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Hey guys I’m Sincy Oommen welcome to my
channel so today I’ll be going through the Fashion Design Directory that’s
written by Marnie Fogg she is a media consultant and a fashion expert So there is a lot of contents in this book on the Designer s profiles brief history of fashion
it gives an idea about the swatch directory and glossary also it is
actually a very good book this is a book that of fashion should get inspired
by that would really help if you liked this book you can get it online I’ve
added the link below in the description box it teaches you everything you want
to know on the history of fashion and gives ideas and the designer profiles it
talks on how Paris has been at the center of fashion since the 19th century
I would flip through the entire book to show you a brief idea on the book you can go through all the different
fashion designers their history and their collection they have given a
close-up and high-quality photos of their collection so I highly highly
recommend to go through this book it is got a ton of information in this book
there are so many designers Basso & Brooke Bella Bottega Calvin Klein Karolina Celin Chanel this
book presents 150 top of fashion designers from the beginning of the 20th
century to the present day that’s Christian Dior that’s a beautiful
picture and these are the people and companies that have shaped the world of
fashion and given a definition to the modern perception of style also for easy
reference the book is actually organized alphabetically each page gives an
overview of the brand and visual timeline depicting the pictures that
highlights key moments their signature pieces and defining looks throughout the
labels history it’s Dona Karren famous fashion designer her collection Dries Van Notane I’ll just flip through
the book Herms Hussein Jason John Jonathan
Saunders Karl Lagerfeld Lanvin it is an essential reference for those who
want to be up-to-date on fashion design and this author Marnie Fogg is a fashion
expert and media consultant lecturer and author with extensive experience in the
fashion industry she has interviewed contemporary designers all over
the world and also the best-selling author of Couture
Interiors living with design that’s Sophia Kokosolaky Taco and Tommy
Hilfiger Tony Burch Valentino All the designer collections from history
onwards Vanessa Bruno Vera Wang this is
the ultimate guide in the world of fashion design the current fashion
trends are often cyclical which takes inspiration from past decades and
working on them to the modern taste it’s Versaces collection Victoria Beckhams Collection this book
shows the development of fashion industry which designs clothing and
accessories Vivienne Westwood in all the colorful pictures you can see that’s
Yohji Yamamoto Yves Saint Lawrence collection really very good this book
actually I bought it from college exhibition this is the Swatch Directory
we can go to different types of Swatches the fashion design directory includes
stunning runway images with informative captions and a fabrics swatch directory
displays 50 of the most important and interesting prints along with fashion
designers they have written their names also there is very interesting all the
animal prints and all different types of floral prints everything that you can
go through and also there’s a very good glossary so it’s very important all the
fashion terms related with fashions are given there that you can go through that
is a glossary we can go through all the important
terms so guys that’s it so if you like the video do subscribe and like the
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they’ve also given further reading all the different types of good books and
also given an index depicting all the descriptions that are already given
inside so that’s all about the book Thank you guys Do subscribe

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