited — I mean Facebook as many people know some still don’t Facebook Instagram. So neither of those are there right right after — Is also only Facebook. Course on their Twitter is not there — Interest as fars we ow ithat tre sur youame etty much all t the maj ayers nkedin would be e her buonor and Snahat I me there they’ not is Summnd in myumblepinion. a ue. Ye and kno what you thi u becae so ny time he talksbout w l younow notnly twts are beg seenrrtuffike that or even hupports s that Why n bring the ovethere blas a lite on publi I age? Questi I don know w you ves? A calto som and whout any Evenf onlyne or o or there wod be mh mucbett mh more. Vadn my onion. He’s m with the cs r i Intereing tics i terms of s Twter -Talkg abo s follers a seeg all the this in Essentllye’s aser. and a subje to thr hou. If athing I wld s that esidenrump hashe mos sibili. Of mos any ur is gng on if u lookt thengagemtnd meanou’re lking abo everycvity I singles All theime a there’seople th the peoe thatit the d wait trespon andhey ve no ucation send younow jumpgns like right awa and tnkbout it gsn asoons heweets is o cabl ws is onllhe newand they’rjust takg t t scre shot oft right so n there as lleah now do uew Secrly reayappy about hthinkwit. pridentrumps justeally tan itter Becae he’s also hasn’f yoah. look ai dia ‘s nothe samin anyay – I mn certaly the’s engagi in acv. l dia dictor he’gonna readg thithe smit toygita dectoy yes — Buta Facebk Itagram is. Much much dfn r cleay.s comntary thais Ki tweing he’s n a lot of celebrities a lot of politician- Actually maybe less politicians and have someone doing it for them. They’ve taken that Q.. To be honest from. The president over the last several years we started with with Obama with social med for s. Heas the fst predent that wareally meanhe she ilize socledian a hu y tget. Elted to t his mesge o it is tchete uo anotheruttatelyu level asn righ wh are the yes fo yea- Goi backo even atibut aot of sisan campgn messagig even to Twter t even jussocial mia as wheunch where spefically soes Twier. I woul saywitt is. Het p the fm tweing in the y th it’beenoes ing ow eballs and hasrought lot of I wlr ‘ ing ts typf different ki of a meengoday at the Whit. Hoe not with cebook now whh winr becsee fee ke heas a ptty gd handl. On tt wre he’like y know day know h to dohis righ reac o to otrs tt m not so much in the maitream as far s don’t try treach outo othe ion t. Ths absutely who’shere. grou I mn there no estion is ves if you look at o’s tre — ‘s it’s a group tha is n neceari. erybody –ottom on a rtain che auence a i isis auence asis audnceo so he dinitelplaneo that anou knoawhile these ese fks a. notxpressg viewsn a ie rely posive y a l of tis — Sohere’shere’s it’s hone that’ the that – lkingbout sial mia a anthere’still clear agda at is evenbout at ishis t mting I lik ing tha wd? Ratherhan suit — Wts ? t I me anythg anghosera and lines we dons pot weay not kw. Evenfter likeo see wou y like to mae notven go ts rter o Ihinkt woulde highly vaedo pullogethe. Bior fivminutes cebook Twittelind terest Snahat- She ao the ogle ir alabethich is e pare reesent from u too not soci media.o s in rely It still it’ in at. Absotely tre’s ts val for th pree admistrati. Togeer wit theseompani t thatre out tre and andow things can be better address the mean. The First Lady has a whole — Anti bullying campaign social media has a problem with with bullying and these companies are trying. To for better or worse they’re trying to address it — They have come out and with some new rulesnd and new approaches and stronger handed approach is in — Here in the last couple days. But you know and that is that’s an important issue and and now we’re we go. Think about the social channels in the next five or ten years. One isoing to look like te true in ung with d that thisovel forocial dias a whe open wt we wa everying to Wod now and n ithe la simonths or so tt’s reall meanhe cam out atheir Ihe beeve it s the deloper conference oone of the nferces pivong.And ecificly sdhat To more ivate approa and I n’tnow at ty can p the e horsback ithe r he. ‘s it’beent’s readyeen a cade of no rpprohes. wt toransparey andnd shar wityod s thathat’s trible.on’know Oreasibl to do th in any way –n ally sn muchhange. thin if they hello thi aderstde ey’re ke wl Inlyanto still inor my fends her. Whid ty reallyhinks in thait’s reallnly gog athey ht to b f theirriends yea- I meaneos h n I was eightach eac chael has itot . So wh Febook let say which is t. Ki of is th leade right Dwdling’m on the use. And and ty ownnstagr which the t dog in e mome- ally qck wou youay that waone of t bes actor it acquision meathe name gett reay cheap at t chper n w if y look absotely right ck int thoand twve I mn there e a theycquirednstaam- Fo waeith onerwo blion rit which was Iind got th but Iould h to me friendeah. Yt was ke howhey’reaying l But theyid hav some sort of aons vision I mean I have to give him credit for that for at least seen that Instagram had this potential and did how. We use our maze. The the other the other one of the around the same time was what’s after. Which is huge internationally. Huge user base and actually no we don’t really use it as much here right right — Having those two that’s why there’s all this talk now about. Who will