Trends that Need to Die in 2019

– 2018 has been a year,
so much has happened, so many weird fashion
trends have come and gone, and come back again. And with the new year coming
right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of those fashion trends and figure out which
ones need to die in 2019. Obviously, these are just my opinions. Fashion is super subjective
so what I think is terrible, someone else might love and it would be totally their style. I’m sure I wear things all the time that you guys are like side-eyeing me for, like these little baby buns
that I do on the top of my head, people are always like
what are you wearing? But like that’s my style, I like it, not everyone has to get it. So if you like any of these trends, don’t let my opinions stop
you from rocking them. Fashion is all about what
makes you feel confident and beautiful and empowered. So just because I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean no one
is allowed to wear it. These are just my opinions on trends that I think should die. (laughs) Okay, so I’ve divided 10
fashion trends from 2018 into three categories
and the first category we’re gonna start out with is the worst, the trends that I just don’t get at all and I would be more than happy to see completely die out next year. First, the whole designer dad shoe trends. I’m talking the Balenciagas,
the Louis Vuitton Archlights, all of those kind of like
really, really expensive high-end shoes that look
like the kind of thing that my dad would buy at Costco. First of all, just my
opinion, they’re ugly. (laughs) And I’m sure that there
are people out there who really genuinely love these shoes, but I feel like a lot of
people are just buying them because they’re expensive,
because they’re designer, because they’re desirable. I mean, if you actually like this trend, like if you’re actually into it, just go to Costco and get a pair of like authentic
dad shoes for 15 bucks. All right, so next up is the
whole biker shorts thing. I feel like this kind of originated with like the Kylie Jenners, the Cardi Bs, and then was adopted by all of the Instagram
baddies of the world. And the thing for me is like
I see these all over Instagram like so often but I never see
people wearing this in public, like do people actually wear biker shorts or do they just wear them
for Instagram photoshoots? Like I have never seen
someone like in biker shorts just like walking down
the aisles at Trader Joe’s like no, that doesn’t happen. Also, like Camel Toe
Central, let’s be real. And for me personally, I just don’t feel confident in this look. I had to wear it for my
Halloween costumes video, when I get a Kylie Jenner costume, and I just felt really self-conscious. They really highlight my thighs, which I have like really thick thighs compared to the rest of my buddy. And I definitely think the
whole biker shorts thing is a huge trend and is
not timeless at all. Like this is definitely
gonna be one of those things that we look back at in 20 years, like 80’s shoulder pads
or parachute pants, and our kids are gonna look at that and be like, Mom, why,
like what were you wearing, what’s with the biker shorts? Like I just think this trend
is bound to die eventually and personally, I’m hoping
for sooner rather than later. All right, number three,
the whole sweatshirts as dresses with thigh-high boots look. I feel like this kind of originated with like Ariana Grande, you know, like that paparazzi photo of her in a long sweatshirt looking at Lollipop. And then it was kind of like adopted by all of the fashion
bloggers and YouTubers and Instagramers and just
became like a really big thing that I think a lot of
people really do wear. And honestly, I love the idea of this. Like I’m down to wear
an oversize sweatshirt and leggings for a PJ day anytime, but as a dress like for a
night out with thigh-highs, I just, I personally don’t get it. Also, it’s just not the
most flattering look for anyone with a bigger chest because it’s just kind of like hangs off and becomes a shapeless
tent bag looking thing. Next up, the clear clothes trend. So I’m talking jelly shoes, I’m talking clear pants,
jackets, backpacks, the crazy, expensive Celine handbags that would just look like a
clear plastic shopping bag. As someone who lives in California in a very warm climate, I look at this trend and I’m like wouldn’t you
get so hot and sweaty, like it’s basically like
wearing a little plastic sauna. And with like the bags and the backpacks, like people can see
everything inside of it, like they can see how messy things are and also like what if you
have like tampons in there or like pepper spray? Like maybe you don’t want people to see the entire contents of your handbag. And, again, with some of the
other things on this list, I feel like this is a
very right now trend, it’s not timeless, it’s
gonna be another thing that we look back on and laugh at. Number five, the little tiny glasses that people wear on
the edge of their nose. I actually have an example
of what I’m talking about. I got these for that Kylie Jenner costume. Like they wear them like this, like on the edge of
their nose, like hello. Am I a snooty librarian
looking my nose down at you ’cause you put the book
in the wrong place? That’s what this reads to me. Like, this is where you wear sunglasses. This is functional. I’m blocking the sun. This is just a face
accessory with no function. Another thing that I just
personally don’t get, but, you know, hey, maybe
