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Hi everybody What video was Mr. Vinh shooting today? Karaoke video competition yeah Is the singing contest rewarded? Vinh? Of course yes, any contest has a prize, if there is no reward there will be no participants Did you mark or what? I don’t know how to grade I have to give to the grading machine Do you remember the grading machine before? The bigger the song, the higher the score I used to sing to break my throat before but still small points Good luck If you’re lucky, the high score will win If you unlucky, you sing well, the smaller you will lose Now let’s go to karaoke go Now when I go to karaoke I will continue to show it to everyone girlfriend is running carrying friend Duong It is the new member of our team Hi everybody We ran 3 kilometers and had to rest 3 times I’m not tired the brothers and sisters behind are tired You’re so good, you sit on a motorbike If you’re good, come down here and ride a bike Let’s swap places change together Change bike riders together Duong, change place with me Duong, change place with you We have come to karaoke Let’s go to sing Give me the biggest room and the best sound We are entering the room wow Nice room there’s a stage, let’s dance a little later We went to karaoke and found the VIP room Loudest and best sound How do you feel about the room? very beautiful Is the room monumental? monumental The lights made me dizzy Now, let’s sing, I can’t wait anymore Please divide the group together 10 people divided into 5 pairs Each pair will sing 2 songs, you will pair together Who do you pair up with? I combine with Thu me and big brother Thanh you combine with me is right I sing very well Thanh and I will work together Tan and I will work together oh my god, why are you so big? I’m not big but you are too small Duong and I will work together Ok Thanh singing first, what song do you sing? song Bac Phan Bac Phan Bac Phan song is my favorite song why are you singing? Bac Phan, hearing the name does not want have a lover That’s right, the song of Jack and K-ICM beat standard, ok, select hey You sing so well You sing so well Thanh sing or not, guys? Dance the fan ending song Bac Phan how many points will you get? I finished singing how many points will you get? Oh my god, how can I sing only 70 points? Next, which song would you two choose? I sing the song Khuc Quan Hanh Hat Mai Khuc Quan Hanh You sing so well yeah…I got 85 points Oh my god, you sing like that and got 85 points choose to help me the song Doi Hoa Mat Troi Choose to help you with the song Doi Hoa Mat Troi to choose What do you press to stop the machine? do you know how to press? If you don’t choose “Phat” then you can’t sing hey hey I ask you to choose the song Doi Hoa Mat Troi Why did you choose the song Phai The Thoi? yeah I got 88 points Currently, the highest point is you Duong with 88 points Pretty high score and the fourth team to join with the next song? It’s your team Thu and Tien What song would you choose? I chose De Cho Em Khoc song Speak up song De Cho Em Khoc Speak up song De Cho Em Khoc song De Cho Em Ngu song De Cho Em Khoc enter to choose Please sing along with Tien yeah….I got 95 points yeahhhh ! The next will be your team Vu Thanh and Ngoc What song will you choose? let me urinate what do you say what song is that weird? Ngoc’s friend sings and I pee Please go to the toilet When you go to the bathroom, you go to the bathroom What song do you sing? Thang 5 Khong Quen begin Thank you, Ngoc’s song, for 89 points yeah Thanh’s turn, what song will you sing? Do Ta Khong Do Nang Again this song, I go everywhere I listen to this song I listen to this song and I have a lot of earache Please “Enter” to let you sing hey..hey…hey 80 points yeah…..I get 80 points you are enough I sing the song Gio Nhu La May That’s right, hit “enter” You all cover your ears, you sing hard to hear You sing so badly I could not sing Mr. Vinh wants to mark how many points, it depends on you 50 points, go back to your seat Memorize the song and sing it Singing does not belong to words, singing is not in time Sing wrong but also sing What song do you sing? Speak up Hao Nam song? Hao Nam Super Star song Hao Nam Super Star 87 points yeahhh ! I sing the song Ve Day Em Lo Ve Day Em Lo song oh my god, this girlfriend is so beautiful singer that you This song is great my mother learned this song Does your mother know this song? Know, my mother learned all the time Giang’s Ve Day Em Lo song brought you 91 points Why is that? Why don’t you guys “Yeah” These guys lose points so they are bored My team never wins, we lose What song do you sing now? Speak quickly Cuoc Vui Co Don song The song name is too strange Why is the fun alone? beautiful girl, I like it We have found the winning team in this competition It is your team Duong and Giang with the score 179 points 179 points and second place is Tien and Thu’s team with points 175 points 175 points and I am 3rd with a score of 164 points we can get 1 cup of ice cream for 3rd, right? Rank 3, then you will not have rewards 250 thousand VND There is chocolate ice cream, vanilla and strawberry What do you want to order? I want chocolate How many chocolates and how many strawberries tell the boss Let me all of you are vanilla ice cream process of pouring milk to make ice cream What does this milk mix with? milk mixed with water Please eat ice cream Let me ask, have you ever had ice cream like this before? not yet I eat this ice cream all the time, it tastes really good And me, this is my first time eating ice cream like this eat, don’t lick, look unsanitary Two second-class friends are allowed eat 5 ice creams if you can eat delicious delicious This cream cake is your Tan family Bring it to us The whole team, thank you, mother Tan Thank you, Mum Tan Let’s eat, take the spoon to eat Ngoc, how is your feeling? Tasty How do you feel? Happy with rank one? happy Go home and practice singing Give it to you Tien to drink with Tien said thank you Duong I thank Duong Let’s share together to drink Oh my god…This glass of water is not enough for Tan Goodbye everyone and see you again ^_^

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