or Facebook or even Amazon to appoint a Facebook in a big way angle because they require these other companies? That that. Sin because Facebook owns your Facebook Israel what’s happening that is a huge billions of users some overlap in for sure. But they’re worldwide the biggest but I mean next who will probably uncertain terms of use usage and and how many people use their platform. Profile on that platform. I mean it’s it’s Facebook and and and Google right then the let’s talk about this is interesting since we’re talking about this on the we’re talking a mile above politics as well. Do you think for up and coming politicians that are thinking about going in. To races maybe not right away but maybe a ten yearoal twenty year goal for some do you think they’re thking well I really got a look at my social media and really be. You know aware of what I’m doin. For sure — It’s and it’s been that way I would say at the very least since — Thlast campaign – The last campaign I was. Really. Trying to see what the candidates were doing even in the in the primaries but definitely in the major electio. Major campaign time once the nominees were announced — That I would even throw you know Bernie Sanders in there right before that but they all. These these Joni it’s for all on The onll thehannelrigh sure b t n Audices voter.gemillnial. And andhey d t ste and yo cld s whatheyere inghey we follong the arnd evebehind thecene pe thi- T.. ection e campai eveny inrestinnd and iwas it wamanage you know s only did couple.t of all t hed mea te has dital tm is nninut forim dinghat Wee at poinright nohere. Twitr is hi way of usg knowlee a. Geingisessageight dictly tthe peoe in hisn himind becse t new doest doe’t dn hi min And u catell thehe w that n u wellow thetweett’s alys I like u know ‘s it’s vy very like twenttimes yh I meike is bI oper citalizion Grammar — d in e t ocsional y’ll se methin that’s lite As far as twee – Youanfert. tell h –c ll exalyhen it I mea ju becau we’veeen so exsed to ow Twitter- Trere se some liticis that. I el like ift’s nothen acally pusng t btons. It’s aeasem ctatin it. An someo else is maeou know pofg k – politicianTo rea the plic and ths e as cstituesin o ass vors ah we nt to he this is e way cae reprentatishiso we c he from em oa regur basis at we r om the thg that thinkhat — F one s soci med teafirs direct I thino hinstagr stori harde. causou thinkbout iwhat tter sto wou b le a d ofhe predent’sife rht that wld bd e scen just. Not en a picy bust o se sometng tt you uldn’t noally s. I agree to point — I I d’t To nessari do thg. tnk that the socl med rategi — Wteverhatever stragy.heisocialedia now.eeto be leastight It see to be. The prident tw. A. M whaver. Abt anything it’ worki f em and tir audnce in ther ain inis md in eir mis. Ofhe oth channs tre. They’re just doing kind othe pical se Heyere’s yeahses veohe onltheyh deoe just tweet out I thk yesrday or the da High editeike super- Jusoeall y. ctures of m h ham ham an it s would youould th persol branng yea.As one whor Theeoulor e it thas Ihinkow ty’re approachg t dog anhingeally [inaudible] Chring andughe here’s how we wanto prent. Th camhe t theampaig admistratioon ough b the e present fowhat hs doing-hich on everne’s gna do atn en youave th Twitt accoun. That i. especiallyoing back aew years f a bodyoing thi rvice level presint Oba in ts who like f the cuff Stre oconscisnessype thg withhreads I mn it Unti he does you tnk afterwasts is admistratn. li well u knowhat weotdent a goe it we t as We sll got to geour messe ou yea do you tnk ty’ll t me tnk aut that mo now Ihink to . Womenhe nt whener a ove the xt pd see tm Actity levsang in ct. don’think theext perso I don’think thathaterson uldo thiso this level – But theres an pectatn like publ — Aearanc andthis meaging The officl Whe pridenti chaels g documented bthf Coressndo s there a levelf hisril cumention tt that taken ple. certain from the envonment. Ministtionecausehat th s the rst. Group. l rig in theiddle what u thin — Lt timeou wel uere heree’re tking abt what’s what’s probably going to be the next big thing you said to attack how’s that doing yeah — Tick tock is it is it should. Yeah I’m among among the use [inaudible] As you. It’s it’s huge Gen Z. which is – Your your teens and preteens right now out there for it if you have not heard that term you will — Like you. Gen Z. so what kind in is thi noo take talk is like the the all these things combined into one in a sense so it’s it’s the brevity and I won’t see the effectiveness of Snapchat because the videos are actually not. A federal in the sense of they allow you to download them. People make videos in short videos — A lot of music is involved there some lip sinking of war it’s it’s very mean. Based and when I see mean based- The first in the usually comes in most people’s minds is is a meme that you see like you read- But it means to really be anything that is just. Almost has any kind of viral — Quality to it in in the culture and in the society so — It could be a dance it could be I mean the new name anything that’s just been repeated over and over like that I’m sure so – There’s a lot of meme. Type behavior which get seen over over over the millions of times a little words ere at a level of millions and millions and