Trend Better: November 2019 Trends

Happy November! Welcome to Trend Better. Where we research all the trends that we
see coming in the next month. So you can make cool content around it. Our guest star today is Cody the pug. She is currently falling asleep because
this is not exciting enough for her. Production’s not meant for everybody.
Mmm, no. Streaming wars is our first topic trending in November. Apple TV Plus is coming out on
November 1st, and Disney Plus is coming out on
November 12th, which means Netflix is having
some rivals. One would say they’re “non-plussed.” Hmm, I guess if you like, turn the X
about 45 degrees… anyway. I don’t get what the pluses are
all about, but it seems like they’re gonna have some
really cool content. Ooh, Disney movies, Marvel movies… And Apple’s got some star power behind it, with Jason Momoa…
Momoa. And Jennifer Aniston. Reese Witherspoon… It’s gonna be a
whole thing. Steve Carell. Bingeing is basically gonna take up all of
your social activity in the month of November, so just
let it happen. Get on that couch. Become a potato. And enjoy the art of video. It’s streaming szn. Streaming szn. Know what, Shelly?
What? Some people waited a lifetime for a moment
like this. I know you did. What do you call a day that doesn’t
belong to you? I don’t — Nacho Day. November 6th is Nacho Day. So go out and eat some nachos. Just do it. Do it for Dave. And you know what you can do? Tag Koi-Fly in your Instagram story
eating your nachos. ‘Cause that will make us, especially Dave, very happy. I got nothin’ else. Just eat some nachos. Engagement. Make Black Friday, Friday again. Right? Mmm, yeah, she agrees.
Do it. No more Thursday Black Friday. Spend the day with your fam. And your dog. Your fam misses you.
– This little butter ball. And then, go crazy on Friday. Go get some gear. Go get a drone. Go buy a book about content marketing. Just make that your day of shopping. Or get a new collar – for this – for your
little pug friend. Hello, friend! (Dog voice) Hello Shelly! Did you see her Halloween picture
by the way? It was adorable. (Cody) So that’s our November Trends. Make sure to subscribe to Trend Better on YouTube for more… trends. And comment below if you know of
any trends that might be comin’ up
in November. You can’t just do a switcheroo like that.
I switched it up. Let’s keep it fresh. Happy November! Welcome to Trend Better where we research all the trends we see coming up in the month of December. Where we research all the trends that we see coming up — Okay do you want to
do that again? Okay. *SnoreSorry. Let me know when you’re done. There’s a lot of dog hair on me. Okay. I’m done.

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