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Hey guys, welcome to Heydecke TV. My name is Dominik Cool that you turned on again. Today is Friday time for a new Transformation. Todays model is Sascha. Cool that you are here. Flown in from Frankfurt? No, not really. “Railed in” But you fly, that means Sascha is a pilot. And he has already sent us some cool videos So some endurance test like he’s on a plane. Riding a motorbike because he already is a hair system owner. Before his custom made systems were done ,they’re done today we’re doing the transformation with them, he started with stock systems. and you’ve seen a few clips of what he’s already made with it. Cennet wouldn’t tell me what hairstyle she chose. I don’t think Sasha knows it either. But it’s going to be absolutely awesome. This is what I can promise. I’d say we get started and lose no time And then I’ll see you later for the end result. Have fun! Yes guys, this was our transformation with Sascha. Short word to you, Sasha. How do you feel?
Absolutely Good Do you feel any difference to the stock systems? So I have to say that the stock system was super natural and comfortable. But this is really topping the stock system. Cool, I’m really glad about that. The hairstyle matches perfectly to you and your look! Definitely a good idea of you Cennet!
Thank you! You allowed your creativity to flow again. Well, but this is how we know you. If you are as flashed as we are then just leave a like. Maybe we can make 3.000 likes. Than I would do something real special together with Sascha. Maybe some nice endurance tests. But as I said, we need to get 3.000 likes. Apart from that you can write us in the comment what we should do next. Maybe you have any suggestions for us. We are always open for new ideas. You are also welcome to check our blog there are always some really cool experience reports. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe. Subscribe as much as possible: Instagram, Facebook YouTube Have a great weekend, ciao!

100 thoughts on “Trendy Short Hair Style For Men | Transformation mit Haarsystem | Hairsystems Heydecke

  1. Hi geile Arbeit
    Was mich interessiert ist sieht man die Klebestellen an der Vorderseite nicht? Weil die Aufnahme dies nicht zeigen.
    Und noch ne frage ihr rasiert die Stelle zwar aber es wächst ja immer was nach was und wie passiert dann?

    Danke euch schon mal für die Antworten

  2. really appreciated master work you are professionals. i recommended all the bald peoples must contact with HAIRS SYSTEMS HEYDECKE GERMANY

  3. Hairline is still way too high, it should be much lower then that and he would look even better…Anyway i hope some scientific breakthrough happens so we dont nee to use this method which is pretty useless…

  4. Hey unter welcher Nummer kann ich euch über Whatsapp kontaktieren oder wenn das nicht geht halt normal anrufen und Termin machen und wo muss man eigentlich hinkommen für Beratungsgespräche und alles? Oder gibt es euch in mehreren Städten, wohne in Hannover

  5. Que fabulosa transformacion, me encanto el video y la dama….Una pena que no este doblado en castellano. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  6. Hey Dominik. Sehr gute Arbeit wie immer. Leonard Shelby aus dem Film Memento. 1zu1 der junge Mann. Beste Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald. Guten Rutsch.

  7. Hallo ,wie gut haelt den kleber?wenn ich mich die haare wasche oder mich dusche? Oder auch im Sommer ,wenn zu warm ist?
    Ist doch gut geignet für leute die sport treiben?danke

  8. Omg where is this? I need this transformation right about now. 🙏 please fill me in with information. 😍

  9. Hi ,
    I am a big fan of your Chanel and keep follow you also
    Please make some English versions also
    With best wishes

  10. Don't know why but I love this channel ….felt so satisfied watching them got hair ,,, satisfying feeling.

  11. Toller Haarschnitt – aber der Haaransatz ist unnatürlich – ruiniert den Gesamteindruck … das gilt für praktisch alle Videos, die ich von Euch gesehen habe – manchmal echt krass!
    Liebes Heydecke-Team, daran solltet ihr wirklich arbeiten – kann ja nicht sein, dass Ihr das nicht selber seht . LG

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