millions. To some with some hash tag in some means. And they are — They’re spending a lot of time and the kids are spending a lot of time in there. There’s even. Military personnel and police and fireervi worrs. The kind of the thinking right now is that folks in jobs that. Have this this sort of the point of time. There’s a down time in — Are utilizing tick tock just be creative and have fun — And even region. A younger audience so if there’s a good and bad parts to it I mean it’s I think it’s always good to try to reach a younger audience and and give your message out there for your message out there — But then there’s also the aspect of well. Over there so doing their jobs sure. To talk was the I believe was the most downloaded apps — Worldwide — In Q. one of this year okay so the first three months of this year — It’s huge it’s it’s it’s only getting bigger here and in the U. S. — It is it’s owned by a Chinese company — So there’s some questions around that aspect of it yeah I around intentions and and data not sort of thing — But it is a very shareable very creative. Platform for the youth yeah I think it anytime you mention when when you disarm for the use for means she had a bright he get on because sometimes though that’s all the little — Be able to the commerce a with just you sharing different meeting. Yes. Yeah I mean all that and and it is still right now it is still a please there’s some ads being brought on as far as advertiser- Morse you start to see ads on there but it is still. It’s like Snapchat. The past such as sort of still is — But section additionally was where there the parents aren’t there yet. The only generation. It’s a police state to sort of be yourself and the other other. People of your generation yeah I mean how much one can Facebook now be when your uncles and aunts and even grandma [inaudible] And Facebook. Okay last one I got to ask you this o thiis tally o pic buit’s Ttter it’s Whenou saw OSimpso startglnto i. t. What we you inking? I w in a sll state of shks. when I morshocd Just the video wte did tweets and t US yes is ‘s als ‘s also on bndn ts sens UnfounatelB. just [indible] The rt of I’m stiut the oking r on the it isike. You kn e th is th real Jew. It wwenty ve yea later. whs callg for is at is point. I n’t kno. In his in hi. Kind oap. It auchs I’m not gng to foow it or reallay tentio tre a peopl tt she n reachn audice jus ke a thesehannel — re usingt to rch an audnce that he thinks outhere so and think hstill tnks ough Ttter tt’s onl vio platrm everythg. don’t tnk the’s maybe Videas well ye yeah de’s uld I wld b I wou love ow. Iust cnot iginehat hs doing these himself ‘sot meore adving h surelp men makg those I mean obviously the someone record. But I think. He’s got some sort of thing and we’re going if your team or someone person advising him [inaudible] No. But that has to be the case because I just don’t know if he would know. How to do all these things he says just typically that’s that’s the attitude is so many people that have never usually call I don’t? Get on Twitter. I’m too old for that. Okay well we’ll see we’ll see with OJ I I and that’s that’s a really interesting one yeah and also don’t forget. Not in the same vein but Bernie Bernie Sanders — Just created his twitch account. So he’s he’s twitches. This. If you would like watching play video games. Typically isn’t the spot for gamers to get on and and play video games and people watch the live. But she’s using it just like again like like a platform to reach an audience sees the eve determined his team. Determined there’s an audience. Fohim lunch which is an audience lives on twitch. They’re not going to use ifor gaming. I see that sure I feel it is gonna use it more for the live streaming. Where his audience spends time in and — You know. Bernie Sanders is doing this this is. The speech or something. Campaign event in Iowa whatever may be — And then putting it on two engine Facebook live in. All these different demographics and he said he was Snapchat back in twenty sixteen twenty fifteen so. It’s he’s always he also does have a there’s a young — Audience. That he has that. May be a good way to reach them there we go we’ll see we go thank you Vincent so. We broke it all down I mean we and OJ we had all. Of the White House meetings yeah so when I was meeting the meeting the meeting thank you. You know talking about social media I booked this interview through Twitter. The DM work there so see everyone the guys guys you can book meetings with IBM’s it just

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  13. this guy doesn't understand anything… he's planning a way to overcome the leftists social media companies, that's why he doesn't want them there. Wake up guys

  14. What a stupid conversation. Why on earth would you invite the social media platforms who have gone down the vile road of censorship and continuous attacks against a duly elected president to a summit designed to discuss how to end that very problem. You surely are not puerile enough to suggest that inviting Google, Twitter and Facebook executives would work. Have they done anything at all to fix the problem? Were they up front and truthful when questioned in Congress?

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