it works for someone else, but I would be happy to see this die. The next category of 2018 trends is things that I’m kind of like eh about. Trends that I don’t really personally get, but I don’t mind them, like I don’t think they’re that bad and a lot of people really dislike them. So the first one is wearing
a jacket around your arms. And I’m not talking about like
an off-the-shoulder jacket that’s built like that. So taking a denim jacket, this is how I would wear a jacket and wearing it like this, like around the bottom of your arms, and I like this look for pictures. Like I feel like it’s kind
of cute and effortless, and looks like you’re just
putting your jacket on, but like this is a look that people, especially influencers,
are actually wearing and not just for pictures, like actually wearing a
jacket like this all day. When I was at VidCon, I saw so many YouTubers
wearing jackets like this at parties, at meet and greets, at events, I’m like doesn’t that get uncomfortable, that’s not how you wear a jacket. This is how you wear a jacket. Maybe I should make a
jacket-wearing tutorial because obviously all the kids these days are not doing it right. The next trend that I’m
kind of on the fence about is splice clothing, so like when you take two different looks or fabrics or textures
and put them together in one item of clothing. So I actually really
like this look with denim when you’re taking two
different washes of denim in a jacket or jeans or a skirt. It’s unique and it might not be something that I personally would
immediately reach for when I’m shopping but I get the trend and I think it’s pretty cute. And maybe it’ll grow
on me a little bit more but I feel like with flannels, which is a style I’ve been seeing a lot with splice clothing, it
just looks off a little bit. It kind of looks like I
took my favorite flannel and it got cut in half, and my grandma was like, oh,
I’ll fix that up for you, but then she can’t find
the right fabric match, and then it just ended
up looking like this. And the next one is industrial belts. So the first time that I wore one of these was for my James Charles’ March review and I was actually
pleasantly surprised by it. I think before I filmed that video, this would have been
in the first category, but I really felt pretty good in the way it looked on my body, especially when it’s paired
with that sweatshirt trend. I think it makes it way more flattering. I’m a big fan of anything
with definition at the waste and this definitely helps give that with more oversize looks. Also, I really like that industrial belts are meant to have a ton of extra slack because it means it can
fit people of all sizes with just one item. It’s naturally size inclusive without actually having
to make a different skew for plus sizes and it’s
probably the only thing in that like Instagram baddie realm that actually flatters my figure. I mean, I felt pretty
cute and pretty confident in the James Charles’
hoodie and industrial belt so even though it’s not my
style, I definitely get it. Okay, so the last two trends
are trends that I really love but I see a lot of people hating on. So I really hope these
trends do not die in 2019. Despite what a lot of people might say, I’m a big fan of these trends. First up, fanny packs. I am an OG fanny pack fan. I can think back to
being like six years old at Disneyland with my
little JanSport fanny pack. Got my lip gloss in there, got my little toys in there, got my five dollars for a souvenir. I love fanny packs. You’re hands-free, it’s convenient, and I just love that these
are somehow in style again. Also, it’s totally become
like a trendy designer item to wear on a night out
with like a nicer outfit, which is so awesome, because, girls, I feel
like when we go out, we have to decide between either bringing like a full on purse and
probably leaving it in the Uber or dropping it at the
bar, or getting it stolen, or just putting your phone
and your credit card and id in your bra, which is
definitely not ideal. So having all of my essentials
literally strap to my body so I can dance the night away hands-free, without a worry is amazing. Uh, best trend! Please do not die. But here’s the thing. Why are people trying
to make them more bougie by calling them like
saddle bags or side bags? It is a fanny pack. Stop trying to make it cooler
or less nerdy than it is. It is a fanny pack. Even if it’s Gucci,
it’s still a fanny pack. Trend number 10, athleisure. And I know that athleisure is not an exclusive to 2018 trend. It was big in the 80s, it came back, and then left again, and
then now it’s back again. But oh my gosh, please
athleisure, never leave again. Stay in style for the rest of my life. And I know the big critic with athleisure is like why are you wearing
yoga pants and Adidas, did you just come from the gym? Like, no, but it’s damn well comfier than what I would have to wear if I wasn’t wearing yoga pants. Uh, like the fact that Kendell Jenner can literally wear sweatpants and be like praised for
high fashion makes my life. Please don’t ever let this trend die. I wanna wear my Adidas superstar
and my Lululemon leggings for the rest of my life. Let me know down in the comments what are your opinions on these trends. Like I said, fashion is super subjective so I would love to hear you guys chime in with your thoughts. Also, in 2019, I am jumping right back in with three days a week uploads so you can get new videos on this channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And over on my blog channel, I post new blogs like
three or four days a week so check those out. Link in the description. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys next year. Bye! (upbeat music)

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