100 thoughts on “Tracee Ellis Ross & Kendall Jenner Nerd Out Over Runway Modeling

  1. The fact that Harry and Kendall are comfortable with each other makes me so uncomfortable

    (Well no offence tho, so before commenting know what I mean. I got uncomfortable because I haven't seen them together since long. Thats all.)

  2. I did not really care about them before but watching all these clips of them together makes me want to ship them.. but then again this ship seems to be very unpopular to fans so shipping them might be hard lol

  3. say what you want about kendall’s walk or her personality but it’s obvious she loves her jobs and really respects those that came before her

  4. Everyone is talking about Harry and Kendall but can I mention how great Tracee is? She seems so cool and down to earth. I love that Harry got to interview her.

    Also "WE'RE DOING A SHOW! " lmaooo.

  5. First time seeing with of these women, heard of Jenner or seen her name in the papers – nothing about her, as never liked her harsh name, never heard of the other women before, so clueless here.

  6. Is anyone bothered by Kendall pulling at her jumpsuit throughout this whole interview Infact all Kardashian’s always figet with cloths and hair. It really is annoying

  7. I don't know that I've ever seen Kendall Jenner before. Wow- she is SKINNY and really gorgeous. (Yeah, me and Tig Notaro, under a rock.)

  8. Tbh Harry is doing fine for his first time. There are a lot of awkward pauses with his directions and segue, but it's pretty good for someone who never did this

  9. The way she sais to him “no no no don’t talk” at 0:30 real friends you guys, so confortable with each other on national tv 🤧😩😍

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